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Dear fellow Patton researcher,

      Following years of preparation, several volumes of a series entitled "A Patton Compendium" have now been published and are available for purchase.

     The present series, is an attempt to set down an accurate history of the Pattons in as much detail as sources allow. Much of what we see on the early Pattons is undocumented family tradition and consequently there are many conflicting stories. The "Compendium" attempts to reduce confusion where possible by giving detailed and documented biographies of the early Pattons, and by including maps and illustrations. Volumes are fully referenced, using original sources where possible.

     Except as noted below, the lines are continued as far as 1850, the year of the first all-name US Federal census; after this the number of families becomes very large, and consequently are not included. It is my hope to give a very detailed account of the early lines and leave later lines to those interested in their own particular line to follow in as much detail as desired.

    The volumes which have been published as of this date are as follows:

  1. Patons of Scotland [1]- [7] and Pattons of Ireland, sections [8]- [14], bound together. Some of these lines are continued in the US. The earlier Paton lines begin in the mid 1500's; there were many hundreds of Paton lines and obviously most cannot be traced in detail- those of special interest are followed. Although Irish records are generally terrible we are lucky that some do exist referring to the Pattons and the line of Rev William Paton/Patton, A. M. (b ca 1589) is especially clear since this was a prominent landowning family. Several important US lines tie into his lineage. Cost is $15.

 2. Pattons of Maryland and Delaware (sections [15] through [18]). These lines begin in the 1690s and continue to 1850 or so. Revised edition- $11.00

 3. "Patton Lineages Originating in Pennsylvania prior to the Revolution" This volume traces many of the largest and most important Patton lineages of Scots-Irish derivation in America from Pennsylvania through Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and elsewhere.

     This book traces a number of lines from pre-Revolutionary times down to 1850, the year of the first "all-name" Federal census, following which the individual researcher can continue his own line in as much detail as desired. Some lines are continued a bit after 1850 in order to finish off family units. This book traces collateral (female) lines only as far as children in order to emphasize the main Patton lines. Over 1,250 persons named Patton are covered in this volume and are indexed thoroughly; there is also a surname index to other family names.

     Pennsylvania was the "mother state" of most of the vast Scots-Irish immigration into America, and many Pattons came into this country after the Revolution. The present volume emphasizes the earlier lines, beginning around 1690-1705, but includes a few post-Revolutionary lines.

     This book is now in its third edition and your author hopes to achieve the goal of making the Compendium "the definitive work on Pattons" as described by longtime researcher Sandra Patton McDaniel. A copy of the Table of Contents will be found overleaf. The book contains about 250 pages, is printed on first quality acid-free paper, is indexed and referenced, and is softbound. In order to know how many copies to print I will appreciate advance orders. The price of $26.00 per copy represents my actual cost of printing and shipping plus a slight fee for travel expenses etc.

4. Descendants of James Patton (1752-1817) and Florence Graham of Floyd Co Ky. This book is section [31] of the series and represents the author's own line. In this book ONLY the lines are traced down to the present time. Some 1600 Pattons are included; collateral lines are carried down only as far as CHILDREN of women born with the name Patton. This book also includes many descendants of Thomas Pattons Sr., older brother of James Patton. This book is now in its tenth revised edition, and costs $17.50, including postage. It is quite complete for the majority of lines; over 150 pages long, illustrated; sources given. Fully indexed.

5. Descendants of George Patton and ___ Hughes. (Pattons of Clark Co Ky) This volume, section [57], was actually written by Joan Miller and a preface by DVA. She has the only remaining copies.

6. Pattons of Bourbon Co Ky, section 56. This in on line, see my home page.

7. Descendants of John Patton (will 1756, Augusta Co Va.] is now in print. See the “master index” for persons discussed. Cost $8 per copy.

    The books are a hobby of mine and are sold at a price just high enough to defer cost of printing and postage. Checks can be made out to my name and sent to the above address.




Table of Contents




[1]      Earliest Patons of Aberdeenshire and Kincardineshire

a. Paton of Ferruchie* (Senior line)

           b. Paton of Kinaldy*                                                                                               1.9

           c. Paton of Grandhome*                                                                                         1.11

           d. Other Patons of Aberdeenshire                                                         1.17


[2]      Patons of Fife, including Ferruchie (Falkland parish)                                            2.1


[3]      Patons of Perthshire 

           a. Paton of Cairnie*                                                                                                3.1

           b. Paton of Dunkeld                                                                                                3.1


[4]      Paton of Crailing, Roxburghshire *                                                                        4.1


[5]      Patons of Ayrshire

           a. Fenwick                                                                                                                             5.4

             b. Dalry                                                                                                                                 5.9

             c. Irvine                                                                                                                                 5.10

             d. Other parishes in Ayrshire                                                                                                5.13


[6]      Patons of Lanarkshire (Glasgow and vicinity)                                                       6.1


[7]      Heraldry of the Paton family                                                                                  7. i




[8] Rev William Patton descendants                                                                                 8.1

a. Patton of Croghan, Donegal *

b. Patton of Springfield, Donegal *

c. Patton of Ballymachgacchy

d. Patton of Bishop's Hall *

e. Patton of Springfield, Augusta Co Va.


[9] Patton of Tulanree, Co. Derry (and Augusta Co Va)                            9.1


[10] Pattons of Newtown-Limavady, Co. Londonderry


[11] Patton of Drogheda *

[12] Patton of Tamlacht, Co. Derry


[13] Pattons of Co. Monaghan


[14] Other Pattons in Ulster

* indicates an armigerous (arms-bearing) line- see section [7]




[15] Somerset Co. Maryland

a. Morgan Patton

b. William Patton (d. 1715) and descendants

c. Robert Patton??


[16] Kent Co. Dela.

a. Maj. John Patton (1746-1800)

b. Other Pattons of Kent Co.


[17] Early Pattons of Cecil Co Maryland

a. Sgt Robert Patton and affiliations

b. Other early Pattons of Cecil Co.


[18] Anne Arundel Co./ Baltimore Co.





[19]   Descendants of William Patton (d. 1742 Chester Co)

         a. James Patton (d. 1761)                                                                     see [37]

         b. Robert Patton (Capt)                                                                               see [38]

c. Jane Patton, m John Graham

         d. William Patton Jr                                                                                    see [45]

e. Elizabeth Patton (Locke-Brandon)


[20]   Robert Patton (will 1755 Sadsbury Tp Chester Co)

         Five sons, four to Orange Co NC                                                               see [45]


[21]   Pattons of Octoraro (Sadsbury-Bart Twp, Lancaster Co)

         a. John Patton- to Augusta Co Va                                                              see [30]

b. Mathew Patton- to Augusta Co Va

         c. Jacob Patton to Augusta Co Va                                                              see [32]


[22]   Robert Patton (d 1745 Salisbury Tp Lancaster Co Pa) descendants

         a. James Patton Esq - to Waxhaws SC                                                        see [34A]

         b. Matthew Patton - to Waxhaws                                                                see [34B]

c. Robert Patton (will 1755 Sadsbury Twp Lancaster Co Pa)


[23]   Pattons of Hempfield- Manor Twp., Lancaster Co.

a. James Patton (will 1755 Manor Tp)

b. Hugh Patton


[24]   Pattons of Donegal Twp., Lancaster Co.


[25]   Paxtang Twp (Lancaster/Dauphin Co) a. David Patton Sr (will 1783)


[26]   Derry-Londonderry-Hannnover Twps (Lanc/ Dauphin Co)

a. John Patton, m Susannah Espy

b. other Pattons


[27]   Pennsboro Twp (Cumberland Co.)


[28]   Conococheague area- Antrim/ Peters /Letterkenny Twps,

Lancaster/ Cumberland/ Franklin Co.)

a. John Patton (d 1741 Antrim Tp) and descendants

         b. Joseph Patton of Antrim Twp (to Bourbon Co Ky) see [56]

         c. George Patton of Toboyne Twp (to Clark Co Ky see [57]


[29]   Pattons of other areas in Penna

A.      Pattons of Lebanon Twp. Lancaster Co Pa (later Lebanon Co Pa.)                        29.1

B.      Descendants of James Patton (1797-1874) of Bedford Co Penna.                         29.2

C.       David Patton of Washington-Allegheny Co Penna                                               29.3

D.      Joseph and Sarah (Weir) Patton of Washington Twp., Fayette Co. Penna.            29.4

E.       Pattons of Tyrone Twp, Fayette Co Penna                                                             29.6

F       Gen John Patton (1745 Ire- 1804 Pa) of Mifflin Co. Penna                                   29.7

G       John Patton (d. 1792) of Middleton Twp. Cumberland Co Penna                         29.9

H.      Pattons of Antrim- Toboyne Twp., Cumberland Co. Penna.                                  29.10

 I.        Pattons of Tyrone Twp., Cumberland Co Penna.                                                   29.11

J.        Samuel Patton of Northampton- Northumberland Counties, Penna.                      29.12

K.      William Patton of Lower Oxford Twp, Chester Co Penna (d. ca. 1761)               29.13

L.       Pattons of Sugarcreek Twp, Armstrong Co Penna                                                 29.15

M.      Pattons of Westmoreland Co., Penna.                                                                    29.16





[30] Descendants of John Patton Sr. of Timber Ridge (d. 1756 Augusta Co Va) (from [21a])


[31] Descendants of Henry Patton (c 1720-c 1763) of Augusta Co Va.

   a. Thomas Patton Sr

   b. John Patton

   c. James Patton (d ca 1817 Floyd Co Ky)


[32] Descendants of Jacob Patton Sr., Lancaster Co Pa- Augusta Co Va/ NC/ Ga


[33] Other early Patton lines of Va.

 A.     John Patton (d by 1751) of Frederick Co Va. (also Berkeley Co Va)

 B.      Pattons of Greenbrier- Monroe Co's (W) Va

 C.      James Patton of Stafford Co Va.

 D.     David Patton, Albemarle- Amherst Co

 E.      Harrison Co (W) Va Pattons (Duck Creek line)

 F.      Spotsylvania Co Pattons [Gen George Patton line]

 G.     Fairfax Co line (Alexandria, Va)

 H.     William Patton of Maryland (RS) to Montgomery Co Va





[34] Pattons of Waxhaw Settlement, Catawba River valley SC (from [22])


[35] Other Pattons of Chester Co SC


[36] Arthur and Samuel Patton of Long Canes, Dist 96 (Abbeville) SC


[37] James Patton of Rowan Co. (d. ca 1761) and descendants see [19a]


[38] Robert (m. Charity) Patton (d 1772) of Rowan Co. from [19b]


[39] George and John Patton, saddlers of Rowan Co. NC




[41] Mathew Patton of Johnson Co NC


[42] Robert (m Rebecca) Patton of Swannanoa (d 1832 Tenn)


[43] Pattons of Orange Co NC (see also Amherst Co Va- [33D]


[44] Col John Patton of Beaufort Co NC


[45] Col John Patton of Buncombe Co NC







[46]         John Patton (1787-1863) - Elizabeth Bean lineage of Franklin Co-Bedford Co TN

[47]         Alexander & Francis Patton of Lincoln Co Tenn.

[48]         Pattons of Jefferson Co Tenn

[49]         Pattons of Hickman Co Tenn

[50]         Pattons of Bedford Co Tenn (various lines)

[51]         Descendants of John Patton and Mary McCracken of Hamiltonbann Tp, York Co Pa, to Washington Co Tenn.

[52]         Davidson- Williamson Co Tn line


NOTE- Pattons have lived in probably 40 counties in Tenn, almost all are covered in other sections of the Compendium.



[31]          James Patton (d 1817) descendants- FLOYD, Estill, Breathitt, Magoffin Counties

[39]          Logan Co Ky- from NC


[53]          Descendants of John Patton of Frederick Co Va, to Breckinridge- Hardin Co Ky

[54]          Capt James Patton (1735-1815) of Louisville, Jefferson Co KY

[55]         Lincoln Co Ky

[56]          Bourbon Co Ky (from PA- see section 29)

[57]          George Patton line of Clark Co Ky

[58]          Montgomery Co- Fleming Co Ky line

[59]           John and Delia Vance Patton of Allen Co (from Stafford Co Va)






[60]         Pattons of Jackson Co Ga

[61]          Oglethorpe Co Ga

[62]          Maj James H Patton of Baldwin- Trigg Cos


[64]          James M Patton Lowndes Co

[65]          Union Co GA [mostly from Buncombe Co NC]



[66]          Madison Co Ala

[67]          Bibb Co Ala





[70]          Daviess Co Mo

[71]         Thomas J Patton of Clinton Co Mo

[72]         Joseph Patton of Monroe Co. Missouri

[73]         Pattons of Franklin Co Missouri/ Washington Co. Mo

[74]         George and Taphenus Leeper Patton Fam of Dade, Greene, and Laclede Counties, Mo

[75]          Pattons of Scott Co Mo (SE corner)

[76]          Pattons of Boone Co MO

[77]          Pattons of Randolph Co Missouri

[78]          Pattons of Bollinger Co Missouri

[79]          Pattons in other Mo counties, not discussed elsewhere





[80]      Washington Co Ohio

[81]      Scioto Co Ohio

[82]      Warren Co Ohio

[83]      Delaware Co Ohio

[84]      Fairfield Co Ohio

[85]      Adams Co Oh - John Patton (died 1809 Rockbridge Co Va) & Martha Sharp line

[86]      Trumbull Co OH (John Patton, Rev soldier, died c 1815 Mifflin Co PA line)

[87]      Belmont Co Ohio lines

[88]      Coshocton Co OH

[89]      Highland Co OH

[90]      Brown Co OH

note- many other Ohio counties are covered in previous sections!




[100]    Pattons of St Clair Co Ill\ Lawrence Co Missouri

[101]    Pattons of Vermilion Co Ills

[102]    Pattons of Crawford Co, Ills.

[103]    Pattons of Hamilton Co Ills


Note- Shelby Co Ills see section [84]





[111] Pattons of Sullivan Co Ind.

[112] Pattons of Carroll Co Ind

[113] Pattons of Clay Co Indiana

[114] Pattons of Crawford Co Ind- Orange Co Ind

[115] Pattons of Decatur Co Indiana

[116] Pattons of Switzerland Co Indiana