2000 Video Classic Games

This is a work-in-progress and may never be completed.  Near the end of 1999, I wanted to ut together a 2000 list, as everyone else was.
I did some quick math and knew that there were aroubnd 1300+ classic video game cartridges for the major classic  video game systems and computer systems of the 8 bit era.

OK, you're bored reading this, so click below to see the huge list.

2000 Classic Videogames list - Huge and may take a while to load

Here are some of the guidelines to make the list:

*    Must be one of the pre NES classic game or computer consoles and educational games do count.
*    Commercial games released on tape fr the supercharger or Bally Astrocade.
*    Home brews and prototypes, as long as the ROM exists.
*    Any game on multiple systems (like Frogger) only count once - but all data is listed.
*    Any officially released arcade game on cart or diskette.
*    Also listing any disk version of a game already meeting above requirements.

I do not count games that are Pirates, rip offs, copies, or changed only slightly in gameplay.
Please let me know if any on my list should be removed.

Credits:  Too many to list, but will start piecing these together and revise this page a few more times.

Tom Zjaba for his help and encouragement - and his efforts on the Arcade Conversions
The Digital Press Guide Vol 6 - I waited until this puppy came out - http://digitpress.com/index2.htm
Killer List of Video Games  http://www.klov.com/
C64 Lemon Page  http://www.lemon64.com/
Mat Allen in the UK - http://www.geocities.com/MayhemNaboo/
Ron Corcoran - Twin Galaxies Atari Judge  - http://www.snipercade.com/atari/
Gamebase 64 - an awesome project  http://www.gamebase64.com/
A great Tandy Home Page - http://zeppelin.tzo.cc/coco/coco.jhtml
Sinclair (& Timex) Softwre Database  http://www.icemark.ch/zx/ssd/
Intellivision Productions and Intellivision Lives  http://www.intellivisionlives.com/
TI 99 Home Computer Encyclopedia  http://timeline.99er.net/index.html
and many more to come - sorry if I forgot you