Pitfall Harry - Puts you "in the Game"

A "head's" up look at Pac-Man Fever mural - premiering at Philly Classic 4

My family loves the result, but also put up with my monstrous creativity.

(Wife) Kathy, who loves these ghosts. Notice speedy is crosseyed here.

(Mother) Ruth, who did all of the sewing - and I owe her big time.

Samantha loves to ham it up, with the more photogenic, "streamlined" Pac-Man.

Samantha - watch out above. Modular components make every picture unique.

& Timmy, who's not sure what to make of all of this - and just woke up from his nap.

The "Dig Dug" mural was completed in tme for PC4, but we had to rush so 'tis not quite as good. But take a look at these pictures.

Timmy is getting pumped up!

Alan finally gets into the game.

These glasses will make you look a little more like a Pooka.

Samantha likes this as well

Thanks to PC4 director, DaveNewman, for allowing these to be on display, and those who encouraged me, Tom Zjaba & Tim Roach.

Check out my stuff for sale/trade at: http://my.stratos.net/~hewston95/trade.doc

Alan, "Pitfall Harry" Hewston 3/26/03