Henry Adams Ancestors

The following lineage is taken from the "House of Hardy" (compiled in 1960 by Gladys Ethelyn Taylor) which took the account from "The Ancestry of Henry Adams of Braintree" by Rev. Hiram Francis Fairbanks, pp. 14-18.  Library of Congress CS71-A2-1901.

The lineage is numbered based on the Nth generation back from present day.  Henry Adams is 13 generations removed from Bret & Rodney Hildebran.

Presidents of the United States, John Adams and John Quincy Adams can also trace lineage to Henry Adams in parallel to the line through Mary Spaulding who married Sampson Hardy.

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  1. Henry Adams of Braintree married Edith, daughter of Henry Squier of Charlton, Mackrell.
  2. William Adams married the daughter of Mr. Boringoton.
  3. Richard Adams married Margaret, daughter of Mr. Armager.
  4. John Adams married Margerye, daughter of Mr. Squier.
  5. John Adams married Catherine, daughter of Mr. Stebbing.
  6. John Adams married Jane, daughter of Mr. Rennelegh.
  7. Thomas Adams married Marie, daughter of Mr. Upton.
  8. Roger Adams married Jane, daughter of Mr. Ellyott.
  9. Sir John Ap Adam, married and had issue.
  10. Sir John Ap Adam, Kt., Married Millicent, daughter of Sir Matthew Bessylls.
  11. Thomas Ap Adam married Lady Jane, daughter of Sir John Inge.
  12. Sir John Ap Adam, married and had issue.
  13. William Ap Adam, married and had issue.
  14. Sir John Ap Adam, Kt., second son.  He was brother of Sir Thomas Ap Adam, heir to his father, but who was never summoned to parliament.
  15. Elizabeth de Gournai, married Sir John Ap Adam of Beverston and Tidenham, Lord Ap Adam by writ, 1296-1307.  His estates were large not only in his own right but he received valuable estates from his wife.  Their names are found in most works on extinct peerages.  He was engaged in the Scottish Wars.  There remains to this day a beautiful stained-glass window in his memory in the church in Tidenham, with his name, coat-of-arms and the date 1310 in the upper part.  His coat of arms is given as 'argent, a cross gules, 5 mullets or, crest; that of a ducal coronet, a demi-lion.'  This means that on a silver ground was a red cross which extended from the top to the bottom and to each side, and on this cross were five golden stars.  The crest as given in Fairbairns' Cressrs, was the head and Principal part of the body of the lion, rampant gardant; that is erect and the right paw raised, (and full-faced).
  16. John de Gournai, Lord of Beverston, married Lady Oliva, daughter of Henry Lovel, Baron of Castle Cary.
  17. Anselm de Gournai, Lord of Beverston.
  18. Robert de Gournai, Lord of Beverston, was a younger brother.
  19. Anselm de Gournai, Lord of Beverston, succeeded his brother.
  20. Hugh de Gournai married Lady Julia Dampmartin, sister of Reginald, Count of Boulogne.  He lost his Norman estate through political troubles and took refuge in England.  He was buried in Langley Abbey, Norfolk.
  21. Hugh de Gournai married Millicent de Maria, daughter of Thomas, Lord of Concy.
  22. Edith de Warren married Gerard, Baron de Gournai.  He was the son of Hugh de Gournai and Basilia, daughter of Gerard Flaitol, and sister of William, Bishop of Evreux.  He with his father fought in the battles of Mortemer and Hastings.  His father became a monk in the Benedictine Abbey of Bec.  Gerard de Gournai died in Palestine in 1096.
  23. Princess Gundred, daughter of the following, married William de Warren who was created Earl of Surrey.
  24. Matilda Coat of ArmsMatilda of Flanders(m: 1050, d: 1083), married William the Conqueror Coat of ArmsWilliam the Conqueror(b: 1027?, d: 1087), King of England (William I) from 1066.  Queen Matilda was also descended from Alfred the Great.  The father of William, Robert the Devil (d: 1035), Duke of Normandy, was first cousin of St. Edward the Confessor.  William was illegitimately born to Herleva who later married Herluin, Viscount of Conteville, a vassal of William's father.  Robert the Devil was son of Judith of Brittany and Richard II (d: 1026), Duke of Normandy, son of Richard I the Fearless (d: 996), and Gunnor of Denmark.
  25. Baldwin V (d: 1067), Seventh Count of Flanders married Princess Aelis (m: 1028, d: 1079), daughter of Robert II the Pious (b: 970, d: 1031, m: 992, 997 & 1002), King of France 996,  and Constance (d: 1032), daughter of William, Count of Provence. Robert II the Pious was son of  Hugh Capet, King of France 987.
  26. Baldwin IV, Sixth Count of Flanders.
  27. Arnolph II, Fifth Count of Flanders.
  28. Baldwin III, Count of Flanders.
  29. Arnolph the Great, Count of Flanders.
  30. Baldwin II, Count of Flanders.
  31. Judith married Count Baldwin (of the Iron Arm).
  32. Charles II (the Bald), King of France 843.
  33. Louis the pious.
  34. Charlemagne, Emperor of the West, Charles the Great.  Crowned Emperor by Pope Leo III Christmas Day 800 AD.
  35. Pepin, the Short.  Anointed 754 (deposed Childeric III 751).
  36. Charles Martel, King of France.  D: 741.
  37. Pepin of Henstal.
  38. Grinoald.
  39. Pepin of Landen, born before the year 600.

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