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The HUTTO Family

of Orangeburg, South Carolina

 the early Generations

David V Agricola, M. D.


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     Researching this historic Southern family has been a challenge. It is probably a fair statement that if writing the genealogy of the Huttos were an easy matter, such a history would have been done years ago, considering the interest taken in the family. Two works have appeared to date. Manning and Manning (1) produced a typed summary of the Barnwell Co branch of the Huttos, but this work is sadly deficient in detail and is not referenced. Edgar Hutto had a fine booklet (2) printed in 1962 which collects various records pertaining to the family, and has a few family groups, but this is in no sense a connected genealogy. Recently several websites have sprung up with information on the family (15, 21, 22, 26) ; none attempts to cover the whole family.

     The present work represents a first attempt to bring together all available data and to present a best effort to reconstruct the correct genealogical relationships among all early Huttos. The term “early” in this context means broadly prior to 1850, the first year of an all-name Federal census, although many persons born after this time are included where the data are at hand. By the year 1900 the family has become quite numerous, and after this time everyone is “on his own” to research his/her line in such detail as desirable.

     The reader should be aware of the limitations placed on any attempt to write a complete genealogy of this family. First, in a misguided attempt to eradicate Southern culture, Federal forces had a policy of burning courthouses during the War between the States. Orangeburg was not spared. In one day a century of irreplaceable legal records dealing with the citizens of Orangeburg went up in flames. Second, the Huttos generally had large families and the same Christian names (Isaac, Henry, Charles, etc) were used over and over, making it very hard to distinguish contemporary cousins having the same name. Third, life was often short and so persons may only appear in one surviving record, if any. This makes correct placement difficult. Fourth, in census records often whole families were omitted, such as in 1840 half the Huttos were missed in Orangeburg Co; and in a few cases families are listed twice, creating confusion. Fifth, old family traditions are often inconsistent with each other, and with documented facts. Sixth, in many official records, persons liked to use only their initials instead of their whole names, making identification troublesome. Seventh, especially in the case of those persons with low literary skills, people would be very inconsistent in their reported birth year from record to record. Eighth, most of the earliest Huttos did not have the resources to leave marked gravestones. This is only a partial list of the roadblocks that face anyone seriously researching this family. Of course anyone who has done genealogy for years knows these are all common problems. This laundry list of limitations is being presented so that anyone fairly new to the field of family history will be fully aware that it will never be possible fully to set down a totally complete, accurate and adequately documented history of the Hutto family.

      Having made that unambiguous disclaimer, we can proceed to the more positive side of things. For one, it can no longer be a matter of dispute that we are clearly dealing with a single descendancy, namely the descendants of Isaac and Mary Catharina Hutto. This makes things much simpler than if there were several immigrant lineages. For another thing, a large number of records do exist which help to clear up the relationships involved. The internet has been some of these more or less obscure sources readily available, which in the past may have easily been ignored. Your author has been at pains to scour any possible record sources, but will of course be unaware of some, especially as he is located at some distance from the primary scene of action. The kind reader of this book who can add to the knowledge base will do a great favor by contacting the author.

      In summary, this is a best effort to reconstruct a difficult family, and in some cases relationships can only be suggested, not positively stated. The text attempts to clarify the degree of confidence one can place in any given statement, based on the evidence (or lack thereof).

    This sketch is being published on the Web with the hope that you other Hutto researchers can provide useful feedback.



     Your author is indebted to many dozens of Hutto researchers in the preparation of this work. Specific thanks to Joel Hutto, Mary Hutto (of Charleston), and Peggy Hatfield are in order.


     The European origins of the Hutto family have been much debated over the years. A full discussion of this topic is given in the introductory section of this book. We shall begin our story in America with the father of the Hutto family in America. With a few very rare exceptions, all Huttos found in America descend lineally from this man and his wife.

1. Isaac Hutto1 was born in or around 1693*, most likely in the southern Rhineland, possibly Switzerland or even Normandy. He married Mary Catherine [unknown**] about 1720 and began his family in Europe. Isaac and his family probably arrived on the Oliver which docked in Charleston on 20 July 1735. The SC Gazette of July 26, 1735 says of the arrival of the Oliver: On Sunday last arrived here Capt. Robert Robinson, mentioned in our last, with about 200 Palatines, most of them being poor, they are obliged to sell themselves and their Children for their Passages (which is six Pistoles in Gold per head) within a fortnight from the time of their arrival according to the agreement they made with the Captain, or else to pay one Pistole per head more to be carried to Philadelphia.(16) It is certain that Isaac indentured himself , for on 22 Feb 1738/39 he petitioned for 350 acres of land stating that he was now out of servitude and listing a family consisting of himself, his wife, a son 15 years old (Charles), daughter 16 (Anna), daughter 13 (Sarah), son 12 (Peter), and a son 2 (Jacob) (17). His grant of 350 acres on Limestone Creek and town lot No. 282 on Fenwick Street was surveyed on 25 July 1739 (18). He received the Royal Grant on 1 March 1744 (19).

      Isaac took an interest in the affairs of the community and the local Church. In 1749 the citizens of Orangeburgh signed a petition on behalf of Rev John Giessendanner and “Isaac Gottow” was a signatory. (83) Reverend John Ulrich Giessendanner mentions his name on several occasions in the church record and recorded his death as follows: “1752 On Monday August 17th was buryed the Body of Isaac Hottow, a Settler in this Township for Several years past, who died Suddenly on Saturday August 15th in the Evening in the Path, as he was going home and was found and taken up dead between his house and the Town of Orangeburgh, no Mark of any Fall or Violence done him could be seen on his Body. He left a wife and 7 children, four of which are marryed. He was aged 57 years and buryed at his own plantation.” (2,5) The location of his original plantation on the Pon Pon (Edisto) was about six miles west of Orangeburgh. Isaac’s son Charles sold the home plantation to three younger brothers in Jan 1755.(24) After Isaac's death, his widow, Mary Catharina married Henry Mell on 24 Apr 1753. (2) She is subsequently mentioned several times in the old church records; the exact date of her decease is not known.


 2.    Anna Hutto, born ca 1722

 3.    Charles Hutto, born ca 1724

 4.    Sarah Hutto, born ca 1725

 5.    Peter Hutto, born 1727 Germany

 6.    Jacob Hutto, born about 1733 Orangeburgh

 7.    Isaac Hutto, born about 1740 “

 8.    Benjamin Hutto, born about 1742 “

* The date of his birth is estimated based on when his children were born. His death notice in Giessendanner’s record does not state an age.

** Her maiden name has been given as von Stern, but I have never seen a documented source for this, so we should be very reluctant to accept this name as being correct.




 2.   Anna Hutto2, born ca 1722, married 25 May 1742 Peter Griffith in Orangeburgh. (5) The following were their children. (5) Peter is mentioned in several plats on the Edisto in Colleton Co 1759-1772 and may have lived there, at least early on. He was a petit juror “between the north and south fork of Edisto River” in 1778. (4)

       a.        Thomas Griffith,bp 3 Feb 1747, took out land in Colleton Co in 1771; living next to his father in 1778 (4)

        b.       Ann Mary Griffith, b. 14 Oct. 175(0), bp 16 Dec 1750.

        c.        Catharine Griffith, b. 1751?, died 26 Sept 1752, buried 27 Sept 1752.

 3.Charles Hutto2 was born ca 1720, married Ann Tschudy at Orangeburg ca 1745. (5) He sold the home plantation of his father on 25 Jan 1755 to his brothers Isaac, Benjamin and Jacob, presumably in preparation for starting anew (24). We could conclude that he was the oldest son in order to inherit the plantation. Charles received a Royal Land Grant of 250 acres on Deer Hill Branch of Four Holes Swamp in Berkeley Co (Orangeburgh Dist) SC in 1762. (Memorials vol 14 p 250 #3) He is mentioned in the Quit Rent Roll of 1768 as being a neighbor of Thomas Hill, whose farm was in Orangeburg Dist, Berkeley Co. on a branch of Four Holes Swamp called Sarrys Branch. (7) In 1774 he and his wife signed a lease to his younger brothers Jacob, Isaac and Benjamin. (SC Archives vol 04KO p 91) In 1778-9 he was a petit juror “below Orangeburg”, listed close to Thomas Hill. (4) . His wife Ann provided material aid to the revolutionary cause. In June 1782 she provided rations for three men and horses. In July 1782 she provided "3 Beeves and 1 year old Heifer" for the use of Col. Knotten's Regt. on their march to Ft. Sumpter, and in Dec. she provided 10 3/4 lb. of bacon for the troops. (11) Since these records all refer only to Mrs Hutto, one could guess that her husband had passed on to his reward, although this is not conclusive. The 1790 census of Orangeburg shows two Charles Hutto entries, but these may refer to younger men*. Six children are documented for certain, below. (2, 5, 7) Also another son [William] born after the Giessendanner records seems very likely in view of details discussed below.

         9.    Anna Hutto, born 15 March 1746 Orangeburgh.

       10.    Carl Hutto3 Jr, baptized 15 March 1747, probably died young. A later son was named Charles. Both names are equivalent in German (Karl/Carl) so I am guessing the older son died. There is no record of a Carl Hutto later on, which supports this theory.

       11.    Susannah Hutto, b 1751, died 17 Aug 1752 age 1 year. (5)

       12.    John Henry Hutto3, bp. 26 May 1753, planter in Orangeburg Dist SC. He married Ann Zorn.

       13.    Charles Hutto Jr., baptised Sunday 25 Jan 1755/56 (Giess. # 308); married ......; he was living in 1800 in Orangeburg Dist between the Edisto, Beaver Creek, and 4 Holes Swamp. See discussion below.

       14.    Isaac Hutto, b. 23 March 1758 Orangeburgh Dist, see discussion below.

       15.    Ulrich Hutto, b. 18 May 1760, not in later records, probably died young and without issue.


* In the 1790 census there are two men named Charles Hutto as head of family. One was living east, in the Four Holes area and his family consisted only of a male and a female, both over 16. This might refer to an older couple where all the children had left home; or to a young couple which had not yet started a family. Comparing this entry with the Charles who was listed in this area in 1800, it seems that both refer to a very young man who started his family about 1792, hence Charles III, born about 1773-4. This interpretation is subject to revision. The other Charles found in 1790 was living west; I guess this is Charles Jr.



 4.   Sarah Hutto2, daughter of Isaac, was b. ca 1724. She married Leonard Varnedore on 25 May 1742 in Orangeburgh. He was born in 1717 in Limousin, France, the original surname being spelled Varnadeaux or a variant. Later spelled Varnedoe, etc. Leonard owned land on Rocky Swamp, southwest of Orangeburg (map). A detailed biography is online. .

       a.       John Varnedore, b. 1 March 1747

       b.      Leonard Varnedore Jr, b. 15 Jan 1749/50. See 1790 Beaufort Co SC census; he died here

       c.       Henry Varnedore, born Oct 1749, died 6 Sept 1840 in Dooly, Ga. Because he had a very interesting life I will here reprint his biography.. “During the war years, all of Leonard Vernadeau's sons lived on his farm near Orangeburg. They were still all at home in 1782, including Henry who, at 33 years of age, was the oldest. Some of the boys may already have been farming on their own account. Henry is on record as having sold a beef cow worth two guineas to a company of rebel militia during the War. However, Henry continued to live on or near his father's farm until Leonard died sometime prior to 1809. In 1794 Henry patented 254 acres next to his father's acreage. After his father's death Henry moved 40 miles south and patented a 1,000 acre tract in the Beaufort District of South Carolina. In 1809 he crossed the Savannah River and spent the rest of his life in Georgia (Laurens Co).

Henry managed to sandwich a tour with the Tory militia between his service with the rebel militia. Henry's career in the two opposing armies surely illustrates how confused the situation was. The two conflicting sides were not clearly drawn and individuals found themselves, motivated by either conviction or self-interest, caught up on one side or the other, or, as in Henry's case, on both. Henry's mother, Sarah Hutto, was a member of a German family who probably remained loyal subjects of His Majesty as long as that was possible. Henry's father, a Frenchman, belonged to an ethnic group that was actively identified with the rebels. The conflict of interests inherit in a civil war such as the Revolution caused our ancestor to take up arms against his brothers, so to speak. The Varnadoe brothers probably felt little or no animosity toward each other. Whose militia they served in may have been dictated by purely personal and, perhaps, monetary concerns.”

"...Henry served in the South Carolina Whig [rebel] militia on three separate occasions. Before the capture of Charles Town by the British in 1780, he served for three months at the Orangeburg courthouse. A year and a half or two years later, he was drafted for the second time. He served for three months. He marched to Eutaw Springs where he was a guard of the baggage wagons during the Battle of Eutaw Springs on September 8, 1781. The third time that Henry was in the militia he was stationed around Orangeburg or at Col. Rumph's residence about six miles outside of town. He served for six months, beginning in July or August, 1782. His service ended in February, 1783, by which time the British and Tories had evacuated Charles Town. The withdrawal of the British concluded the war and left the state in peace.” (22)

       d.      Sarah Varnedore, b. 15 March 1751

       e.       Samuel Varnedore, b. 15 Feb 1754, married twice. Samuel already owned land when, in 1788, he patented 181 acres about ten miles from that of his father. In 1803 he patented another 263 acres and in 1807 another 376 acres. The last tract was held in partnership with his son-in-law Vincent Reeves. All of this land was in a single block about eight miles south of Orangeburg (22) He sold off his lands, and went to Miss, died 1837 Louisiana.

       f.       Thomas Varnedore, b. 12 May 1756

       g.      Anna Varnedore, b. 10 Mar 1758

       h.      Matthew Varnedoe, born 1760.


 5.   Peter Hutto2, son of Isaac1, born ca 1725 in Germany, married Margaret Barbara Shuler on 1 Jan. 1750 at Orangeburg. (5) She was baptized 7 Nov 1728 in Lambsborn, Kreis Kaiserslautern, a daughter of [Johann] Jacob Schuler and Anna Margaretha Lauer. The following three children were baptized by Rev Giessendanner; there may have been other children. The Giessendanner records cover the period to 1760. Peter was a signatory of the 1749 petition of citizens of Orangeburgh on behalf of Rev J Giessendanner. Peter does not appear in any records after 1755, and one suspects that he died very young, perhaps prior to 1760. There is no record that his wife remarried; perhaps she went to live with her parents.

       16.    Isaac Hutto, born 4 Dec 1750, bp. 20 Jan 1751 Orangeburg (5). He married about 1770 and had two sons whose name have come down. There were many Isaac Huttos, so confusion is likely!

       17.    Henry Hutto3 was baptized 25 Dec. 1752 in Orangeburg. As we shall show below Henry lived in eastern Orangeburg Co, in the Four Holes Swamp area and served in the Revolution along with his brother Martin.

       18.    Martin Hutto was born 1 April 1755. He served with Henry Hutto in Col. Charles Pinckney's Co., First SC Regt, 1775-78. His name does not appear in 1779 jury lists or the 1790 census. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (1746-1825) was later member of the Constitutional Convention. He bravely led his troops in battle and was captured with his men at Charlestown. I suspect Martin Hutto died in battle or captivity. There is no record that he married or left any issue.


 6.   Jacob Hutto2 was born ca 1733 and married first Anna ___ prior to 3 June 1753, on which day she was accepted into communion of the Orangeburgh Church. (5) She had no known children. About 1758 he married second Anna Maria Margaret Dietricks* by whom he had several children. He sold his interest in the home plantation along with his brothers Isaac and Benjamin Hutto in July 1770, at which time he is described as a labourer, resident of Berkeley Co. (24, p. 61) . He lived close to his brother Charles, taking out land in 1772 on a branch of Four Holes Swamp which was apparently located on the waters of Indian Branch Swamp, just about a mile north of the Colleton-Orangeburg border. (4). He was a soldier during the Revolution, being listed as a prisoner of the "Volunteers of Ireland", Capt. John Doyle's Co., from Feb. 1781 to June 1782. This was a loyalist force encamped at Charleston. (8) Jacob put in a claim for 41 days of service in the SC Militia and on 2 Dec 1785 signed a receipt for the interest on the indent claim. Then on 16 Jan. Mrs. Hannah Hutto used the indent claim to purchase land (Ann = Hannah). (59) Jacob received a land grant of 150 acres at Cow Castle Creek, tributary to Four Holes Swamp in April 1773 and later 150 acres on Harry’s Branch in Orangeburg Co. in Nov. 1786 (2)

It seems he left the Four Holes area about 1788- although this is arguable. Jacob was evidently living in 1790 next to his brother Isaac in the Goodland Swamp area, some miles west of Orangeburg. In this census he is shown as having one son, above the age of 16. In 1793 he was a neighbor of William Morris, who got a grant on Goodland Swamp in 1791. He is last shown on the 1800 census, with a female age 16-26, a possible daughter. Since the 1790 census is the first we have, it is very possible that there were other children born in the long interval between 1753 and about 1772. Indeed it would be rather unusual if this couple had no children for twenty years and then had a child! In addition to Jacob Jr. it is proposed to assign two hypothetical additional sons to Jacob Hutto Sr, based on naming patterns.** Careful study of land records may clarify their parentage better.

       19.    William Hutto, born about 1762, marr. Ann __ abt 1780, d ca 1812-1818

       20.    Daniel Hutto, 1767- 1847, lived in Colleton Co. SC

       21.    Jacob Hutto Jr, born 1770-1774 SC, died by 1840 Mississippi


* From the Giessendanner Book of Record: “1741. Sept 14 baptized privately Anna Maria Margaretta Dietricks, leg. child of Mr. Johannes Diedricks & his wife.” She was known as Margaret, and was still single on 23 March 1758 when she stood as sponsor. She was the 17-year-old wife of Jacob Hottow by 15 May 1759 when her grandfather Hans Dietrich. signed his will. When Peter Roth, millwright, wrote his will dated 26 March 1760 he mentions Margaret, now wife of Jacob Hottow, dau. of my late wife, deceased. Charleston Will Book 1757-1760, p. 282. Peter’s late wife was Anna Zaugg.

** William Hutto had sons named William and David. David had a son named William David Daniel Hutto apparently named his oldest son Jacob; his son Daniel W had sons named Jacob, David and William. Jacob Hutto (b 1772) had a son named William David.




 7.   Isaac Hutto Jr2 was born about 1740; he was mentioned in the Giessendanner record on Whit Sunday, 3 June 1753, as a new communicant. [Since Isaac Hutto Sen. died the following year this does not refer to him.] Isaac obtained 200 acres of land on 20 Aug.1767 on Rocky Swamp, by a Royal Land Grant (Book 9, page 313).This land was originally granted to Henry Felder then sold to Isaac Hutto. He is said to have married Anna McMichael1 about1765, and had [at least] two sons by her. He and his brothers Jacob and Benjamin sold the home plantation to George McMichael. In addition, McMichael had a plat surveyed for 232 acres next to Isaac in Dec 1772, and this land was granted in 1774 (memorial dated 24 Dec 1774). In 1774 his oldest brother Charles made out a lease to Isaac and the other two younger brothers. Isaac Hutto, apparently this man, served as a private in the Revolution under Gen Francis Marion (sworn before Lewis Golson JP 1 July 1784. He received an indented certificate which he sold on 21 June 1785 to Samuel Jones. (SC Rev file 3916). Another file at the SC archives is an empty envelope labeled “Isaac Hutto for 80 days service as a sergeant.” (59) It appears that Isaac was living in 1790 in the Rocky Swamp area, next to his brother Jacob2. Two sons (Gideon and Isaac) have often been assigned to this couple. However, if we can agree with the idea that Isaac was the man found on the 1790 census (p 260), whose household had three males over 16, three under 16, and three females, we need to considerably revise our estimates as to the size of his family. And to carry the argument further, it should be noted that only one man named Isaac Hutto was a head of household in the 1800 Orangeburgh Dist census, in the Rocky Swamp area. This man’s entry reads as follows: 21001- 11100. In other words, this man was born prior to 1755 and had a sizable family. The only known men named Isaac Hutto born prior to 1755 were [7] Isaac Jr. and [16] Isaac, born 17513 . This census then infers an additional three children for Isaac Jr.

It is therefore proposed, based on the evidence of the 1790 and 1800 censuses, that Isaac Hutto Jr in fact lived past 1800 and had a large family. It is very evident from later records that the largest number of Huttos remaining in the Orangeburg area (prior to 1900 at least) were concentrated in the Rocky Swamp- Willow Swamp area about 20 miles west of the city of Orangeburg. In addition, some families moved farther west to the border area of Lexington and Orangeburg Counties. Possibly because they lived so close to the border there was some confusion as to which county they in fact lived in; this may help to explain why so many times Huttos were missed by the census taker! This does not make our job any easier.

       22.    Gideon Hutto3. This man was born about 1768, apparently at home in 1790; married .... (2)

       23.    Isaac Hutto3, presumably born in the mid 1760s, ? married about 1786.

       24.    son, born between 1774-1790, possibly Cornelius Hutto, but this child may have died young

       25.    son, born between 1774-1790; James Hutto, born ca 1780?

       26.    daughter born after 1774

       27.    daughter, born after 1774

       28.    son, born 1790-1799; William Hutto, born 1790's?

       29.    son, born 1790-99 = Benjamin Hutto, born 1790-91, went to Georgia

       30.    daughter, born 1790-99

       31.    daughter, born 1790-99



1 She has been called a daughter of George McMichaels. It is known, however, that McMichael’s daughter Anna was born on 30 Oct 1763, married Jesse Pearson who was a member of Capt. Rumph's Co. in Revolution. Isaac’s wife might have perhaps been a sister to George McMichael?


2 The 1790 Federal census of the Southern District of Orangeburgh, page 260 (original copy, page 100 of printed schedule) shows Isaac Hutto’s entry as 3 males over 16 (including head of family), two males under 16, and three females. The entry immediately following is that of Jacob Hutto, and this must be his brother. Looking at the neighboring entries this is clearly the Rocky Swamp area. (See annotated census schedules in appendix). The only other Isaac Hutto enumerated in the 1790 schedule is found on page 419, living next to Charles Hutto. They were both in the Four Holes Swamp area, and I propose that these two men were brothers, both sons of Charles Hutto Sen.


3Obviously Isaac Hutto Sr had died many years before! Consistent with my reasoning in 1790 that the Isaac Hutto found in the Four Holes area was a son of Charles Sr, I feel the same argument is valid in 1800.







 8.   Benjamin Hutto2 was born about 1740-42 in South Carolina. In the Charlestown Gazette of 9 May 1768 we learn that Benjamin Hutto was convicted of horse stealing. He was burned in the hand as punishment. (7) He evidently learned his lesson and went on to marry and become a planter. He probably married about 1770, based on the birth of his children. His wife’s name was Susannah, as noted on a deed dated 1774..* In 1786 he was living on a branch of Rocky Swamp next to George Mignot. (28) On 22 March 1790 a plat was recorded for 350 acres of land he had received on Giddy Swamp, some 15 miles northwest, near Wagener SC. His 1790 census entry (p 259) shows he was living next to Simon Yawn (Yon). In 1790 he had one son over sixteen and two under sixteen living at home. Another neighbor was a John Hutto who had apparently recently married and could be an older son. In 1800 Benjamin was living near Samuel Hutto in the Forks of the Edisto; there were two implied daughters at home as well as two sons ages 16-26 still at home. Benjamin is last found in census records in 1810; his wife was still living then.

From census records we know for sure that Benjamin Hutto had three sons who lived to adulthood; although this does not constitute conclusive proof of parentage, we do note that in the 1810 census (Orangeburg, p 127) there is a cluster of Huttos living in the Giddy Swamp area- Benjamin Hutto Sr and three younger Hutto men: Samuel, Daniel, and Benjamin Jr., who could be his sons.

Hypothetical children of Benjamin Hutto Sr.

       33.    Benjamin Hutto Jr, born ca 1764, died by 1780 [killed in Rev War].

       34.    John Hutto, possible oldest surviving son, born about 1767, married about 1788

       35.    Samuel Hutto, born ca 1774, living next to Benjamin Hutto Sr. in 1810.

       36.    Daniel Hutto, born 1777, moved to Henry Co Ala by 1830

       37.    son, born after 1776 but before 1790

       38.    daughter, on 1790 census

       39.    daughter, on 1790 census, at home 1800

       40.    daughter born 1790-99            

*Susannah Yon was sponsor for the baptism of Henry Hutto on Christmas Day 1752. She was still single in Nov 1755 when she was sponsor to Mary Platt. She married Martin Salley about 1756 and had issue. He took up land beginning in 1757. Her last known child by Martin was born about 1769. There are many records naming Martin Salley after this, the problem being it is impossible to tell which refer to his son of the same name, who was born around 1760! In 1774 three Hutto brothers signed a lease involving their late father’s lands. Benjamin Hutto and his wife Susanna signed. Was this Susanna Yonn? Years later, in Dec 1799 Mrs. Susannah Hutto (husband not named but Benjamin) got a third (dower) interest in a tract of 200 acres once owned by the late Martin Friday. The Yonn papers contain many such deeds and many were recorded years after the fact. In another 1799 deed her daughter Sarah (Mrs David Brown) also got land, indicating that Susannah had married at least some 18 years previous to this, or 1781 at the latest. This then suggests that Martin Friday died about 1772, and she promptly remarried, to Benjamin Hutto, about 1773. One source says she died on ____ 1804. This exact date is not referenced and is more likely the date of some document mentioning her as being deceased. (This source makes a similar mistake several other times. A request for more information was not answered.) [Drummond...]




12. [John]Henry Hutto3 , baptized on 26 May 1753, a son of Charles2, was an almost exact contemporary of a cousin of the same name, hence there has been some doubt as to which individual was which in later life. For reasons elaborated in an end note in the appendix, my position is that this man was the Henry who married Ann Zorn about 1785 and lived in what would later become Barnwell County, SC. During the American Revolution, this Henry leaves no absolutely clear record of military service. Since it is certain that the other Henry did serve in the 3rd SC Regt until March 1780, which was stationed at Charles Town, it is felt by many that he was probably kept in prison through the rest of the year. IF this is the case, the Henry Hutto who served as a private in the company of (Tory) Orangeburgh militia from June through Dec of 1780 would necessarily refer to the present Henry. Henry married Ann Zorn about 1780*. She was the daughter of Henry Zorn, who died in 1800. There was a partition deed recorded in Barnwell Co (A: 50) in which his children and spouses divided up the tract that Henry had bought from James McMillan. In 1785 Henry got land on the Little Salkehatchie near James McMillion (7:466).

In the first (1790) federal census Henry is shown in the southern portion of Orangeburg (p 263), with the entry reading 2-3-1-0-1. The other adult male in the household appears to be a hired hand. In 1796 Henry got a larger (500 acre) tract of land, again adjacent James McMillion, as his family was growing. In the 1800 census we find Henry as head of household living in the southern part of Orange (sic) County, below the Edisto. This area had become Barnwell in 1798 but in 1800 the old Districts were being reorganized. Henry was awarded a grant of 1000 acres (larger than usual) on the Little Salkehatchie River in 1802. He seems to have been interested in land speculation and is named in a number of deeds between 1809 and the time of his death. In 1810 he was living near two sons and various Zorn in-laws. He died between 24 Aug 1817 when he signed his will, and 24 Oct 1817 when the will was probated in Barnwell Co. Court. He names his wife Ann and his oldest surviving son William as executor. He had ten children, not named in the will, but whose names are found from papers dealing with the division of his estate. (3, 12) He died rather wealthy for the time, his estate being valued at $8956.75. Ann was living in 1830 (census).

       41.    William Hutto Sr.4, born 23 March 1787, died 21 April 1863 (gravestone), married Lucy Montgomery ca 1804. She was born ca 1786, d 1851. See below.

       42.    Henry Hutto Jr, born ca 1784 SC, died 1818, married Mary Ann [Ziegler] about 1808. They had three children- two sons and a daughter, born 1800-09.

       43.    Nancy Hutto, born ca 1792, married Robert Delk ca 1818; she died about 1825. He was b. 1790, a lawyer, and married (2) Martha Elkins; six children by each wife. (1)

       44.    John Hutto Sr., born [Nov] 1793, died 27 March 1853, aged about 60 (on stone). He was a planter in America Twp., Barnwell Co. SC. His wife died prior to 1850. Two possible children, see below:

       45.    Jacob K Hutto, b. 11 Nov. 1793 (twin), married Elizabeth Gilliam ca 1816. They had one son in 1820 Barnwell Co SC census. They moved to Alabama by 1825.

       46.    Isaac Hutto, b. 1795, married Sarah Delk. Isaac died young, in 1818 or possibly 1827 (3). Following his death she remarried to William Touchstone, and moved to Lowndes Co. Ga., later to Clinch Co. (3)

       47.    Charles Hutto4, b. ca 1796, marr first ca 1816 _____ Jeter (one dau); m second Elizabeth Walker in Pike Co Ala. Charles Hutto died prior to 14 Dec. 1854 , Pike Co. AL. See below for details.

       48.    Nicholas Hutto4, b. 1799, died after 1860, was a planter in Barnwell Co SC. He married first _____ Jeter, and second Ann Browning ca 1844. Ann was born in 1820, living 1860. Ten children

       49.    Mary (Polly) Hutto was born in 1803 SC, married Jacob Jackson (1797- 1875), moved to Dale Co. Alabama in the 1850's, living there in 1860 with children.

       50.    Rebecca Hutto, b. 1804 SC, m James Touchstone 11 March 1824 Barnwell Co, moved to Lowndes Co Ga. He was b 1794, d 22 Aug 1865. She died 16 March 1878. Ch. are listed in (1, 3).





*A date of 5 Jan 1780 has been given for this marriage, no original source given.




13. Charles Hutto Jr3, son of (3) Charles Sr., was baptized 25 Jan 1755/56, which is to say 1756 (new style). He would have come of age in about 1777, and was probably still living at home in 1778 when the petit juror list was made (not listed). In 1790 there were two men named Charles Hutto on the Orangeburg census, both married, one with only two children and the other with none. In fact, in 1790, 1800 and 1810 we find a Charles Hutto living in the east in the Four Holes area, and another Charles living in the west in the Rocky Swamp area. Depending on how one interprets these census entries, the data are more or less consistent from decade to decade, and with other known facts. Due to this uncertainty we shall here present a possible interpretation of the known facts and let the gentle reader conclude for himself if this sounds reasonable.


            Charles was born in the Four Holes area in 1756 but decided to move west of Orangeburg, where he set down roots in the Rocky Swamp-Dean Swamp area near other relations. In 1790 his household had a son under 16 and two females, one surely being his wife. In 1800 (p 531) he is shown as being before 1755, had three implied sons (grandsons?) under ten and one born 1774-84. His wife is younger than he, and there are also two young females. In 1805 he took out 230 acres “on the Edisto River” near John Garvin and Benjamin Hutto. This land was in the Giddy Swamp area a bit west of Dean Swamp, in what is now Aiken County. In 1810 he is shown as being born before 1765; there are four sons, one born after 1800, and his wife is consistent with 1800. The only Charles Hutto here in 1820 was born much later and we must conclude that Charles Jr had died in the interim.

If we accept this case, we must note that the 1800 census shows Charles as being born prior to 1755, but since we know he was born in early 1756 this is a minor problem.


The 1810 census shows two “Cs Hutto” entries; both refer to men born prior to 1765. The census entry for the eastern Charles reads 02101- 00110- 1, showing that Charles owned a slave and suggests that he was modestly prosperous. The Charles Hutto who was living in the Giddy Swamp area had this entry: 11201- 02001, no slaves. This entry is reasonably consistent with the 1800 entry cited above.

Four alleged sons of Charles Hutto Jr. are named in ref. (15), which does not provide documentation for this claim: they were all born in the 1770s and all moved to Alabama by 1830. There are several ways to deal with these seeming discrepancies. First, one might assume that the (alleged) sons shown below were in fact a bit younger than usually stated (in fact the birth years are mere guesses!) Second, by 1790 these sons (by a presumed first marriage) could be working as field hands in another household, and Charles may have recently remarried. This would imply then that Charles had additional sons born after 1790 which we need to account for.

Obviously, the situation as regards the Charles Hutto chronology is fraught with contradiction. For purposes of discussion here are names of children often assigned to Charles.*.

       51.    George Hutto, born about 1774, married Ann Hill about 1797, later to Ala..

       52.    Charles Hutto, born ca 1776, to Henry Co Alabama. by 1830

       53.    Jacob Hutto4, b about 1778 SC, to Henry Co Al by 1830; marr twice

       54     [two implied daughters, born 1790-1799- see 1800 census-


       ??      three sons/ grandsons born in the 1790's,

* Daniel Hutto, born 1777, also moved to Alabama at the same approximate time as George, Charles and Jacob; he is often assumed to be a fourth son. For reasons given under his entry [section 36] I prefer to assign him as a son to [8] Benjamin Hutto. If new information comes to light we may need to reevaluate this idea.


14. Isaac Hutto, b. 23 March 1758, son of Charles Sr. Note that Isaac had an identically named cousin born in 1758 (see 16, below). Understandably, it is nearly impossible to state which of these two went on to survive (the evidence says that only one did.) As a guess, let us say that the present Isaac is the man who was listed on the 1790 census (p 419) living next to Charles Hutto in the Hills Bay area of eastern Orangeburg. This Isaac had one female living with him so had not started a family (or had no children that lived); he owned a slave. . Looking then at the 1800 census there is only one Isaac Hutto enumerated, and it would appear that this is [7] Isaac, born about 1740, based on comparison of the children’s ages and his location, in the Rocky Swamp area.. Based on evidence from the census records, we would have to conclude that this man either left no children and died by 1800, or perhaps did have a few children who were then raised by others. There is no evidence that he moved from the area before 1800.


15. Ulrich Hutto was born about 1760. There is no later record, so it is inferred that he died young.


Children of [5] Peter Hutto (16-18)


16. Isaac Hutto3 (Peter2, Isaac1) was born 4 Dec 1750, and may have lived to adulthood. Manning (1) says this man married and had two sons, John and Nicholas. However my analysis of the data does not support this statement. See also [14] Isaac, above. Pending further investigation, it appears that both this man and his cousin of the same approximate age failed to leave male issue. See also the discussion under [7] Isaac Hutto Jr.


17. Henry Hutto3, son of Peter2 Hutto and Margaret Barbara Shuler, born 1751/2 in Orangeburg Dist, was baptized 25 Dec 1752 by Rev. Giessendanner. (5) We have already stated that records seem to indicate that Peter Hutto probably died by about 1760, before he could take out land, and when Henry was just a lad. If he went to live with his Shuler grandparents, which we do not know for sure, this would have been generally in the area around Bowman, some 6-8 miles southeast of Orangeburg town. After the time this man and his contemporary first cousin of the same name reached adulthood, they settled in very different parts of Orangeburg County. He served several enlistments in the Revolution. He first joined the 1st SC Infantry Reg't in Nov. 1775, serving a second term in 3rd SC Reg't. He was promoted to Corporal in 1780. He was captured at Charleston and [possibly] held there, being released at the end of the war. He returned home and began raising a family. In Dec 1786 Henry received an Indented Certificate for pay for service as a private soldier in the 3rd SC Reg’t in 1780 and 1781. When he assigned this certificate over to John Murer in March 1787, this was witnessed by David Shuler, probably his uncle. In 1787 Henry secured 200 acres on a branch of Cowcastle Creek, near George Shuler. His wife's name has not been learned; he would have married about 1779. In the 1790 census his family of in the north part of Orangeburgh. In 1810 we find him living in Orangeburg Co, SC near Shulers, Snells, and Youns. Henry was an early trustee of the White House Methodist Church at Four Holes. ( 14) About 1817 he moved to Laurens Co Ga., and later to Williamson Co Ga. by 1820. He was living in Baker Co Ga in 1830 and there applied for a Rev War pension in 1831. A pension was denied as he had lost his discharge papers. He stated (1831) that he did not believe that he was worth five dollars in March 1818; since that time he had drawn 405 acres of land in the Georgia land lottery, but that it was 150 miles from his residence and nearly worthless. He had no children living with him in 1831, just an "aged and infirm wife". He died ca 1833. He died intestate. The following are given as his children. (2)

       56.    Isaac Hutto, b. 1781, m. Sarah ..... ca 1800. They moved to Ala

       57.    Margaret Hutto, b.

       58.    Barbara Hutto, b.

       59.    Elias Hutto4, b. 1780s, married Milly Ussary on 6 Oct 1814 in Laurens Co Ga.

       60.    Henry Hutto, b. 1787, married Catharine Bullock 21 July 1816 Laurens Co Ga.

       61.    Ann Hutto, b. 17.., probably marr David Scott 23 Feb 1817 Laurens Co Ga.

       62.    John Hutto, b. ca 1796, marr Polly Ussary 1 Sept 1816 Laurens Co Ga.

       63.    Daniel Hutto, b. 1800, marr Susan Dunbar 1820.

       64.    Peter Hutto, b. ca 1802, living in Williamson Co Ga 1820, marr Betsey Warren 1 Nov 1821

       65.    George Hutto, b. 1787 SC, hypothetical son



18. Martin Hutto, born 1755, probably died in the Revolutionary War, or at about that time.


children of [6] Jacob Hutto, born 1736 (19- 21)


19. William Hutto was born about the year 1762, shortly after the end of the famous Giessendanner “Book of Record”. He is being placed as a son of Jacob for reasons of timing, location, and family naming patterns. It appears he married Ann [Hill?] in 1782 as suggested below. William took out land in 1785 on Maple Branch, and also on Hill’s Bay (Providence Swamp). Although he almost surely had children by 1790 he does not appear on the census then. In 1800 he was listed in Colleton Co. [20101-00010, 3 slaves] This is consistent with marriage in 1782. On 3 July 1804 a plat for 589 acres on Wadboo Creek of Indian Fields Swamp was recorded for William Hutto. William is in the 1810 census in Orangeburg next to the Hill conclave. In addition to his wife, born prior to 1765, five daughters were living at home. However based on the 1800 census he had several sons who were not living at home any longer, as discussed shortly. William was well-to do and owned 4 slaves in 1810; he died by 1820. In that year the only Hutto households in the Providence area were Ann Hutto, Jacob Hutto, and David Hutto. The 1820 Ann Hutto entry is bizarre, 000201- 00000- 2 slaves. Apparently the census taker switched the male and female entries; she was evidently also shown living with her son David in 1810. The old estate records of Orangeburgh were destroyed when the courthouse was burned in 1865. William probably had a first son and namesake who left the area early, for Indiana. “Some time between 1820 and 1830 [William] and his son David returned to South Carolina to settle his father’s estate. One of the things that he received as his share in the estate was a Carriage. He returned to Indiana, with the Carriage. It is said to have been the first Carriage in Indiana.” (2) The timing is correct for an estate settlement if William [Sr] died about 1819, and mention of a valuable carriage inherited by the younger man suggests that the only Hutto living in SC at the time who was likely able to afford such a luxury would be William Sr.

William had a second possible son. David Hutto is known from later records to have been born in 1787, and by 1820 he owned 13 slaves so he was quite prosperous. In addition to his somewhat-younger wife living in his home in 1810 there was an older woman (presumably his mother) and four young women too old to be his daughters. The ages of the four young ladies exactly matches the ages of William’s daughters in 1810. Presumably the fifth daughter left home and married by 1820. I suggest that David was son to William, and that his mother [Ann] and four sisters moved in with him.

Ann Hutto is the only Hutto head of household (born 1780's) in St Mathews Parish in 1830; one adult daughter (aged 20-30) remained at home then. In 1840 Ann is not found. In 1850 there is an Ann Hutto, aged 80 as head of household living “between the River Road to Branchville and Four Hole Swamp), and Elizabeth Hutto, age 30, “idiot”. The following year the following obituary appears: “Died, the 19th August... of Orange Parish*, aged 90 years.. amongst the first who joined the M. E. Church in this neighborhood, She married during the year of the evacuation of Charleston, [Ed.: Dec 1782] towards the close of the Revolution... She lived and died in the immediate vicinity of her birthplace.” (Southern Chr Adv. 5 Sept 1851) It is difficult to reconcile these various records. It is well known, however that elderly people are often quite inconsistent in reporting their ages. The alternative to accepting that all these records refer to the same Ann Hutto is to say that the records were all correct, and a different elderly Ann Hutto appears in each record only once. This seems improbable. Possible children:

       66.    William Hutto Jr, , c 1782

       67.    David Hutto, 1787-1841

       68.    Jacob Hutto, born 1789-90

       69.    daughter, b ca 1792, probably Rachel

       70.    daughter, b ca 1795 SC

       71     daughter, b ca 1802

       72.    daughter, b ca 1805

       72a    daugher, born ca 1807







20. Daniel Hutto Sr.3 was born 1st Jan 1767 SC, a possible son of Jacob Hutto.* The first certain record found naming him is a plat for 159 acres on the Pee Dee (Edisto) River surveyed for Daniel, dated 1801 (28). Mary Dur was living on adjacent land.+ Daniel married Mary Durr about 1795, daughter of Michael Durr (born c 1750 Switz) and Mary Aberly.** Mary was born in about 1780 (age 70 in 1850), died 10 Nov. 18__? Daniel is not located in 1800; in 1810 in Colleton Co SC p 324, with four daughters. In 1820 Daniel was living in Colleton Co. (200012 -21210), so two adult males were living with him, one younger, the other a contemporary. Living close by is Mrs. M. Durr, who in 1818 got a tract of 370 acres on Walnut Branch, Colleton Co. He is on the 1830 Colleton census, the only Hutto head of household in the county (0111.0001- 0030.001). Then in 1840 Daniel appears the last time in census records. Daniel died on 8 Feb 1847. They are buried at Indian Fields Methodist Church Cemetery., at Rosinville, 4 miles NE of St. George, South Carolina, where other Durr (Doerr etc) kin are also buried. They had issue. The census records do not match perfectly but give a fairly clear picture of the growth of his family. Here follows your author’s best guess as to the children:

       72.    Jacob Hutto, born about 1795, married about 1818

       73.   daughter born ca 1803 (prior to 1804 per 1820 census)

       74.    daughter born ca 1804

       75.    Mary Hutto, born 1805 Colleton Co So Car, died 28 March 1862. She married Reuben Knight.

       76.    Hannah Hutto, born about 1809, living with her mother [or mother-in-law] in 1850

       77.    Daniel Wright Hutto4, born b. May 28, 1815, in the Duncan Hill section of Bowman, South Carolina; d. January 14, 1890. He married Susannah Elizabeth Wimberly, daughter of Abraham Wimberly and Jane Russell. He had a large family, see below.

       78.    dau, b 1815-20

       79.    son, born 1810-20, living in 1830



*       Since Daniel apparently did have an eldest son Jacob, and he was living not far from the oldest Jacob, he MIGHT be a son of [6] Jacob. Daniel could have also been a later son of [3] Charles Hutto Senior, who definitely settled in the eastern part of Orangeburg. Daniel is not a head of household in 1790 or 1800 even though of age. We know he had an “extra” white male of age living with him in 1820, perhaps a brother.

+     The plat for Daniel’s land shows that another neighbor was Wm Easterling. Easterling got land in 1797 adjacent Daniel Carns, and Enos and Silas Easterling.

**   Michael Durr obtained half a dozen tracts of land in the area between Four Holes Swamp and Indian Fields Swamp near the Orangeburg-Colleton border between the years 1789 and 1793. He apparently died by 1801, as Mary Durr got land in her own right by then. .


21. Jacob Hutto Junior3 (Jacob Sr2, Isaac) born between 1770-1774, married Lydia Lewis about 1805. They were enumerated in the 1810 census (p. 126A) in the Middle Pen Branch area, but evidently moved that summer as they are enumerated a second time on p. 136, the Rocky Swamp area to the west of Orangeburg. He was present at an election in 1813 in the Rocky Swamp area. (52) They continued west and he was enumerated on the 1820 census of Wayne County, Miss. They may have moved for a short time to Alabama based on place of birth of children. He is enumerated in Wayne Co in 1830, but by 1840 he had died and “Lyda” was head of the household (census p. 241) Children as given in (36) follow:

       80.    Mary Ann Hutto, b. 1805 SC, m John A Lewis

       81.    Lewis4 Hutto was born 1806 in Orangeburg Co., SC, and died prior to 1880 in Wayne Co., MS. He married Frances Strickland in 1835 in MS. She was born 1815 in Wayne Co., MS

       82.    Henry Hutto was born 1811 in Orangeburg Co., SC. He married Miranda ___________. She was born c 1830 in MS. There were at least five children

       83.    Jason Hutto was born 1819 in Wayne Co., MS, and died 1863 in service of CSA. He married Susan Laura Sheely. She was born 1842?

       84.    daughter, born 1810-19 MS, died by 1830

       85.    William David Hutto, born 1820 Wayne Co Miss, m Savina ___

       86.    Simeon Hutto was born 1825 in AL. He m. Ann Eveline Smith 1856 in AL. Six children.

       87.    Lydia Frances Hutto, born 1827, marr Simeon Lewis

       88.    Louisa Hutto, b 1830, marr Malcolm McNeil. Not found in 1880. 







children of [7] Isaac Hutto Jr (22- 31)


22. Gideon Hutto3, son of Isaac2, was born about 1768, married Isabella_____ about 1790. There is no listing for Gideon Hutto in the 1790 census so he was either not yet married, or perhaps was living with in-laws. There were two sons in the 1800 census, as well as four daughters, not identified for certain. In 1800 he was listed in the part of the Orangeburg census entitled “Forks of the Edisto”. We learn that in Dec. 1802 he received two grants of land jointly with Isaac Hutto Junior. This were for 1000 acres and 957 acres. (Plats 39: 167 and 39: ) We can pinpoint this tract exactly as is was on Rocky Swamp on the south border of Jacob Stroman’s plantation (plat in ref 44). Isabella was a member of the Dean Swamp Baptist Church. On the 10th of August 1805 the Willow Swamp Baptist church was formally constituted from the membership of Dean Swamp church and she is named as one of 36 charter members. Evidently her husband belonged to the ME Church. Isabella sold one acre of land to for five dollars to her husband, Gideon Hutto and others in 1809 to establish Rocky Swamp Methodist Episcopal Church near Norway, SC. (50) Later their son Cornelius sold land to the Church and various Huttos are buried here. Gideon was prospering by 1810 when his household was shown to include four slaves. In 1810 his closest neighbors included Henry Young; soon Gideon’s oldest son would wed Henry’s (wealthy) widow. In 1820 Gideon had nine slaves, making him one of the most prosperous planters in the family. He and his wife were living in 1830, but at least he was evidently deceased by 1840.

Unofficial sources (IGI) state that Gideon’s wife was named Narcissa Isabella, that she was born in 1764, married second Erasmus Gibson in 1814 and that she died in 1844. An Erasmus Gibson was a private soldier in the Revolution in Virginia and at the age of 74 and resident of Orangeburg District started getting a Federal pension for his service, beginning Dec. 1833. It was pretty common for widows to marry pensioners (there were not many “good catches” available), but of course the suggested year of 1814 for their alleged marriage does not work. Here follow my best guesses as to Gideon’s numerous progeny.

       88.    Cornelius Hutto, born ca 1792, m. Martha (Young), then Mary _____

       89.    son, born 1790-99, maybe Levi, born about 1799?

       90.    4 daughters born by 1800, but only one living at home in 1810. She was still at home in 1830

       91.    son born 1800-09, possibly Phillip Hutto, born about 1805

       92.    son born 1800-09--Gideon Hutto Junior, b ca 1808

       93.    dau born 1800-09, dead (or married) by 1820

       94.    son born 1810-1815, at home 1830 1840- Erasmus Gibson household?

       95.    son born 1815-1819, at home 1830

       96.    dau born 1810's, gone by 1830

       97.    dau. born 1810's, gone by 1830


23. Isaac Hutto3 , son of Isaac Jr, was born about 1772-1778, possibly married about 1798. This Isaac is not found as a head of household in the 1800 census. In 1802 he and his brother Gideon obtained a large land grant for 1000 acres on Rocky Swamp which they shared jointly. The 1810 census of Orangeburg shows Isaac was living near Gideon (p 136) and had begun a family, with two daughters at home. Since the older was aged 10-16 this suggests a marriage date of just before 1800. The name of his wife is unknown for certain; the 1810 census indicates she was older than Isaac, and was born 1765-84. The 1820 census (p 216) shows an Isaac Hutto living in the Willow Swamp area, but this man was born prior to 1775 and was probably his father. Listed just three names after Gideon Hutto we find Sarah Hutto, born prior to 1776 as head of a household which included a daughter age 10-16 plus two sons under 10. It is possible, not proven, that Sarah was the widow of Isaac Hutto3, who may have died about 1818 Sarah was also head of household in 1830. More work is needed to understand this family group.

       98.    daughter, born ca 1799

       99.    daughter, born 1800-09

       99a    son, born 1810-19

       99b   son, born 1810-19


24. son, born between 1774 and 1790, see 1790 census.










25. James Hutto3 was born about 1778. There is no direct proof of his parentage, but we do know that Isaac Jr had a son born in this time frame. James is first found on the Orangeburg census in 1810 (p. 136), listed a few names after [22] Isaac, who is known to have taken out a large tract of land in Rocky Swamp in 1802. So he lived in close proximity to this known son of Isaac Jr. James married about 1801 based on having six children in 1810. For reasons to be described more fully below I will suggest that his wife was a Chavis girl, possibly one of the many children of Lazarus Chavis, who lived almost next to James, Gideon and Isaac Hutto (see 1810 census p 136). We do not find James in 1820, but there is a Sarah Hutto living almost next to Lazarus Chavis; she was born prior to 1775. There were no males corresponding to the four (all born 1800-09) noted in the 1810 census, so if I am correct that Sarah was the widow of James, these boys either died young or went to live in other households by 1820. The latter arrangement was very common at the time, when life was short and uncertain. Families had to help each other out to an extent not commonly seen today. Sarah was still on the census in 1830 but not later.

       100.  son, b 1800-09, very likely James Hutto4, b 1803, m. Nancy ____ See below.

       101.  son, b 1800-09, possibly died young

       102.  son, b 1800-09

       103.  son, b 1800-09

       104.  dau, b 1800-09

       105.  dau, b 1800-09 (only one still at home in 1820)

       106.  son [of Sarah], b 1810-19

       107.  son [of Sarah], b 1810-19



26. daughter born after 1774


27. daughter, born after 1774


28. son, b 1790-99, possibly William Hutto, born about 1799. William married about 1826 and had two daughters, born 1827-1830 (1830 Orangeburg census). In 1840 there were no further children and he was living in Lexington County right next to Benjamin (b 1789). No trace of this family is found in 1850 or later.
































29. Benjamin Hutto3 was born about 1789-91 in SC.* He was not literate and census records are not consistent with respect to his birth year. He married Ellender _____ about 1812. As a guess, her last name may have been Chavis**. Between 1810 and 1820 Benjamin and Ellender moved from Orangeburg County to Telfair County, Georgia, where they remained until moving by 1840 to neighboring Pulaski County. They were still in Telfair in 1837, when Benjamin served on a Grand Jury. They are on the 1850 census in Pulaski Co. (69th District), living near some of their grown children. [In this census the enumerator has reversed the ages of Benjamin and Ellender]. Neither the date of their deaths nor their place of burial is known, although both had apparently vanished from census records by 1860.

      Children of Benjamin and Ellender Hutto:

         108.  Daughter, born about 1814. At home 1820.

         109.  Isaac Hutto4, born about 1815, probably in South Carolina; he moved with his parents to Telfair County, Georgia by 1820, and on May 1, 1840 in nearby Tattnall County he married Katherine "Katie" Underwood Dunwoody (ca 1820-1911).. Isaac died in 1889 in Coffee County, while Katherine lived until December 4, 1911. Descendants are given below.

110.Daughter, born c1817

          111. Daughter, born c1819 [Nancy, married Thos J Joiner 6 May 1839 Pulaski Co]

112. Daughter, born c1821

          113. Son, born c1822

         114.  Mima Hutto, born c 1824, at home in 1850

         115.  Henry Hutto, born c1825; married Mary Nipper on 24 Dec 1848 in Pulaski Co., Ga. Not on 1850 Pulaski census

         116.  Daughter, born c 1826

         117.  William Hutto, born c 1828; married Mary Dunn on June 24, 1847 in Pulaski Co., Ga. She was several years older than William. By 1880 they were in Appling Co Georgia.

          118. Daughter, born c 1830

         119.  Ann Hutto, born c 1831, married Joseph Buchanan in Montgomery Co Ga on 14 Dec 1860.

          120. Alice Hutto, born c 1833, still living at home in 1850


        In 1850 there were three younger children at home, and it is not perfectly clear whether they were very late children of Ellender (age given as 60 but should be 50), of Mima, or perhaps they were orphans.


*The father of Benjamin Hutto (b ca 1790) has been a matter of some controversy. John E Worth has proposed Benjamin Hutto Sr as the father. With all due respect, I beg to differ. It seems rather clear than the Benjamin who went to Georgia was born around 1790 (Worth suggests a bit earlier). The 1800 census shows us that Benjamin Hutto Sr had two sons at home then but both were born between 1774-1784. I propose that Benjamin (b ca 1790) was instead a son of Benjamin Sr’s brother Isaac, who did have a son living at home in 1800 who was born in the 1790 time frame. Adding support to this theory it should be pointed out that Benjamin (b ca 1790) named his oldest known son Isaac Hutto. ANOTHER Benjamin Hutto, born in 1789, remained in Lexington Co. SC.


** In the 1820 census of Telfair Co Ga the entry for Benjamin Hutto shows one white male, and all other family members as “free colored”. This requires explanation. Living in the Dean Swamp area in addition to the whites were the remaining descendants of the local American Indian tribes, known as the Beaver Creek Tribe of the Peedee Indians. Among these were families which took the names Williams and Chavis. Members of the Hutto family intermarried a number of times with descendants of Lazarus Chavis, who had a large brood. Looking at the various census records, the Chavis family members are denoted “white” in some years, “free colored” in others, and in a few cases “black”. There was no provision for “Native American” on the census prior to about 1870. The result is that the lighter skinned Indians were categorized as white and the darkest ones black. This was very important as depending on whether you could pass for white determined certain legal rights. The descendants of the Beaver Creek tribe are now (2004) trying to get legal status as a tribe, with the help of the Orangeburg Rep to Congress, who happens to be a Hutto.

    Please note a similar situation with regard to [24] James Hutto, probably a brother to Benjamin.


Lazarus Chavis, born about 1756, enlisted with Captain Moon in South Carolina for fourteen months in 1778 under General Andrew Williamson. He was in the battles of Stono and Savannah. He applied for and received a pension in Orangeburg on 4 March 1835. A lawyer contacted the pension office in Washington on 12 November 1859 stating that it was highly important to prove that Lazarus Chavis received a pension [M805, reel 180, frame 153].






15Possible children of [8] Benjamin Hutto Sr 2.: (32- 39 below)


32.   Benjamin Hutto Jr. A pay list for one company of the Orangeburg (Tory) Militia in 1780 notes Benjamin Hutto Sr, and Benjamin Hutto Junr, “dead”. The younger man would have to have been born right around 1765 as age 15 was generally the youngest that boys could (or were required to) serve in the militia. It thus appears he died young and without issue. Later on in the 1810 census a “Benjamin Hutto Jr” appears in census records living near Benjamin Sr; this younger man was born about 1787 and appears to be a grandson of Benjamin Sr.


33.   John Hutto was born around 1767, married around 1788. He may have been the oldest surviving son of Benjamin. In the 1790 Orangeburg census John is listed next to Benjamin Hutto (Sr). He had recently married and had one implied young son at that time. In 1800 John is found on page 527, and many of his neighbors are known to have gotten land in the Goodland Swamp vicinity. John had three sons and two daughters in 1800. After this John and family seem to disappear without a trace. There appears to be a large hiatus of Hutto records in the Lexington Co SC census records from 1810 through 1830, as we do not find any Huttos here in these years. In fact these Huttos lived near the Orangeburg-Lexington border and are enumerated in 1830 in Orangeburg. Beginning in 1840 numerous Huttos appear in Lexington County. It is conceivable that John Hutto’s sons were the founders of the Giddy Swamp Hutto lineages. Since John lived right next to Benjamin Hutto Sr, who also had a large family, it may not be possible to decide which (if either) was the father of which male Hutto found in the 1840 Lexington Co census. For sake of discussion this writer is proposing that the following three sons of John Hutto known from census records were in fact the same Hutto males who later lived together in the same area.

         121.  son, born about 1785 = Isaac?

         122.  son, b 1789- 92 = Benjamin?

         123.  son, b 1790's = William? See discussion below

         124. daughter

         125.  daughter


34.   Samuel Hutto , born about 1778, is a hypothetical son of Benjamin. We can see that Samuel was living very close to Benjamin in 1800 and had very recently married. There was one young child in 1800. The 1810 census of Orangeburg shows Samuel Hutto on page 127, right next to Benjamin Hutto. In 1820 Samuel is shown on page 218 living near a Daniel and a Charles Hutto. In 1830 the census entry for Samuel shows that he and his wife and two daughters were alive but there were no sons living at home. It is clear that not much is known about this particular lineage of Huttos. Several Hutto males of unknown parentage who were born in the period 1800-1810, and who could fit in as sons of Samuel are discussed in the APPENDIX.

         126.  son born about 1798- not at home in 1820

         127.  son born 1804-1810, not at home in 1830

         128   son born 1804-1810, not at home in 1830

         129   son born 1810-1819, not at home in 1830

         130   daughter, born 1815-19, living at home 1830

         131.  daughter, born 1820-25, living at home in 1830

         132.  daughter



35.   Daniel Hutto (over)













35.   Daniel Hutto4, born about 1776 in Orangeburgh, was seemingly* the man found in 1820 in Orangeburg, (census page 218- Rocky Swamp- Dean Swamp area). One of his closest neighbors was Samuel Hutto, above. There is no conclusive evidence for Daniel’s parentage; some have called him a son of Charles Hutto Sr. This author prefers to think along the following lines: Samuel Hutto can be placed fairly certainly as a son of Benjamin Hutto based on proximity. Daniel Hutto is listed midway between Samuel and Charles Hutto [Jr] in 1820. The problem with saying Daniel was a son of Charles Sr is that the census records do not show enough sons for Charles to correspond with the various men often assigned to him. Daniel evidently married Mary ___ about 1808, based on when his children were born. He went in 1824 to Henry Co Ala. Daniel died prior to 19 Feb 1842 and his estate papers, naming the heirs, are on file (Henry Co Ala orphan’s court records**). Mary was living in Jan 1843 (Orphans Ct bk D p 47) and died by 1850. Here are his children and their descendants as given in (38). Note that all three daughters married Fleming brothers.

         133.  Son, born Orangeburgh prior to 1810, on 1820 census, died in a hunting accident before 1830  

         134.  Phalbia Hutto born 1810 SC, married William Leroy Fleming about 1832 in Ala.. (38)

         135.  Michel (sic) Abigail Hutto born about 1812 SC, died prior to 1870, m. Littleberry "Berry" Fleming in 1833-34. He died prior to 2 July 1867 Monroe Co Ala. Twelve children. (38)

           136.  Gatsy Hutto born abt 1815 ( married. Yancey "Young" Fleming about 1844 in Monroe Co Ala.

         137.  Daniel J. Hutto5 born 27 Oct 1817 Orangeburgh SC; He died 1906,and is buried Ebenezer Cem, Henry Co., Ala. (38)




* The 1820 Orangeburg census shows two sons, but only one daughter for Daniel and his somewhat- younger wife. The 1830 census of Henry Co Ala shows two daughters. All three daughters married after 1830. The Henry Co Al orphan’s court records are clear that Daniel had three daughters, however.


** Orphan's Court Minutes Bk D, Pg 47 Henry County, AL 23 Jan 1843 - Estate of Daniel Hutto, Dec'd: Know all men by these presents that we Mary Hutto, widow of Daniel Hutto, Deceased and Daniel Hutto, Jr., Barry Flemming, Yancy Flemming, Talbia (Phalbia) Flemming, heirs and legatees of Daniel Hutto, late of said county, Deceased, do by mutual consent to pay off all the debts and demands against the Estate without an Administration. Given under our hands and seals this 23rd day of January 1843. (All signed except Phalbia) Daniel J. Hutto, Yancy Flemming, Mary Hutto (her mark) and Berry Flemming (his mark)


36.   son of Benjamin, born after 1774 and before 1790 (per 1790 O’bg census page 259) not identified

37.   daughter of Benjamin Hutto [b 1742], born 1784-90

38.   daughter, born 1784-90

39.   daughter, b 1790-99

40.   daughter, born ............

























41.   William Hutto Sr.4 (Henry3, Charles2, Isaac1) was born on 23 March 1787 in what would shortly become Barnwell Co. So Car. He married Lucy Montgomery there ca 1804; she was born ca 1786, died 14 July 1851. William was a prosperous planter and slave owner in Barnwell Co. He named his children in his will, which was probated on 29 April 1863. He and his wife are buried in the old, nearly forgotten William Hutto cemetery, near Honey Ford Church, close to Denmark, SC. Your author and wife located this cemetery in the early 1970's and photographed the stones.

         a.       James M Hutto5, b. 1807/08, died by 14 Nov. 1865 (will). He married first Marcilla H Felder, b. 4 Dec 1808, died 18 June 1833; two ch. He married second ca 1834 Drucilla C. ______, who was born 1817, died. after 1865. In 1860 James was sheriff of Barnwell Co.

                   1)    Aquilla M Hutto, 1828-1833

                   2)    Rachel Hutto, 1831-1833

                   3)    James H Hutto, b 1834

                   4)    Matilda A Hutto, b 1830., m _____ Zorn? SEE Matilda, dau of [45] Jacob Hutto!

         b.      Charles Hutto5, b. 14 April 1809, died 21 Aug 1881, married Elizabeth Guess in Jan 1828. She was born 1814, died 31 Jan. 1886, member of M. E. Church. Both are buried in the Wm Hutto cemetery. He left a will. 1850 Barnwell Co SC census family # 1749, also # 1258.

                   1)    Rufus T [G?] Hutto, b. 21 July 1830, had issue, living 1860 Barnwell. He d. 11 Dec 1882. He married Julia Elizabeth Nobles on 11 August 1853 (59). She was born 30 Aug 1831, d. 13 April 1908. (1, p 89)

                           a)      Ella V Hutto, b. 1858 Barnwell Co, m Isaac Dyches. One dau. (1)

                           b)      James A Hutto, born ca Jan 1860 

                           c)      Lucia Geneva Hutto, born 23 Oct 1867, died 23 July 1904, marr 19 Nov 1884 James Lawton Sellars. (1860-1904) (59, p 11)

                           d)      Jabez B Hutto, born 1860s, marr (1) Maty? Way (one son), (2) Bessie Gray (1)


                   2)    Lucia Sarah J Hutto, b. 12 Aug 1837, marr Charles Shannon? G Ray by 1862. He died before 1880; they had children. She died 29 Aug 1925, bur. Wm Hutto cemetery.

                   3)    William J Hutto, b. 24 March 1844, died 29 Dec 1862. He was Sergeant of H Co., 17th SC Inf. Regt., enlisted 9 Dec 1861 and participated in 3 battles. He died of disease contracted in camp.

         c.       John Hutto5, b 30 Oct 1810, died 1 Jan 1863 SC. He married Theny (Athenia) Guess, according to some, about 1832. She was born about 1811, living 1860. John is buried in Wm Hutto cem.

                   1)    Eliza Hutto, b 1833 SC

                   2)    Rachel Hutto, b 1835

                   3)    Lucy Hutto, b 1837, gone from the home by 1860.

                   4)    Margaret [or Mary L.?] Hutto, b 1845

                   5)    Henry A W Hutto, b about 1852 SC


         d.      David A[ndrew] Hutto5, b 1810 (twin?), married ca 1829 Winnie Jeffcoat, who was born 1810. Farmer in Barnwell Co SC 1850. He died in 1898.

                   1)    David Andrew Hutto Jr.6 was born 6 June 1826, marr. Rachel Felder ca 1849. She was b. 20 Oct. 1826, died 27 Oct. 1906. In 1850 he was listed as an overseer. He d. 19 Dec 1898. Eight children, born in Barnwell Co. (1).

                           a)      Thomas Asbury Hutto7, born 2 Feb1850, died 30 Oct 1928, buried Blacksville Cem He married Mary Ray, who was born 30 Sept 1853, died 11 May 1921. (85)

                                     1]      Lucy Hutto, born 1873 SC

                                     2]      Ben Hutto, born 1877 SC

                                     3]      Rosa Hutto, born 1879 SC

                           b)      Narcissa E. Hutto, b. 1852

                           c)      Lucia L. Hutto, b 1854

                           d)      Laura L. Hutto, b. 1856

                           e)      Mary Hutto, b. 1859; single in 1880

                           f)       David F Hutto, born 1861 SC

                           g)      Charles H Hutto, born 1867 SC










41.   William Hutto Sr.4 (Henry3, Charles2, Isaac1)

d. David A[ndrew] Hutto5 (1810- 1898)


                   2)    Owen Hutto6, b. 1830, married first Sarah ____ about 1847. (1) By 1850 she had died, having borne two daughters. In 1860 we find Owen in Barnwell Dist (family # 153) with wife listed as Frances, age 21. This is too young to be the mother of the children born beginning 1850! I cannot locate Owen in later census records.

                           a)      Sarah Hutto, born about 1846 Barnwell Co (age 3 in 1850), not living with Owen 1860..

                           b)      Elizabeth Hutto, born on 1 November 1847 in Barnwell Co., raised by the Shellhouse family in Randolph Co. Ga, [in 1880 James Shellhouse was on Randolph Co p 156] She married James B. Strickland about 1874. He was born on 9 Sept. 1849, died 3 July 1905 at Dixon, Ms. She died 30 Dec. 1939 at ..... In 1880 they appear in the Randolph Co census, p 143b, but her age is shown as 40, born Ga! One son in 1880.

                           children by a second marriage:


                           b)      John Hutto7, b 1850. Did he marry Gatsey Hutto?? (1880 p 286)

                           c)      Mack Hutto, b 1852, not identified in 1880, possibly deceased?

                           d)      David Hutto7, born about 1853 in Barnwell, married Martha Ann ___ about 1874. In 1880 they were living in Aiken Co SC (p. 42); he was a farm laborer, her name given as Mathana Hutto.

                                     1]      Phillip M Hutto, b 1875 SC; not on 1900 SC census.

                                     2]      Annie Hutto, b. 1877 SC

                                     3]      Bennie B Hutto, born late 1879 SC

                           e)      Arena [Anna?] Hutto, b 1856

                           f)       Laura Hutto, b 1859


                   3)    Samuel Hutto, b. 1832, at home in 1850. He married Ursula ___ in about 1851 and in 1860 they were living near Aiken, SC. Two of his younger brothers were with them, doubtless helping out on the farm. Samuel does not appear on the 1880 census.

                           a)      Laurence Hutto, b 1851, not found in 1880.

                           b)      Jane Hutto, b 1852

                           c)      Kissiah Hutto, b 1858

                   4)    Gideon Hutto6, b. 1834, still at home in 1850. Not found in 1860. In the 1870 census we find him in Richmond County Ga., married to Ann _______, age 34 and born in SC, hence born about 1836. Her maiden name is not known. They married about 1855 presumably in Barnwell Co since the first child was born in SC. They moved to GA about 1865; he presumably served in the Confederate Army. By 1880 he had evidently died and Ann was head of household (Richmond Co census dwelling 774, family 907. Here are the presumed children based on census records.

                           a)      Winny Hutto, b 1857 SC

                           b)      Ellen Hutto, b ca 1860 Ga. vs 1857 (1880 census) ; shown as “widow” in 1880 with a young daughter Alice, age 2.

                           c)      Alice Hutto, born 1864 SC

                           d)      Emma O. (Emmie) Hutto, born 1866 in Ga, might be the same as Mary E., born 1867 GA in the 1880 census of Richmond Co Ga p 441..

                           e)      Mary E Hutto, b. 1867 Ga

                   5)    Martha Hutto, b. 1840

                   6)    Ellen Hutto, b. 1842.

                   7)    James Hutto, see overleaf.















41.   William Hutto Sr.4 (Henry3, Charles2, Isaac1)

d. David A[ndrew] Hutto5 (1810- 1898)


                   7)    James Hutto6, b. 1845 SC (1850, 1880 census). His death record says he was b. 2 Feb 1840 in Aiken Co SC (date doubtful), died 2 March 1926 in Augusta, Ga. The 1880 census shows him as a shoemaker in Richmond Co Ga living next to his late brother’s family. Later he worked in a cotton mill. He married Virginia “Jenny” Spruiles about 1872. She was born August 1842 (death record, but age 30 in 1880 so really born about 1850) in Columbus, Ga and died at the advanced age of about 95 on ... 1945 at ....., the mother of six children. Both are buried in West View Cemetery, Augusta, Ga. (100)

                           a)      Joseph Hutto, born about 1873, married ..., ad a son Joseph Jr. (100)

                           b)      Henry Hutto7, born about 1875 SC; married Rebecca ... and had five children- Clarence, Claudia, Elberta, Henry and Terrance. (100)

                           c)      Lucy Hutto, born about 1876 SC (per 1880 census)

                            d)     Susan (Susie) Ann Hutto was born in June 1877?-not in 1880 census in McDuffie County, GA d: July 05, 1917 in Augusta, GA (Richmond County) Age at birth of first child: 31 est. Age at birth of last child: 31 est. Age at death: 40 est. Burial Place: July 06, 1917 West View Cemetery, Augusta, GA Burial: July 06, 1917 West View Cemetery, Augusta, GA: Worker in King Textile Mill in Augusta, GA She married James Coleman BLACKSTONE b: July 22, 1863 in Augusta, GA (Richmond County) d: March 10, 1933 in Augusta, GA (Richmond County) Burial Place: March 12, 1933 West View Cemetery, Augusta, GA Burial: March 12, 1933 West View Cemetery, Augusta, GA Occupation: Worked in a Silk Mill in Augusta, GA Mother: Behethelan Hetty Ellis Father: Zephaniah "Dock" Jr. Blackstone (100)

                                      1)       James Otto BLACKSTONE, Sr. b: February 19, 1909 in Augusta, GA d: October 18, 2001 in Powder Springs, GA Age at birth of first child: 25 Age at birth of last child: 29 Age at death: 92 Burial: October 20, 2001 Mount Harmony Memorial Gardens, Powder Springs, GA Number of children: 3 +[18] Louise Christine RHOADES b: January 24, 1916 in Augusta, GA d: April 1999 in Powder Springs, GA Age at birth of first child: 19 Age at birth of last child: 22 Age at death: 83 est. Burial: Mount Harmony Memorial Gardens, Powder Springs, GA Number of children: 3 Mother: Nora Gossett Father: William Watson (Bill) Rhoades

                           e)      James Hutto, born about 1882 Ga. (100)

                           f)       Florence Hutto, born Dec 1887 Ga, married ... Thu[r]mond. (100)

                   8)    Joseph Hutto, b. 1847, possibly died in Civil War?

                   9)    Rebecca Hutto, b. 1848.


        e.       Henry Hutto5 was born in 1815, and married the widow Martha Mildred (Ziegler) in 1846. They had seven children, five boys and two girls. One son reached adulthood to marry along with one daughter. They lived on the property near Midway left Martha and her children by John Weissinger. They are on the 1860 Barnwell census. Henry had two plantations and 60 Negro slaves wo was wealthy. He served in the CSA and died on 12 April 1865, three days after Lee's surrender to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, on board a ship returning from service in the Confederate army. He was buried at sea. Martha Mildred Ziegler was born on 2 December 1815, a daughter of Jacob Ziegler and Ann Pendarvis. She was given her first name (Martha) in honor of her grandmother Martha Picot. Her second name (Mildred) was given in honor of her step grandmother Mrs. Mary Mildred Ziegler. She married her first husband, Johannes (John) Weissinger on January 1, 1832. He died December 21,1843. They had five children, two boys and three girls. Four reached adulthood, one boy and three girls. Martha and her first husband, John, are buried in the old Ziegler Cemetery near Midway, SC. (96)
1)Henrietta Minerva L Hutto was born 7 June 1858. She married 11 Sept 1884 William Elliott Spann (1859- 1946). She died 29 Feb 1908 Bamberg, SC. (96)

                   2)    NEED 

                   3)    NEED




41.   William Hutto Sr.4 (Henry3, Charles2, Isaac1)


         f.       Mary Elizabeth Hutto5 was born 10 July 1816, died 22 Nov. 1878, and married Silas Eaves, all in Barnwell Co SC. He was a member of the Baptist Church for many years. Both are buried in the William Hutto cemetery. (13) There were nine children. This family is discussed in "The Eaves Family" by D V Agricola.


        g.      William W. Hutto5 was b. 24 Dec 1818 SC, died 5 Jan 1900 (dates on gravestone). This man does not appear in the 1850 census. William married Margaret E Odom , b. 5 June 1825, d. 24 July 1894. In 1860 they were living very close to his father, William Sr. They were living at Blackville, Barnwell Co SC in 1880 (census p 131). They are buried in the Blackville City Cem. (85) In addition to the daughter living with them in 1860, they apparently had a son who was not living at home then. (1, p 96A)

                   1)    Virginia Hutto6, b. 1846 (Verginia in 1860 census- some records show Eugenia)

                   2)    William M Hutto 6, b.(1847 vs June 1842 SC), apparently marr first Martha Ann ___, living 1880 at Georges Creek in Barnwell Co. He married 17 Dec 1902 Marian Harley

                           a)      Gatsey [Gatsie] Eunice Hutto, b 31 Oct 1875 at Hilda, SC; died 10 Jan. 1948. [IGI] Manning (1) says she was born 1869, died 1910 and married Thomas S. Black. This birth year is wrong since she was 5 years old in 1880.

                           b)      Levi “Lee” Hutto, b 2 Feb 1878 Hilda, Barnwell Co SC, died 30 November 1945. He married Ada Sanders. (1) Recheck 1900 census- not found yet. They had issue.

                           c)      Lendon Hutto, born after 1880. (1) Not found in other records.

                           d)      Mamie Hutto, born ___, married ____ Elkins. (1)

                           e)      Sabra Hutto, born ___, married _____ Campbell (1)


        h.      Isaac Hutto5, b. 18 Oct 1820, married Lavinia Ray (or Jeter?) ca 1844 in Barnwell Co. He died on 1 May 1857 (stone); will probated 15 June 1857. Six children, all. born in Barnwell Co.

                   1)    Henry D. Hutto6, born 10 Jan.1845 (1), married Jane Chitty. One son given in (1) who was not living with them in 1880; probably working on another farm

                           a)      John Isaac Hutto, born 30 June 1867, died testate 28 Nov. 1935. He married on 26 July 1885 Annie Elizabeth Hartzog, who was born 23 Nov. 1868. (1, p 99)

                                     1]      Charles H. Hutto, born 30 Aug. 1887, died 1 Nov. 1923, married Mrs Ida Kearse. No issue. (1)

                                     2]      Elias Hutchins Hutto, born 3 Feb. 1890, d. 19 July 1934, married Dora Grubbs. Five children named in (1), p. 100.

                                     c)      Thomas Jefferson Hutto, born 10 Feb. 1892, died 8 April 1947, married (1) Mary Rebecca ___ (b. 14 Aug 1900, died 7 Sept. 1931.) One son.

                                     d)      Annie Hutto, born ___, marr Ben T. Darnell (1)

                                     e)      Estelle Hutto, born ___ (twin), marr John Boggs

                                     f)       Sadelle Hutto, born ____ (twin), m. Ed McCormack

                                     g)      Rozelle Hutto, born ___, m. Rogers Bell (1)


                   2)    James Hutto6, b 1847 Barnwell Co. Although the birth year is off, this must be the James Hutto who married Henrietta ____ [ born 1852] and appears in 1880 in Georges Creek living near Isaac Jr and Henry, with the following children:

                           a)      Daniel Hutto, b 1870

                           b)      Richard Hutto, b 1872

                           c)      Luvinia Hutto, b 1874

                           d)      Isaac Hutto, b 1877

                           e)      Arthur Hutto, b 1880 (age 3 mo at census time)

                   3)    Jane Hutto, b 1850

                   4)    Charles H. Hutto, born 15 Sept. 1852, died 18 Sept. 1935. He married Susan C. ____, who was born on 15 Oct. 1852, died 30 March 1900. They had a daughter Julia who was born and died in 1891. (1)

                   5)    Silas Hutto, b 1854; no record after 1860










                   6)    Isaac W. Hutto6, born March 1857, married Julia ____ in 1877. She was born in Jan. 1860. He was a farmer, in 1880 living at Georges Creek, Barnwell Co. SC (p 274). Then by 1900 they had moved to the Bull Swamp area of Lexington Co SC and are on the census then (hh # 143). She was the mother of nine children, eight then living.

                           a)      Mary Hutto, born ca 1878, no longer at home in 1900.

                           b)      Carrie Hutto, born March 1880 SC

                           c)      F. Stokes Hutto, born Nov. 1883 SC, married Miss M. L. Metts of Swansea, at the parsonage at Woodford, 6 Sept. 1908. (48)

                           d)      Alice May Hutto, born Oct 1886 SC

                           e)      Willie J Hutto, born Sept 1889 SC

                           f)       Emma Hutto, born April 1892 SC

                           g)      Claude H Hutto, born Dec 1895 SC

                           h)      Owens J Hutto, born Nov. 1899 SC


         i.       Jemima Ann Hutto, b. 1822, married ca 1841 Henry M Kennedy. He appears in the 1850 Barnwell census as Henry Canada (household 1255). Their children in 1850:

                   1)     Lewis Kennedy, b 1842 SC

                    2)     Mary Kennedy, b. 1844 SC

                    3)     Govan Kennedy, b. 1845 SC



42.   Henry Hutto Jr4, born ca 1784-1788, son of [12] [John] Henry Hutto. He married Mary Ann [Ziegler?] in about the year 1806 in Barnwell Co. SC .(1) [Her maiden name has been given as Zeigler-Zeagler; I have no proof this is correct. This man’s uncle Henry did marry a Ziegler.] Henry Hutto was living in 1810 and was on the Barnwell census, with a wife in the same age category, two young sons and a daughter. He died reportedly in 1818 (1, 96) and does not appear in the 1820 census. Henry’s grandfather died in 1818 and left a large estate; are there orphan’s court records for the younger Henry’s family? The widow may have remarried by 1820? She was not a head of household then. We can document the first three children on the 1810 census [not by name, of course]. It is perfectly possible that there were several children born after 1810 but before 1820, and such was the case according to source (96). The undocumented statement is made in source (96) that the men named below under children c, d, and e were in fact sons of Henry. The naming of the three sons as hypothetically suggested below fits very well with this branch of the family. The name Nicholas is common in Barnwell Hutto lines, but rare elsewhere, for example. Your author has no proof the following were Henry’s children but there is some circumstantial evidence. The facts will show that Jacob K, John A J and Nicholas Hutto were all born in SC within a seven year span, and consistently lived in close proximity in Alabama.

          a.        daughter, born 1805-09

          b.       son, born about 1805-09

         c.       Jacob K Hutto5 was born in SC in 1810. He married Martha _____about 1839 and was on the 1840 Dale Co Ala census, very close to John A J Hutto and Nicholas Hutto (below). He was a justice of the peace in Dale Co 1846-1853. On the 1850 census of Dale Co., southern division. Also on 1860 and 1870 Dale Co census. Six known children:

                   1)    Elizabeth Hutto, b 1842 AL

                   2)    Dorcas Hutto, b 1845 AL

                   3)    William H[enry] H[ildredge] Hutto6 was born on 22 Dec. 1849 Dale Co AL. He married Serina Christina Walding about 1873; she was born in October 1853 in Ala. He died about 1931. (K Mularz, on Rootsweb)

                           a)      Wash[ington?] Hutto, b. March 1876 Ala., md Nettie ......, had issue.

                           b)      Louisa Jane Hutto, born about 1877 Ala.; she md James Sexton and had issue.

                           c)      James Reddick Hutto7, born 15 Jan 1880 Ala., d 27 June 1937 Ashford, Ala. He married and had issue, see rootsweb for more.

                           d)      John W Hutto, born May 1882, no marriage shown.

                           e)      Elizabeth Hutto, b Sept 1884 Ala, married and had children.

                           f)       Mary Addie Hutto, born Dec 1886 Ala., married first L James Howard

                           g)      Hilliard Hutto, born Oct. 1889, died ...., married Judy Grice.


                   4)    Matilda Hutto, b about 1853 Ala

                   5)    John W Hutto, b 1859 presumably Dale Co Ala

                   6)    Amanda Hutto, b 1861 Ala

























42.   Henry Hutto Jr4, born ca 1784-1788, son of [12] [John] Henry Hutto3.

         d.     John Andrew Jackson Hutto was born in the year 1813 in South Carolina, and was named after Gen Andrew Jackson, who had just come to national prominence. He married in or around 1829 with Louisa Judah, almost surely in Dale Co. Alabama. She is thought to be a daughter of Henry Judah and Elizabeth Weaver. John was only 16 in 1829, so almost surely came with his family to Alabama prior to 1829. I do not find him in the 1830 census. Their children were born at Ozark, Dale Co Ala, as shown by census and other records. The 1840 Dale Co. census has John A Hutto (b 1810-1819) with a young family. John A is listed almost next to NICHOLAS Hutto, and Jacob A Hutto Jr., both also born 1810-1819, a huge hint! Also on the same page of the census are three Judy families including Henry Judy Sr. (Henry Judy Sr was living in the Wadboo Swamp area of Orangeburg in 1800- census p 547.) 1850 census? John took up land in Dale and Clarke Co Ala, and was in the latter location in 1860 (census, p 696). The 1860 census shows him as a teacher in the common school. He was reportedly killed at the siege of Vicksburg (May-June 1863) in the service of the CSA; I have no documentation yet. Louisa was born in 1813, and died 15 Oct 1891 in Clarke Co Ala.

                 1)      Sarah Hutto, b 5 April 1830 Dale Co Ala. She married John Henry Geiger on 3 Jan 1857 in Florida. They had issue.

                 2)      Howell H. Hutto, b 1834 Ala, He married twice- first to Dorcus Breland on ___ 1852 in Dale Co., second to Elizabeth Knight on 9 March 1860 Clarke Co. Ala. In 1860 he is on the Clarke Co. Ala census almost next to his father John A. Hutto. He got a small tract of 39 7/8 acres in 1860 at the St Stephens Land Office. He was killed in the Civil War in 1863 at the Battle of Gettysburg. Elizabeth was living with her youngest son in 1900.

                           a)      Nancy Hutto, born 1853 Dale Co Ala. (per 1860 census)

                           b)      Martha Ann Hutto, born 1855 Dale Co. Ala. (1860 census)

                           c)      John D. Hutto, born March 1860? Clarke Co Ala, probably a son by 1st wife- living w/ grandmother in 1880. He married Euly ____ and they are on the 1900 Clarke Co census ED 38 p 10.

                           d)      Sebren Allen Hutto was born 13 March 1862 in Ala, married Sallie Pickett in about 1884. She was born 10 Aug 1866 and died 13th June 1953. Sebren died 9 Sept 1905. They are buried in Oak Grove Baptist Ch Cem., Clarke Co. Ala.

                                     a)      Areole? Hutto

                                     b)      Howell Thomas Hutto, born 6 Jan 1885, died married Frances Bell Goodman 29 April 1916. Burial in Oak Grove Baptist Ch Cem. Five children by 1920 (Clarke Co census.)

                                     c)      Lula Hutto

                                     d)      Stanley Allan Hutto, born 1 March 1894, d. 14 April 1921, m. Alice _____. Burial Oak Grove.

                3)      Polly Ann Hutto, b 1835 Ala

                4)      Mary Hutto, b 3 June 1842, married Jefferson Monroe Shomack (Shoemake, etc) on 3rd Sept. 1860 in Clarke Co. Ala. He got land there in 1861. Jefferson was a son of Thorogood Shoemake, who married another Mary Hutto, dau of George Hutto and Ann Hill- see section 51e. He is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery, his stone reads “Jefferson M. Shewmake, b. Nov. 19, 1836, d. Aug 13, 1887". No stone is found for Mary.

                5)      Harriett Ann Hutto, b 28 Jan 1847, died on 13th April 1932. She marr Andrew Jackson Mott Sr. by 1870. Both are buried in Oak Grove Baptist Ch Cem. He was b. 27 Sept 1840, d 26 Nov 1918.

                6)      Martha Hutto, b 10 Feb 1849, died 1893, apparently single, burial in Oak Grove Baptist Ch Cem.

                7)      Matilda Hutto, b. 17 Feb 1854, (family record) single in 1880, probably married Robert Ott 1 July 1890. Robert Ott was born (about) July 1865 in Ala, so was younger than his wife. In the 1880 census of Clarke Co we find Robert as an 11 year old, son of Louis Melchior Ott (b 1825 Orangeburg Co SC) and Nancy Hodges. This household was very close to that of the [late] John A Hutto family. The elder Ott couple is buried with marked graves in Oak Grove Baptist Church cemetery, Clarke Co Ala. Robert marr first M E Harrison in 1888, she died shortly thereafter.









42.   Henry Hutto Jr4, born ca 1784-1788, son of [12] [John] Henry Hutto3.


        e.     Nicholas Hutto, b 1817 SC, possible brother to the above two men. He was on the 1840 Dale Co . Ala census (just married). 1850 Henry Co Alabama census. He married Emily _____ about 1840. In 1850 he was living very close to Solomon Hutto (b 1805), see section 51b. Possibly died during War between the States. In 1880 his widow was living with son Rufus.

                a.       Hugh Hutto, born ca 1841

                 b.      Rufus Hutto, b 1843 AL, in 1880 a widower living in Van Zand Co Texas with a two year old daughter named Emily. Rufus was allegedly born in Henry Co Ala.

                 c.       Joseph Hutto b 1846

                 d.      Elizabeth Hutto, b 1847 AL


43.   Nancy Hutto4, born about 1792, married Robert Delk about 1818. He was born in about 1792 in Va, son of Kindred and Mary Delk. Nancy had six children and died about 1836. Robert married second Martha Elkins in about 1835 and she bore him six more children. He died 3 March 1863. Children by Nancy:

         a.       Jacob Howell Delk5, b 7 March 1820, md. Martha ___, died 21 Dec 1894 Barnwell Co. SC. Ch include:

                     1)        Henry George Delk, b 29 Dec 1842, marr Jane C Hutto 1873, dau. of Isaac and Velia Hutto.

                     2)        Virginia Ann Mary Delk6, b 26 Oct 1845, d 15 Jan 1876. She m. Charles Henry Hartzog.

                                 a)        Annie Elizabeth Hartzog, b 23 Nov 1868, d 7 April 1950, marr John Isaac Hutto on 26 July 1885 in Barnwell Co, son of Henry Hutto and Jane Chitty.

           b.       Henry K Delk, b 7 Jan 1822, died 19 May 1901, married Nancy Ann Nevils on 23 Oct 1856 in Barnwell Co. She was born 16 Dec 1830, died 25 Aug 1921. Living 1880 Georges Creek, no children at home.

           c.       Rebecca Delk, b 1820s, married ___ Sanders (1)

           d.       Ann Delk, b 1820s

           e.       Martha Delk, b 18__

           f.       Thomas Delk, b 9 Nov 1835, died 3 April 1909. (source- Debbie Sellers: “Robert Delk family”)


44.   John Hutto “Sr”4 was born on 11/17 Nov. 1793, died 27 March 1853 aged “about 60" (gravestone). Some say that he was a twin of Jacob, below. He married ________ about 1815.The 1820 Barnwell census shows that he had two daughters, no sons. [Not found in 1830 census]. In 1850 he was a planter, living alone in America Twp., so his wife had predeceased him. He is buried in the William Hutto cemetery, Bamberg Co. (13) Not much is yet known about this particular line.

          a.      daughter b 1810-19

          b.      daughter, b 1810-19, not at home in 1840

          c.      son, born 1825-30, very possibly Thomas Hutto, born 11 Aug 1828, died 16 Nov. 1850 (IGI). I did not find his stone in the Wm Hutto cemetery, but did not try hard to record all stones.

          d.      son, born 1830-35

          e.      son, b 1840-45

          f.      daughter, b 1825-30- likely Matilda Hutto, b 1830, living with Thomas in 1850, next door to John Hutto Sr.

45.   Jacob K. Hutto4 (Henry3, Charles2, Isaac1) was born 11 November 1793 in Barnwell Co., So Carolina. He is said to have married Elizabeth Gilliam. about 1812, presumably in Barnwell Co. Jacob served in the War of 1812. In 1820 this appears to be the Jacob (age 16-26) living in Barnwell Co. with wife and one son under ten. A Jacob Hutto is indexed in Barnwell in 1830 but this entry not found. They moved to Ala. after 1828. He appears as head of household in 1840 and 1850 in Pike Co. Alabama. Although it is sometimes stated that Jacob died in 1870 at Pleasant Grove near Lincoln , Talladega Co., Alabama, so far I have not found him after 1850 in records. Elizabeth was born 4 June 1792, died 30 Dec 1878 at Troy, Al. (76) Is she on later census records? Following is a suggested list of their children. [The last two daughters were living at home in 1850 so they are pretty certain.]

        a.     David Hutto5, born 29 Nov. 1813 SC, died 29 May 1893, married first Jane Eliza Galloway (c 1823- c 1860) on 3 March 1839; they were on the 1840 Dale Co Ala census with a baby daughter. David married second Sarah Ann Miller on 20 Sept 1860. In 1880 he and wife Ann (age 30) were living in Henry Co. They are buried in the Hutto cemetery in NW Henry Co. (Genforum post #223) He died 21 May 1893 in Henry Co. Five children, most born in Henry Co, Alabama.

                 1)      Elizabeth Hutto, b c 1840

                 2)      Della Jane Hutto, b 3 Feb 1842, died 12 Nov 1924 Henry Co, ? marr. 1865 Samuel Buffalow.

                 3)      James A. Hutto, b. 22 Nov. 1843, died 20 July 1886 Henry Co., married 29 Nov. 1865 Sarah Ann Penelope Holley in Henry Co., Alabama. There were no children in 1880.

                 4)      Nancy L. Hutto, b 5 April 1846, died 27 Aug 1894, m. Auther B Price. They were living in Lawrenceville, Henry Co in 1880 (p 708) with six children.

                 5)      Aaron Jesse Hutto, b 17 Sept 1848 , d. 27 June 1926 (IGI), m Mary A Johnson on 31 Dec. 1868 in Henry Co., Ala. Not found in 1880 census. .


45.   Jacob K. Hutto Sr.4 (Henry3, Charles2, Isaac1)


         b.     Henry J. Hutto5, b. 29 Dec 1820 SC, died 20 Feb 1908 Talladega, Ala. He married about 1841, not found in 1850, living Coffee Co Ala in 1860. Living 1880 at Blue Eye, Ala. His wife was Louisa Gilmore, born 16 July 1823, died after 1880. She had five children. Both are buried at Pattons Chapel Cemetery, Talladega Co., Ala. (76)

                 1)      Ivy Nicholas Hutto6 was born 31 Jan. 1842 AL, died 25 Sept 1898 Al, married first Nancy Ann Austin, by whom he had ten children. She was born 24 Jan 1844, died on 23 Feb 1890, bur Pattons Chapel Cem, Talladega AL. On 24 Sept 1890 he married second Sarah Frances Stewart by whom he had an additional six children. She was born on 2 Jan 1866. (76)

                           a)      Oliver H. Hutto7, born May 1863 Ala, married Martha _____ (born June 1861).

                           b)      Benjamin Hutto, born about 1864 Ala

                           c)      Henry Ivy Hutto, b about 1867 Ala

                           d)      Victoria Hutto, born about 1869 Ala

                           e)      Zulica Hutto, born about 1873

                           f)       Alonzo Hutto, born about 1874, not in 1900 Ala census.

                           g)      William Arthur Hutto, born 25 Jan 1876. (76)

                           h)      Charles M Hutto, born May 1877

                           i)       Josephine Hutto, born about 1879

                           j)       Lydia Hutto, born about 1884.

                children by Sarah F Steward:

                           k)      Thomas Rufus Hutto, born 26 June 1891 Talladega AL

                           l)       Grover Hutto, born 14 Nov. 1892

                           m)     Louisa Rebecca Hutto, born 5 Feb 1894

                           n)      Boncil Hutto, born 21 Dec 1895 

                           o)      Grady Hutto, born 6 Nov 1897

                           p)      Ivy Bell Hutto, born _______

                 2)      John Hutto, born 1843 AL

                 3)      Joseph Hutto6, born 1845 AL. This would likely be the Joseph J Hutto who served in the 53rd Ala Regiment with Ivy N Hutto. Joseph was captured and died in Indiana.

                 4)      John Hutto?

                 5)      Monroe Hutto, born 1853 AL

         c.     Sarah Hutto, born about 1825 SC? AL?

         d.     Elizabeth Hutto, born 11 Sept 1827 (Ala?)

         e.     Allen Augustus Hutto5, born 17 April 1828 Barnwell Co SC, later went to Lincoln, Talladega Co Ala. Details in (29). He married first Sarah Bennett on 14 Oct 1850 in Barbour Co. Alabama (IGI extracted record). Not yet found in 1850, or 1870 census. In 1860 in Coffee County Ala. Served in 53rd Ala Regt under Wm Bedford Forrest during the Civil War. He married second Margaret [Teasley] prior to 1880 in Ala. She was age 34 in 1880. They were living in Blue Eye, Talledega Co AL in 1880 with the following; I’m not sure which children were by his second wife; entries in the IGI show children 1- 7 were by Sarah Bennett. They moved to Rule, Haskell County, Tx in 1897. Allen died on 7 August 1910 in Texas. Margaret applied for a civil war pension.

                 1)      Sarah Hutto, b 1862 AL

                 2)      Allen Augustus Hutto Jr , born 19 June 1865 at Coffee Springs, Geneva Co. AL (IGI) He married Margaret Olivia Acker.

                 3)      Charles Nicholas Hutto, born 30 Jan 1866 AL (IGI)

                 4)      Millie Ann Hutto, b 23 March1868 AL (IGI), died 1926 Texas, married Joseph Mitchell McReynolds.

                 5)      Maggie Hutto, born on 2nd Dec 1869 (IGI)

                 6)      James Redmon Hutto, b 13 May1875 AL (IGI)

                 7)      Joseph Benjamin Hutto, b 22 Oct 1877 AL (IGI), died 15 Jan 1969 Texas (SSDI)

                 8)      John R Hutto, b 1879 AL

         f.     Matilda Hutto, born 26 Jan 1832 SC, single and living at home 1850. She is said to have married Johnson B Zorn Sr., son of Nicholas Zorn, about 1866. J B was born about 1834, served as a Pvt in Co. H, 17th SC Infantry, discharged as a blacksmith. He died 1 Nov 1890, buried in Georges Creek Baptist Ch Cem. Matilda died in Pike Co Ala. Two children, Hattie and J B Jr.

         g.     Susan Hutto, b 1834 SC, single in 1850.       23

46.   Isaac Hutto4 was born in Barnwell Co. in 1795, married Sarah Delk in 1814. He died shortly before 23 January 1818, on which date his widow and three of her brothers-in-law petitioned the Barnwell Court to serve of executor’s of his estate (he left no will). Later, in Jan. 1832 William Hutto filed a second petition with the court asking that he be appointed guardian of the estate and persons of Ann and Isaac, minor children of the late Isaac Hutto, since the widow had remarried, to William Touchston, and was moving out of state. Sarah was born in 1794 in Barnwell Co SC, died on 5 Jan 1844 in Lowndes Co., Ga. Their family as given in Manning (1):

         a.     Ann Hutto was born about 1816, still a minor in 1832. She married William H Hughes on 18th June 1842 in Lowndes Co., Ga. He was born 5 Sept. 1812 in Barnwell Co., SC. She died 16th April 1873 in Clinch Co. Ga. Eleven children, from Rootsweb:

                 1)      Isaac Hutto Hughes, b 8 May 1843

                 2)      James H Hughes, b 4 April 1845

                 3)      Sarah M Hughes, b 22 Jan 1847

                 4)      Rachel E Hughes, b 28 Sept 1848 Ware/ Clinch Co Ga., marr. 1866 Guilford Register; 13 children given on Rootsweb site

                 5)      Francis Marion Hughes, b 28 Sept 1848

                 6)      John Jasper Hughes, b 10 Nov. 1850

                 7)      Jeptha Hughes, b. 23 Sept 1852

                 8)      Mary A Hughes, b 25 Feb. 1854

                 9)      Matthew Henry Hughes, b 1 Nov. 1855

                10)    Frances Hughes, b 4 May 1858

                11)    Charles H Hughes, b 27 Aug 1859


         b.     [Rev] Isaac Delk Hutto5, b. on 15 March 1818 in Barnwell Co., later moved to Clinch Co Ga. He was a Primitive Baptist minister, being ordained at Bethany Church in Clinch Co. He married Sarah Lee. No issue. (1) He died at St Georges, Effingham Co. Ga on 24th March 1881.

          c.      ?Nancy Hutto, b. 1816 SC, died 16 Apr 1873, married William Hughes in 1841, lived Clinch Co Ga (3) Wm. was born 5 Sept 1812, a son of Jacob Hughes and Margaret Rentz of Barnwell Co SC. There were eleven children, see (1), p 113. It is very doubtful that she was a daughter of Isaac as she does not appear in the estate papers filed after Isaac’s death.


 47.   Charles Hutto4, b. ca 1796, married first ca 1816 Margaret Jeter, daughter of W Joseph Jeter © 1751- before 1811) and Mary L. Edwards (ca 1765- c 1840)*; they had one daughter. Charles married second Elizabeth Walker in Pike Co Ala. Charles Hutto died prior to 14 Dec. 1854 , Pike Co. AL, when his probate was started. William McKerley, son-in-law , was admin. Charles Hutto and his wife, Susannah Hutto, sold their land to his brother, William Hutto, Sr., 22 Dec. 1838, Barnwell Co. SC Deed Book AAA, pgs . 128-9 and moved to AL. Charles Hutto and Susannah Hutto recorded a deed in Pike Co., AL, 8 Oct 1846, Deed Book I/J, pg . 349.

         a.     dau, born ca 1818 SC


* from Hermann Snell website













48.   Nicholas Hutto4 (Henry3, Charles2, Isaac1), was born about 1799 in Barnwell Dist., SC. He first appears on census records in 1830; three or four sons then. He married first Nancy _____, about 1816. She died in 1847: “Died in Barnwell District, on 30th March, Nancy Hutto, wife of Nicholas Hutto, born April 30, 1798. She left a husband and 11 children...” (So Chr Advocate, 23 Ap 1847) Some think her maiden name might have been Jeter. We only know the names of about seven of those children. Nicholas was a planter living in Barnwell Co. S C in 1850, age 51; here in 1860 at age 61. Nicholas married twice and had children by both marriages. He died about 1869.

children by first wife, Nancy [Jeter?]:

        a.     Nicholas Hutto Jr5, b. 12 Jan 1818, married Susannah Jeter ca 1838. She was born on 1 March 1821 in SC, daughter of Starling Jeter, who died 25 Sept 1840. (Barnwell estates bundle 77 pkg 4) She died 25th April 1895, buried Friendship Baptist Church (77). Their children all born at Hilda, in Barnwell Co SC. Two twins died in 1855 at birth. He served in Civil War, and died in 1864. (56).

                 1)    William Hutto6, b. 16 Apr 1839, died without issue 26 Sept. 1855. (1)

                 2)    Henry Hutto6, b. 18 Aug 1840,died 19 Feb 1920, m. Rebecca Aldredge/ Collins ca 1859. This line is continued in ref. (1), p 102. Rebecca was born 16 Aug 1843, died 30 Nov 1913; they are buried in Friendship Baptist Church Cem, Hilda, SC.

                         a)      William Hutto, born 1860, single in 1880.

                         b)      George Washington Hutto, b Feb 1862, marr Carrie Still; living 1900 Georges Creek. She was born on 13 April 1887, died 27 June 1941. (1)

                         c)      Laura Hutto, b 23 Feb 1864, d 29 Jan 1914, m Samuel W Creech (1854-1938) (77)

                         d)      Margaret Hutto, b 20 July 1866, d 20 April 1887, m C. M. Ray (1)

                         e)      Eliza A. Hutto, born ca 1868, at home in 1880

                         f)       Susan Hutto, born 1869, at home in 1880.

                         g)      Ida F Hutto, b 17 Jan 1870, d 12 Aug 1877. (77)

                         h)      Augustus D Hutto, b 29 Oct 1872, died 28 March 1944, m Susan Collins. She was born 12 Sept. 1873, died 31 July 1935. (1, p 103)

                         i)       Samuel J. Hutto, born ca 1872, marr Jane Collins.

                         j)       Mary H Hutto, b 23 Nov 1876, d 11 Aug 1877. (77)

                        k)      Emma Hutto, born ca 1875 SC, living at home 1880 (census)


                 3)    Mary A Hutto, b. 16 July 1842, died 22 Jan. 1911, m. Henry J Croft. He was born 6 Jan. 1843, died 20 June 1926; seven children. See 1880 census p 282c, also (1, p 103).

                 4)    George Washington Hutto6, b. 15 March 1844, m. Mary A Hartzog (b. 3 Aug 1843, d. 10 May 1894.) He served in CSA as a private in Co. H, 17th SC Infantry. He died 11 July 1880. On 1880 census Georges Cr. Seven children:

                         a)      William Henry Hutto7, born 20 Jan? 1867 SC, died ___, marr Ida Josephine Blume at Blackville on 6 Aug 1885.

                                   1]    Nettie Mozella Hutto, b 11 Sept 1888, d. 13 Oct. 1889 (1)

                                   2]    Jennie Lou Hutto, b. 28 March 1892, marr. Harlan Creech. (1)

                                   3]    Eugene Hutto, b. 22 April 1893, marr Marie Still. (1)

                                   4]    Taber Ulysses Hutto, b. 13 Feb. 1895, died 13 Sept. 1915. (1)

                                   5]    Harry Hutto, b. about 1897, married Mary Odom; no issue. (1)

                                   6]    Ethel Hutto, born about 1900, married Emory Williams, no children. (1) 

                         b)      Joanna Hutto, born 1869, at home in 1880, no later info.

                         c)      Sims Jeter Hutto7, born 10 May 1872, died 16 March 1921, marr Nannie Redmond on 9 Dec 1892. She was born 20 April 1878, d 22 March 1911, both are buried in the Blackville Cemetery. Eight children are given in (1, p. 104) S Jeter married in 1918 Myrtie Birt (b 1887), no children. (1)

                         d)      Hattie May Hutto7, born 31 May 1874, died single 29 April 1954.

                         e)      Elizabeth Hutto7 was born abt 1875 (age 5 in 1880), although her birthdate is given 11 May 1880 in (1, p. 104) She married E T Brooker.

                         f)       John Stephen Hutto, b 16 June 1876, died in infancy 24 April 1877.

                         g)      Minnie Belle Hutto, born 15 April 1878, died single 29 Jan 1905, buried Blackville,SC

                 5)    Georgeanna (Indiana) Hutto, b. 1846. Maybe = Jody Hutto, see (1, p 106) who md Starling Hutto.

                 6)    Elizabeth Hutto, b. 9 March 1848, m Tobias (Toby) Still (1844-1932); she died 30 Nov. 1935. They had issue- see 1880 census. Also see (1, p. 106)






48.   Nicholas Hutto4 (Henry3, Charles2, Isaac1), born 1799

        a.     Nicholas Hutto Jr5, b. 12 Jan 1818

                 7)    Benjamin James Hutto6, b. 7 Jan 1851, died 3 Sept 1921, left a will. He married Elizabeth Dyches on 23 Jan. 1870. She was born 3 Dec. 1851 and died 22 June 1922. They were the parents of fourteen children, all but one survived to adulthood and married (!) (1, p. 107)

                         a)      Susan Rebecca Hutto was born 2 May 1871, died 2 Dec. 1921. She married Isaac Hayne Delk. He was born 23 Sept 1873, and was the founder of Hilda, South Carolina. He died on 16 August 1945. Six children, see (1) p. 108.

                         b)      James Nicholas Hutto was born 1 June 1873, died 3 April 1953, married. Betty Still. She was born 22 Oct. 1875, died 14 June 1927. He remarried. Seven children. (1)

                         c)      William Harrison Hutto was born 6 May 1875, died 12 June 1933, marr. Rebecca Hightower on 17 Jan. 1897. She was born 17 Feb. 1876, died 29 Nov. 1942. 4 ch.

                         d)      Isaac H. Hutto was born 28 April 1877, d. 25 Jan. 1946, married Minnie Still. 3 ch

                         e)      Mary C. Hutto, born 25 April 1879, died 28 Feb 1887.

                         f)       Henry Calhoun Hutto, born 17 Aug. 1880, died 13 Dec. 1949, married Henrietta Grubbs, who was born on 25 Sept. 1882, died _____. Five children. (1, p 109)

                         g)      Simon Hutto was born 8 March 1882, died 31 Dec. 1956, married Dora Harrison.

                         h)      Jonas M. Hutto, born 29 Dec. 1884, died 26 Feb. 1942, married Sarah Hightower. Sarah was born 16 March 1886, died 22 Jan. 1961. There was no issue.

                         i)       Amanda Missouri Hutto, born 8 Jan 1886, died 18 Sept. 1955, married George Bodiford. He was born 1 Jan. 1884, died 27 Sept. 1948.

                         j)       Virginia Hutto was born 11 June 1889, married Ellerbee L. Hightower (b. 25 Nov. 1889). Three children.

                         k)      Lennie W. Hutto was born 21 April 1891, died ____, married Eloise “Ella” Nimmons, who was born 17 Oct. 1893, died 28 April 1960. No issue shown in (1).

                         l)       Leila Hutto, born 21 Nov. 1892, died ___, married (1) Henry Smith, (2) Clyde Hutto

                         m)     Lena Bolger Hutto, born 21 Oct. 1894, diied 17 Feb. 1956; married John Horsey

                         n)      Annie Louise Hutto was born 1 April 1896, died , married N. W. Hartzog 17 July 1919.


                 8)    Martha A Hutto was b. 1852 SC, m. Samuel Still about 1870. He was a farmer in Georges Cr Twp, Barnwell Co SC. There were four children living in 1880 (census p 271)

                         a)     Amanda Still, b. 1871

                         b)    Isaac Still, b. 1874 SC

                         c)     Culler Still (son), b 1874

                         d)    Henry Still, born early 1880

                 9)    Susanna Hutto, b. 1856, died young

                 10    Julia A. Hutto, b. 26 July 1859, died 17 June 1957. She married on 4 Jan. 1884 Larkin H. Lancaster, who was born 26 Nov. 1853, died 5 March 1930. Nine children. (1, p 111)

























48.   Nicholas Hutto4 (Henry3, Charles2, Isaac1), born 1799 


        b.     [son], born 1810-1815, living at home in 1830. This implied son was surely born in about 1814-15 when Nicholas would have been perhaps just 16 years old. No son this age was living in Nicholas’ household in 1840. It would appear that this son was William Hutto5, who was born in this approximate time frame. William married Gatsey (Gadson) Hartzog about 1835. She was born in about 1820, a daughter of Tobias Hartzog (1775-1835) and his wife ........ William appears in the 1840 census as head of household, with a boy and a girl both under age five. This is his only appearance in the census and it seems he died about 1850. Gatsey is head of household in 1850 (Barnwell Co. dwelling #453) and 1860. In 1880 she was living with her daughter Gatsey and son-in-law. She was illiterate.

                 1)    Jane Hutto was born on 11 August 1832 (but age 14 in 1850 census?) and married John Grubbs. They had seven children at home in 1880 (Georges Creek, p. 283)

                 2)    Nicholas G[ideon] Hutto6 was born on 19 August 1839, died 14th June 1908. About 1859 he married Jane Irene Still (born 1842, daughter of Isaac Still and Lucinda Ray). Seven children in 1880 (Georges Creek, Barnwell Co., p. 271) There may have been another child or two.

                         a)     Isaac Hutto, born 1860

                         b)    Lucinda Hutto, b. 1863 SC

                         c)     Sarah Hutto, born 1864 SC

                         d)    Gatsie Hutto, born 18 Feb 1866 SC, d. 21 Sept. 1893.

                         e)     William Hutto, born 1872 SC

                         f)     Charles Hutto, born 1877 SC

                         g)    Elizabeth Hutto, born 1879 SC                      


                 3)    Elizabeth Hutto, born ca. 1840 SC, at home in 1850, gone by 1860. Married?

                 4)    Caroline Hutto was born in 1842 SC, married ___ Collins

                         a)     Nancy Collins, b 1863, living with her aunt Gatsey in 1880.

                 5)    Martha Hutto was born in 1846, married James Still. See 1880 G Creek census p 285, where her age is incorrectly given as 24.

                 6)    Mary Hutto, born 5 May 1850, possibly a posthumous daughter.

                 7)    Gatsey Hutto was born about 1860 although not on the 1860 census. Her age is given in 1880 as 21 and she was married to John Hutto (b. 1850, son of Gideon, below); living with them was her mother Gatsey. Since it appears that the older Gatsey’s husband William had died ten years before it is not known who was the father of the younger Gatsey! This line is discussed below under Gideon Hutto.


        c.     [another son was born between 1815-1820 but seems to have died by 1840. Or maybe this was William, above?]


        d.     daughter, born 1815-1820, on 1830 census, not at home in 1840. SEE appendix.

        e..    Caroline Hutto, b. 16 Apr 1822, died 5 May 1897. She married Elias Still, who was born 21 Oct 1812, died 27 Jan 1886; both buried Friendship Baptist Church, Hilda, So Car. He was a son of Charles Still and Catherine Hartzog. They had eleven children- see Rootsweb.

        f.     Mary B Hutto, b. 4 May 1823, died unmarried 15 May 1855.
















48.   Nicholas Hutto4 (Henry3, Charles2, Isaac1), born 1799


        g.     Gideon Hutto5, b ca 1823, married Eliza [Creech] abt 1841. They had a large family; he farmed in America Twp., Barnwell Co. SC. He was killed in action during the Civil War at Petersburg, Va. on 1 July 1864. He was a pvt., 17th SC Infantry Regt. (2) Eliza was born ___, died _____

                  1)   Charles Hutto6, born 2 Sept 1842 SC; killed in Civil War, no issue. (1, p 79)

                  2)   William M. Hutto6, b 1844 SC, d 1924, bur Friendship Bapt Ch, m. Martha _____ Two children in the 1880 census:

                         a)     Gatsey Hutto, born c 1875

                         b)    Levi Hutto, born ca 1877 SC

                  3)   Starling Hutto6 was born 20 Nov 1847*, died 17 April 1932, buried Friendship Church Cemetery. He married Rachel Angelina Nevils about 1871. She was born 7 June 1851, died 9 Sept. 1906, buried beside him. He is said to have married first Josephine ___ but there were no children. Starling served as a private in the 17th SC Infantry Regiment, "Evans Tramp Brigade", Company H during the war. He was a farmer; he died of a cerebral hemorrhage (death cert # 6535) and was a widower. *Cemetery records: birth date was 18 Nov 1847; death date was 16 Apr 1932. He is shown as age 5 in the 1850 census so was maybe born 1846?

                         a)     Delphia Ann Belle Hutto was born 25 June 1872 SC, married Daniel Dyches. (1, p 81)

                         b)    Donnie Hutto was born 1873 SC, marr Johnny Collins (1, p 81)

                         c)     Martha (Mattie) Hutto was born 9 April 1878 SC, died 1944, married Daniel Joseph Hartzog (b 27 Sept 1878, died 14 Sept 1938). One adopted daughter. (1)

                         d)    Mary (Sweetie) Hutto was born 6 Feb 1883, died 18 Feb. 1943. She was the second wife of James Octavius Sanders Jr. (1867-1936 (will). She had no issue. (1, p 84)

                         e)     Lillie Hutto was born 1888, married Angus P. Carter (born 25 March 1889). Six ch.   

                         f)     Rosa Hutto was born 28 Aug 1890, m Charles Delk in 1928. (1, p 86)

                  4)   James Hutto, b 1847 SC (age 3 in 1850). He married first Zilphia Still in 1875. Five children. She died and he married second about 1887 Martha Collins. (1, p 79)

                         a)     Wade Hampton Hutto, born 5 Nov. 1876, died 24 Dec 1952, married Laura Sanders (1870-1961) This line continues in (1, p 80)

                         b)    Tobias Jackson Hutto, born abt 1878, not. married. (1)

                         c)     Bassel Hutto, born abt 1880, m Rosa Creech. They had abt six ch. (1, p 80)

                         d)    Charles Henry Hutto, born 7 Jan 1883, died 7 Jan 1936, m Ethel Stivender. Seven ch.

                         e)     Sarah (Sallie) Hutto, born ____, never married

                         f)     Carrie Hutto, born ___, married Robert Norris; three ch, b Augusta Ga. (1 p 81)

                         f)     Clyde F Hutto, born ____________, m. 17 March 1927 Mrs Leila Smith (1)

                         g)    Horace Curtis Hutto, born 9 July 1895, m Evelyn Zimmerman in Minn. No issue.(1)

                  5)   John Hutto6, b ca Jan 1850 SC, married his cousin Gatsey Hutto, about 1874. She was born in about 1859. Living with them in 1880 was her mother, also named Gatsey Hutto.

                         a)     Duncan Hutto, born 1875 SC [no SC d rec 1915-49]

                         b)    Louis Hutto, born ca 1877 SC

                         c)     Kanney? Hutto (son), b 1879 SC

                  6)   Cornelius Hutto6, born 1851, married Susan Still (1852-1935) about 1872 in Barnwell Co. Two children were at home in 1880.

                         a)     Jane Hutto, born 1873 Barnwell Co SC

                         b)    Martin L Hutto, born 1877 Barnwell Co SC [no SC d rec 1915-49]

                  7)   Nicholas H Hutto6, b c 1853, died after 1880. [no SC d rec 1915-49]

                  8)   George Hutto6, born 1857

                  9)   Mary Ann Elizabeth Hutto6, b 15 May 1855, died 4 May 1823, married William Morgan Dyckes, by whom she had three children.

                 10)  Richard Hutto6, born about 1860 [no SC d rec 1915-49]

                 11)  Gideon Hutto6, born about 1863/4 [no SC d rec 1915-49]


        h.     Benjamin R. Hutto, b. Apr 1833 SC, most likely married Harriett ... ca 1856. One child by 1860. In 1880 living Georges Creek with Mary. Living 1900 in Georges Creek Township.

                 1)    Sally Hutto, b 1858.

        i.      Elizabeth Hutto, b. 1834

        j.      Martha Hutto, b. 1836

        k.     son, born 1835-39, probably died young





48.    Nicholas Hutto4 (Henry3, Charles2, Isaac1)


children of Nicholas by second wife, Ann (Browning, or Ray?): She was born about 1820

        l.      Barbara Hutto, b. 1847

        m.    Charles H. Hutto, b. 15 Sept 1852, died 18 Sept 1935. [not found in 1880?]

        n.     Rebecca Hutto, b. 1854

        o.     Jane Hutto, b. 1856

        p.     Zilpha Hutto, b. 1857, married J K Johnson in Appling Co. Ga. on 8 Nov. 1882.

        q.     Missouri A Hutto, b. Dec 1859 


49.   Mary Hutto, born 1803, died 1865, married Jacob Jackson. They moved to Dale County Alabama, along with other Hutto relatives. Six children are given in (1), without dates. In the 1860 Dale Co. census Jacob Jackson was listed on pg 555; he was 67 (born about 1793) and was born in SC.

         a.     Drucilla Jackson

         b.     Kate Jackson

         c.     Jane Jackson

         d.     Rebecca Jackson

         e.     James Jackson

         f.     Elvin Jackson



50.   Rebecca Hutto was born ca. 1804, married James T. Touchstone on 11th March 1824 in Barnwell Co. S C. He was born on 31 Aug. 1794 in Barnwell Co., a son of Jeremiah Touchstone, and died 22 Aug. 1865 in Echols Co. Georgia. (IGI) Burial in Macedonia Church Cemetery. The following is gratefully borrowed from a Rootsweb post: “Soon after the birth of their second child Mr and Mrs Touchston moved to Lowndes County Georgia and located on lands where the present town of Lakeland, Lanier County, is situated. He had a watermill nearby, also operated a ferry across the nearby Alapaha River. In 1851 he sold out his holdings there and moved to a farm on Cow Creek in what had been Lowndes but was then Clinch County. He owned 1600 acres of land and had a large plantation, also a watermill on Cowq Creek. His home was cut into Echols County in 1856, but most of his holdings being on the north side of Cow Creek ( the county line), they were not placed in the new county.

James signed the following petition
State of Georgia of August 1836 Lowndes County
We the citizens of Lowndes County humbly petition your Excelen cy the Governer of Georgia for Relief which must come from you or your command. The Indians is daly passing through our County and has been for month. They take there direction so as to strike the eighth district of Thomas County then through the ninth and tenth districts of Lowndes robing and pillageing every house and farm on the way. The peopple have all left there farms throughoute that direction. The Indians is stearing there corse to the Okafenoca swamp. Three battles have been fought by the citizens of Thomas and Lowndes all redy. Something like seventy have been killed and taken and one negr taken. All there statements agree that aboute three hundred started in small partees and a grate many more is coming and when they arive at the place above mentioned they will then take satisfaction for all they suffered. There is no inhabitant from this county to that swamp. They have all deserted there homes and withoute assistance this county must also. Great numbers have all redy gone. We humbly pray you to take our case into consideration for the Indians is determined not to go to the semanoleas till compelled by an army. Spedyly we humbly pray you to grant us relief and we in duty bound will over pray.

Mr. and Mrs Touchston were faithful members of the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church from its organization in 1851 until their deaths. He was a deacon in that church.

Mr. Touchston died August 22 1865 and his wife died March 16 1878. They were buried at Macedonia Church. The sons, John and William, were administrators of their father's estate.

James Touchston was 1st lieutenant in Capt. Jesse Carter's company of Lowndes County militia in the Indian War in 1838.

There were some eleven children to this union, readily found on Rootsweb.






 Children of [13] Charles Hutto Jr3 : [51 through


51.   George Hutto4, born in the early 1770's, married Ann Hill about 1797- 1799 in Orangeburgh Co.. He first appears in the census in the year 1800, near David Hill, close to Charles Hutto (below). The census entry shows he was married but had not yet started a family. In 1810 (census p 135) he was living next to a group of Hills and very close to Charles Hutto (b 1755-1774). The Hills appear to be the widow (Ann) and four sons of Thomas Hill. It seems likely then that George’s wife could have been a daughter of Thomas Hill Sr. In 1817 George Hutto got 160 acres of land next to William Hutto, apparently on the waters of Wadboo Creek and Polk Swamp. 1820 census? They were in Henry Co Ala by early 1822 as their oldest daughter married there at this time. He died testate on 10 May 1847 in Henry Co Ala. The names of his children are learned from his will, recorded in Henry Co. deed book C:414. He mentions his present wife, not named, but some think her name was Phoebe, who died in 1857. (I did not find her in the 1850 census).

         a.     Rachael Hutto, b. 1802, married John Chancellor in Henry Co Ala on 20 Feb 1822; both died young but had heirs who moved to Clarke Co Ala and Miss. (30)


         b.     Solomon Hutto5, born 20 April 1805, married Martha Watson in Henry Co Ala on 4 Feb 1825 (31); living 1850 in Henry Co family # 776 with large family; later went to Trinity Co Texas (30)

                 1)    George Hutto6, b 1828 Al.

                 2)    Margaret Hutto6, born 1830 Al

                 3)    Reason Hutto6, b 1835 Al

                 4)    Jackson Hutto6, b 1838? Al

                 5)    Angus Hutto6, born 1839 Al

                 6)    Lanezar Hutto, b. 1842 Al (daughter)

                 7)    Hill Hutto6, b 1845 Al

                 8)    Cinderella Hutto, b 1847 Al

















51.   George Hutto4

         c.     Ephraim Hutto5, born 1806 in SC, married 1826 Martha Kirkland; in 1836 md Sally Hughes. He was a blacksmith (1850 Henry Co census # 807)- here his wife is shown as Susannah, age 43, b Ga. He also went to Trinity Co Texas. (30) One daughter, Eliza, b 1840 living in 1850.

         d.     David L. Hutto5, born 1810/1811 in SC, later went to Louisiana. David and Lovina [Kirkland] 42, born SC) are on the 1850 Henry Co Ala census. His occupation is given as blacksmith. (1860 is living in Morehouse Parish Louisiana) Lavina was most likey Viney Kirkland, daughter of William Kirkland. Estate Book P Page 206-209 dated 06 Feb 1865 Estate of William Kirkland. Among others are named his daughter Viney Hutto; and also named- the heirs of Ephraim Hutto (m. Martha Kirkland 20 Jul 1826), Granddaughter Epsey Hutto (Ephraim and Martha's daughter)

                 1)    Abner Hill Hutto was born Sept 1830 Ala. He married first Delilah Parish on 2 June 1850 in Henry Co (his entry on the 1850 census shows Matilda, 18, living with him). He married Mary E Hicks on 20 May 1854 in Henry Co. Civil War-

                 2)    William Hutto6, born 1834 Ala

                 3)    Luarecy Hutto6, born 1837 Ala

                 4)    David L Hutto Jr Hutto6, born 1839 Ala

                 5)    James Hilliard Huto, b 1842 Ala

                 5)    Nancy Ann Hutto, born 1844 Ala

                 6)    Dicy D. Hutto, born 1847 Ala

         e.     Mary Hutto, born about 1815, married Thorogood Shoemake

                   1)    Jefferson Monroe Shoemake b: Abt. 1836 in Henry, AL d: 13 Aug 1885 in Coffeeville, Clarke, AL, married Mary A. Hutto b: 1843 in AL m: 4 Sep 1860 in Clarke, AL

                    2)    William W. Shoemake b: Abt. 1838 in Henry, AL

                   3)     John Hutto Shoemake b: Abt. 1839 in Henry, AL


        f.       John C Hutto5, born 1820, married Sarah Parish in Henry Co on 27 Jan 1838. (31) She was born about 1825 in SC and died on 14th Dec 1887 in Henry Co. 1850 census family # 796, Henry Co Ala. Living 1860 Abbeville, Henry Co. John Hutto died prior to 1880 in Henry, AL,

                 1)    Jasper N Hutto b: about. 1843 in Henry Co., AL , died about 1862 (CSA), married Mary Ann Pilcher b: 1845 in Ga m: 28 Nov 1861 in Henry, AL

                  2)   William J. Hutto was born about 1845 in Henry, AL. He married Amanda Ward [b: abt. 1850 in Henry, AL] m: 20 Dec 1866 in Henry, AL, They were living near Abbeville in 1880.

                         a)     James Hutto, born ca 1870 AL

                         b)    Elizabeth Hutto, born ca 1872 AL

                         c)     Addie Hutto, born ca 1874 AL

                         d)    Rufus Hutto, born ca 1875 AL

                         e)     Laura Hutto, b 1876 AL

                         f)     Sallie Hutto, b 1877 AL

                         g)    Kittie Hutto, b 1879-80 AL

                 3)    Hilliard J Hutto born 16 Apr 1848 in Henry, AL, d 14 Feb 1901 in Pleasant Grove Cem, Henry, AL. He married Samantha Murphy who was born 16 May 1856 in AL m: 24 Feb 1871 in Henry, AL, died 20 Jun 1907 in Pleasant Grove Cem, Henry, AL

                4)    Matilda Hutto b: about 1849 in Henry, Ala, died prior to 1887.

                5)    Mary A Hutto b: Feb 1850 in Henry Co, AL d: 3 Aug 1931 in Webb, Houston AL, married Thomas J. Mills b: Mar 1854 in Henry , AL m: 18 Feb 1877 in Henry, AL d: before 1909 in Webb, Houston AL

                6)    Zachariah H Hutto was born 4 Jun 1853 in Henry, AL and d. 30 Aug 1922 in Houston, AL - resided in Graceville, Jackson, Fla. He married Mary Ann Hutto b: 30 Apr 1857 in Henry, AL m: 9 Dec 1875 in Henry, AL d: 19 Aug 1930 in Graceville, Jackson, FL

                7)     Isabelle Hutto b. ca 1855 in Henry, AL , married James Thomas Rhodes who was born Sep 1849 in Henry Co, AL



51.   g.     Martin Van Buren Hutto5 was born around 1836 in Alabama. The will of George Hutto states in part “Martin Van Buren, "son of Kate Brown, the orphan I have raised and who I have no reason to deny being the father". This Martin Van Buren took the Hutto name as shown in census records and any other later records pertaining to him. Martin Van Buren Hutto married first Eadicy [Ward] ca 1858, on 1860 census with no ch. He married second in Henry Co on 4 Oct 1865 to Mary E. Williams. By 1880 they had four children: He probably served in the Civil War. He died on 7 April 1885 and was buried at Sardis Church. His widow died 23 October 1885 leaving four children. (Genforum post 30 Aug 1998 by Beverly Burton)

                 1)    Augustus Hutto, born 1868 Ala. He married Amanda Hartley 1893. Children- Bryant, Joe, Mattie (Grubbs), Charles, and Albert. [genforum msg 707]

                 2)    Charles Hutto, born 1869 Ala. Married?

                 3)    Sterling Hutto, born 1871 Ala. (IGI inexplicably has born Nov 1878; died 10 Aug 1904, buried Newville Cem. ) He married Maggie Lee Dykes on 9 Jan 1899 in Henry Co. Issue?

                 4)    Fredonia Hutto, born 1874 Ala.




52.   Charles Hutto 4, born ca 1776. This would appear to be the man of this name who got 526 acres on Partridge Branch, waters of Providence Swamp in 1790 (plat; granted 3 Dec 1798.) Charles sold the upper part of this land (263 acres) to Lewis Carn on 26 Feb 1800 and it was resold several times prior to 1826. (44) Charles would have married about 1794, based on the ages of his children in 1800. In 1800 Charles is on the Orange Co census on p. 547, not far from the Hill enclave, and near [his brother] George Hutto. His census entry reads as follows: 30010- 01101. This implies three young sons, and comparing this entry with 1810 (ambiguous- age category does not fit him but neighbors do) it seems he married a younger woman but had an older woman living with him in 1800, maybe his mother-in-law? The only census entry I find for a Charles Hutto in 1820 in the right age group is a man who was living in the Dean Swamp area. This man had two implied grown sons living at home plus four younger females. He went to Henry County Alabama in the early 1820's. By 1830 his children had all left the home. He was living almost next to George Hutto Jr, probably his son.

         a.     George S[olomon?] Hutto5, born 1797 SC, was evidently the George Hutto who on 7 Aug 1817 (at the age of 21) obtained a plat of 160 acres on Wodbaugh Creek adjacent to Wm Murray, __ Shuler, __ Judy and William Hutto (SC Archives Vol 44 p 431). George seems to have disposed of this property and left by 1820 as he is not found on the 1820 Orangeburg census. He married Malissa Ann Galloway 24 Jan 1823 Henry Co Ala. They were the parents of some thirteen children. George and “Malicia” are on the 1850 Henry Co census family #840; five sons are living at home. He was a widower, age 85, living at Roeville, Henry Co in 1880. He died on 1 June 1882, buried at Roeville Baptist Church Cemetery, Henry Co Al.

                 1)    William Hutto, b 1824 Henry Co Ala., marr Mary Hollis. Issue? He was living in Hernando Co Fla at the time of his father’s death in 1882. (81)

                 2)    George Solomon Hutto, b 22 June 1825 Henry Co Ala. died 18 July 1881 He married first Fanny Oates on 7 July 1849. He m (2) Sara Bateman 12 June 1868. Issue?

                 3)    Henry Hutto6, b 16 April 1826 Henry Co Ala., d 18 March 1892 in Polk Co Texas. He married Eliza Ward on 24 Aug 1845 in Henry Co. 1850 Henry Co census household 821. Served in 22nd Texas Infantry during the Civil War. (81) Issue included:

                         a)     William Ward Hutto7, b 1843 AL

                         b)    Ann Hutto, b 1845 AL

                 4)    Elizabeth Hutto, born about 1828 Ala

                 5)    Charles Israel Hutto, born about 1832 Henry Co Ala, died June 1910 in Texas. He marr Ann Elizabeth Ward. During the Civil War, Charles Israel served in the 28th Alabama Infantry, Co. E. He was wounded at Port Gibson. 1880 living Curetons, Henry Co Ala. He received a pension #30626 in Texas where he was living. (81)

                         a)     C C Hutto (son), b 1862 AL

                         b)    Charles Hutto, b 1864 AL

                         c)     A J Hutto (s0n), b 1862 AL

                         d)    Mary Hutto, b 1872 AL

                 6)    Alfred C. Hutto6, born 1835 Ala, m. in Henry Co 28 Dec 1852 Elizabeth Wiggins, who was born 12 Jan 1833, in Henry Co. Ala. He was killed 31 Dec 1862 at the Battle of Murfreesboro, Tenn. Their children were born in Clarke Co Ala. (Jan Allison Gedcom)

                         a)     Jordan Henry Hutto, b 15 Nov 1853, died 5 Dec 1931 Dallas, TX

                         b)    Mary Ann Hutto, b 30 April 1857

                         c)     Sarah Hutto, b April 1860.

                7)    Martha Susan Hutto, born 6 Sept 1836 Henry Co., died 1 Nov 1928 in Roeville, Ala. She married Malcolm Malachi Murphy on 10 Sept 1858 Murphy’s Sta, Ala.(81)

                8)    James M Hutto, born 1837 Henry Co married Delilah Armstrong on 2 July 1859 in Henry Co Ala. She was born ca 1839. Children?

                9) over



52.   Charles Hutto 4, born ca 1776

   a. George Hutto, born 1797 SC


                9)    Joseph Hutto, born 1838 Henry Co Ala. During the Civil War he served in the 53rd Alabama Infantry Co. F. Enlisted 23 Dec 1863 at Decatur, AL. He had died without issue by the time of his father's death in 1882. (81)

               10)  Mary Hutto, born 1840 Ala, marr Wesley Webb

               11)  Irwin Hutto, born 1842 Henry Co Ala, living Marengo Co Ala 1882.

               12)  Nicey M Hutto, born 1844 Henry Co Ala, m George Galloway, Joel Hall.

               13)  Nancietta Hutto, born 1846 Henry Co Ala, m Robert Kennedy, living 1882.  


   b.   son, born ca 1798, consistent w/ 1820 Obg census p 218

   c.   son, born ca 1799, consistent with 1820 Obg census p 218.

   d. daughters






 b.     son, maybe Henry Hutto, born c 1799?

























53.   Jacob Hutto4, born in the range 1778-1782 in SC, married first (about 1800) Louise Oliver, who bore him a daughter and three sons*. (95) He is found in 1810 in Orangeburgh Co. on page 136 (Rocky Swamp area) with two sons and two daughters. Shortly after this Jacob left SC and went first to GA, there in late 1812, when a child was born. Jacob appears to have been a rabble rouser; he shows up several times in the court records of Laurens Co. Ga between April 1815 and April 1818, for assault and battery, trespass, and larceny. (78) He was in Georgia as late as 1820, when children were born there. After 1820, but before 1830, he went to Henry Co., Alabama. He married second Anna Horne, by whom he had a number of children, the names of only two are so far known. Anna died at the age of 101. (2, 95). Jacob was listed in the 1830 Henry Co census with four implied teenaged sons, no wife or daughters, living near his brother George. In the 1840 census of Dale Co. Jacob appears on page 36 with a younger wife and six [implied] children under the age of ten. He must have died in the 1840's as he does not show up in the 1850 census.

         a.     Lonsydia Hutto, possibly = Sibbe Hutto, age 50 in 1850, living Henry Co., Ala.

          b.     David Hutto (2, 95) appears to be the man listed in the 1850 Henry Co census, p. 393. There were in fact two contemporary men of this name living in Henry Co in 1850. It can be argued that the son of Jacon (above) was the David Hutto who was born 1813 in Ga, and who married Ann Eliza Galloway on 1839 In Henry Co. Ala.

         c.     John William Hutto5, b about 1809 in SC [per 1850 census] vs Ga [per 1880 census], died 16 March 1891 Henry Co Ala. He married Mary Price (b 15 Nov 1819, died 7 Jan 1894) about 1839 and they had nine children, named in (2, 95). In 1850 they were in Henry Co, p 393- this census shows that they moved from Ga. to Ala. about 1845.

                 1)    Sarah A. D. Hutto, born ca 1844 GA

                 2)    Mary Elizabeth Hutto, died young

                 3)    Donie Hutto (dau)

                 4)    John Thomas Hutto6 born 25 Sept 1846 Henry Co Ala, died 7 Nov 1916. He married N. E. ___ and was living near his parents in 1880.

                         a)     Young Hutto, b 1878

                         b)    Sallie Hutto, b 1879

                 5)    Joseph Harman Hutto6, born 23 Feb 1849 Henry Co, died 27 Sept 1916 Dale Co Ala. He married Lucy Tabitha Sowell about 1870, and they had ten children (95). She was born 11 Jan 1857, died 24 Jan. 1924. They are buried in Mt Olive Cemetery, near the family farm.

                         a)     Robert Lee Hutto, was born Dec. 23, 1873 in Henry Co., Ala. and died Nov. 7, 1944 in a Dothan Ala. hospital. Robert married Sarah Jane Blocker Hutto, who was born Aug. 29, 1878 in Dale Co. Ala. She was the daughter of Zachariah Blocker and Sarah Elizabeth Chapman Blocker. She was age 74 in 1957. They had ten children. They reared seven.

                         b)    Sarah Ellender “Ella”Hutto, born ca 1876 Henry Co

                         c)     Mary Iola “Mamie” Hutto, born 1878 Ala.

                         d)    Carlena Hutto, born 1879 Ala., died young

                         e)     Jesse Whitmore Hutto

                         f)     Charles Hanks Hutto, living in 1957

                         g)    Dora Gertrude Hutto

                         h)    Laura Lucy Hutto

                 6)    J. FranklinHutto6, born 1852 Henry Co, Ala.; still single in 1880 living at home.

                 7)    Judge SolomonHutto6 (95) was born on 19 March 1858 in Henry Co. Ala, died there on 23 Dec. 1921. He was living at home, single, in 1880. Did he ever marry?

                 8)    Cinderella Phoebe Hutto was born about 1860, at home in 1880. 

                 9)    Jackson “Jack” Hutto6 was born in 1862.


* Ora Hutto Weed made this statement in 1957. However from the 1830 census we know Jacob had four implied sons at home. Other descendants claim Cinderella was another daughter by Louise Oliver.



53.   Jacob Hutto4, b ca 1780


         d.     Cinderella Hutto was born 11 Nov. 1812 in Georgia, died 3 Feb. 1887 in Geneva Co., AL. Burial: Eight Mile Cem, Geneva Co AL . She married Richard William Henderson on __ Jan 1829 in Henry Co Ala. He was born on 23 Oct 1806. Fifteen children are posted, with dates, on Rootsweb.

         e.     son, b 1810-15, MAYBE Jacob K Hutto, see appendix*

         f.     son b 1810=15, MAYBE John Andrew Jackson Hutto, see appendix*

         g.     son b 1815-20, MAYBE Nicholas Hutto, see appendix*

         h.     son, b 1815-20, not identified


         i.      Samuel M. Hutto5, born 1820 Ga, living in 1850 in Henry Co Ala. He married first Margaret Hutto on 27 Jan 1838 in Henry Co (four children), and second married Sarah Nichols on 11 March 1849. 1)Louisiana Hutto, born 1839 Ala

                 2)    Malinda C. Hutto, born 1841 Ala 

                 3)    John Hutto, born 1846 Ala

                 4)    Sarah E Hutto, born 1846 Ala

                 5)    William Hutto, age 9 months on 21 Oct 1850, hence born abt Jan 1850.


children by Jacob’s second wife Anna Horne: (95)

         j.      George Hutto, probably one of two sons born 1835-40 shown in 1840 census. According to Lanny Cotton, family records show that George’s wife is buried in the David Hutto cemetery. What about George- where did he live, when did he die, did he have any children??

         k.     Jane Hutto, born in Dale Co. Ala. on 7 Jan 1836, died 11 Aug 1915 (testimony of her granddaughter Ocie Queen Baker.) Jane Hutto married John Jackson Roberson (also found as Robertson and Robinson) Mar 27, 1856, Henry Co., AL. John Roberson was killed during the civil war. This information is from Ocie Baker's notes. Jane is last found in the household of her daughter - in - law, Daisy Turner Hutto. She is buried at Hutto Cemetery in NW Henry Co., AL with no dates on her stone but says wife of John J. Robinson. The land this cemetery is on was first owned by David Hutto. Children of John Jackson and Jane Hutto Roberson were:
1)Andrew J. 'Buck' Roberson b. abt 1856 m. (1) Narsis S. Stephens 11 Feb 1891, Dale Co., AL marriage Bk. B, p.145; she was b. 23 Aug 1856, d.5 Mar 1896, buried Beersheba, NE of Skipperville, Dale Co., AL. Buck married second Sarah A. Hagler 7 Apr 1896, Dale Co., AL marriage Bk. D. p.44; Sarah b. abt 1855, d. 1931

                   2)     John J. Roberson b. Jun 1856 m. Martha, b. May 1860; she died 1920-1930

                   3)     William S. Roberson b.abt 1859 d. 1894-1900 m. Daisy Mae Turner 25 Oct 1883 Henry Co., AL (from Christina Thompson); Daisy b.1st July1864 died 29th June 1936, buried at County Line Cemetery, N. Henry Co., AL

                   4)     Fannie Evelyn Roberson b. 19 April1862 Henry Co., AL d. 7 April 1938 Dale Co., m. (1) George W. Gassett 20 Dec., 1885, "Henry County, AL, Census, Marriages." George was born abt 1862, d. Jan 1890 (2) Richard Elemelec Baker 1 Sept. 1891 Dale Co., AL marriage Bk. B., p.181. She was Richard's 2nd wife. Richard b. 27 Dec 1858 d. 9 Dec 1917. Both are buried at Skipperville United Methodist Church, Dale Co., AL. Richard was pastor of this church.

         l.      son, b. 1835-1840 

         m.    daughter born between 1835-1840

.        n.    dau b 1830-35

54    daughter

55    daughter

* It seems logical that these three boys would have been born in Georgia since Jacob Hutto can be documented in Laurens Co there from 1815-1818. The three I have tentatively identified above all stated in census records that they were born in South Carolina. However old Jacob apparently had a second family by 1840 and perhaps the three boys in question were raised by relatives who did not tell them the correct facts? John Wm Hutto [1809] gave both states as his birthplace!

32Children of [17] Henry Hutto3 and Margaret Barbara Shuler::


56.   Isaac Hutto4, b. 1781, m. Sarah ..... ca 1800. They moved to Ala and had at least a daughter who was b 1805 SC.

57.   Margaret Hutto, b.

58.   Barbara Hutto, b.

59.   Elias Hutto4, b. 1780s, married Milly Ussary on 6 Oct 1814 in Laurens Co Ga. In April 1815 he was indicted for assault and battery along with (his brother) John Hutto. (78) He was living in 1820 in Laurens Co, got land in the 1820-21 land lottery there. On 20 Feb.1823 Eli Hutto of Laurens Co. sold to Nathan Metts of Laurens Co. land in 2nd L.D., LL 259 for $400. He moved to Bates Co Ga by 1830. No children are shown on either census. He appears finally in 1840 as Eli Hutto in Carroll Co. Ga., childless.


60.   Henry Hutto4, b. 1787, married Catharine Bullock on 21 July 1816 in Laurens Co Ga. In the April court of 1817 his name appears under indictments for larceny. (78) He is not found in 1820 or later Ga census records. His name does not appear in Laurens court records after 1817. According to DAR papers of Leona Bufford Shaw, Henry was a minister, and died in 1858. If true it appears that he moved away from Georgia at an early period. Where do the DAR papers show that he died?


61.   Ann Hutto, b. ca 1791, probably married David Scott 23 Feb 1817 Laurens Co. Ga. The only David Scott in the 1830 Ga census lived in Houston Co., a bit west of Laurens. In 1850 a David Scott, born 1793 in SC was in Tuscaloosa Co. Ala. with a much younger wife. If these are all the same man it appears Ann Hutto died young and he remarried.


62.   John Hutto4, b. ca 1796, married Mary “Polly” Ussary on 1 Sept 1816 in Laurens Co Ga. She was a daughter of Thomas and Sally Ussery and sister to Milly, who married Eli Hutto. (78) When her mother made out her will in 1820 she left items for Mary Hutto. They were on the 1820 Laurens census with two children. John served as Inferior Court juror in1823; in Nov. 1823 sold “L[and] L[ottery parcel] 260" to Nathan Metts. In June 1825 he served as Justice of the Peace in Laurens Co, witnessing the polling of a hog belonging to an unidentified Jacob Hutto. (78) He moved to Butts Co Ga by 1830. 3 sons, 3 dau then. Not found in 1840, he was possibly deceased then. Did Polly remarry? Here are educated guesses as to their children:

         a.     son, presumed to be Hamilton Hutto5, born ca 1818 Ga. In Feb 1831 a John Hutto Sr. conveyed property to “his cousin” Hamilton Hutto and Mary Ann Hutto, minor heirs of John Hutto, Jr. “now in life”. This brief abstract (Butts Co Ga. deed bk 2 p __ ) is confusing on its face. Who would the older John Hutto be? Hamilton married Cyntha McDuff *in Butts Co Ga. on 11 Jan 1838. They were living in that county in 1840 (census) but moved to Walker Co. Ala. later, as his name is on the 1847 tax list, beat 5. He appears on the census here 1850-1870. Cyntha died by 1860 and he married second Lucy Ann ___ (Annie) by whom he had additional children. It is not easy to tell which children are by which wife; certainly all those born prior to 1850 were Cyntha’s and all those born after 1860 were by Annie. Birth years vary by census!

                 1)    Mary A. E. Hutto was born in Ga in 1839, a domestic servant in 1860.

                 2)    William J R /B? Hutto was born in Ala in 1847.

                 3)    Wilson W Hutto was born 1856 Ala. (1870census) vs 1851 (1860 census) He may be confused with a W W Hutto, born 1857 Ala, son of John C Hutto- see 1860 Walker Co census. A Wiley Wilson Hutto was born ca 1857 and died in 1931. GENFORUM msg 65 has more.

                 4)    Richard M. Hutto was born 1857 in Ala. Not located in 1880.

                 5)    Lucinda Hutto, born ca 1858 Ala. [1860 had Louisa V?]

                 6)    Mary E Hutto, b 1857?, maybe same as:

                 7)    Elizabeth Hutto, born ca 1860 Ala (per 1870)

* Richard McDuff was born 9th May 1790 in Ga., married Elizabeth Stroud on 30 July 1818 in Jasper Co. Ga. They had six children; two daughters married Hutto brothers. Richard was on the 1840 Butts census p 183, near Hamilton Hutto (p 179). They left Butts Co. Ga. in (about) 1841 by wagon for Walker Co. Ala. Richard died there on 29 June 1875 and is buried in the Old Sterling Cemetery.




        a. Hamilton Hutto, b 1818

                 8)    Erastus S. Hutto was born in Walker Co Ala on 3 Nov. 1860 and died 10 Nov. 1931. He married Minerva Elizabeth Gurganus in about 1879. She was born 23 May 1860 Hale Co Ala, died 29 March 1952? They had a large family. They lived in Walker Co Ala., where the children were all born.

                         a)     Wiley J Hutto was born Aug 1880, marr Sarah Earnest, died 24 April 1912.

                         b)    Martha F Hutto was born Feb 1883

                         c)     Maude? Hutto, born July 1885

                         d)    Joseph B Hutto, born July 1889

                         e)     Willie H Hutto, born May 1887

                         f)     Leroy “Lee” Hutto, born Feb 1891

                         g)    Major C Hutto, born Nov 1893

                         h)    Emma? Hutto, born Sept 1896

                         i)     James M Hutto, born Jan 1899 (1900) vs Richard b 1899 (per 1910 census)

                 9)    Martha Hutto, born 1865 Ala

                10)  Sarah Hutto, born ca 1866 Walker Co Ala.


         b.     son, presumed to be Charles Hutto, born 25 Sept. 1825 Butts Co. Ga. He moved with his brother Hamilton to Ala. and married Amanda McDuff about 1846. She was born on 16th August 1828 in (Jasper Co.) Ga., daughter of Richard McDuff. Charles died on 30 Aug 1911, (IGI) Both he and his wife were illiterate. I cannot locate them in 1870 or 1880, but they were living in Walker Co in 1900. Amanda was born in August 1828. Partial list of children:

                 1)    George A Hutto, born ca 1847 Walker Co Ala

                 2)    Martha A Hutto, born 1852 Walker Co

                 3)    Mary E Hutto, born 1855 Walker Co.

         c.     son, most likely the William Hutto [born 1829 Ga] who was living near Charles Hutto in 1850; Wm was then unmarried.

         d.     Mary Ann Hutto, born by 1831, mentioned in a deed (see Hamilton Hutto entry, above).

         e.     daughter

         f.     daughter


63.   Daniel Hutto4 was born in Orangeburg Co. SC in 1800 (ref 2) vs 1807 (1850 census) vs 1805 (1860 census) vs 1803 (1880 census). He was not literate, which partly explains his birth year moving around so much. He is said to have married Susan Dunbar in 1820. (2) Only one Daniel Hutto was head of household in Orangeburg in 1830, and he was born about 1810, married about 1829 as there was one small child at home. The 1850 and 1860 censuses disagree on where the children were born; 1850 suggests they moved to Ga about 1837. Daniel Hutto, age 30 to 40, was living in Crawford Co Ga in 1840. This man appears to be married and have three sons under ten and two daughters under ten which implies a marriage date of about 1831, maybe 1829. In 1850 he is head of a large household, and his wife Rosannah is here stated to be 35 years old. We do not know her maiden name. They lived near to a William Hutto, born 1800. In 1860 Daniel is again in Crawford Co, wife still alive. By 1880 Rosannah has died but he is still alive, and surely died around 1882 or so.

         a.    William W. [B in 1850] Hutto was born in SC in about 1832.

        b.    Maranda Hutto was born in 1835 in either SC or Ga, censuses disagree.

        c.    Benjamin E Hutto was born in about 1836 in either SC or Ga.

        d.    Daniel L. Hutto was born about 1839 in Ga.

        e.    Chrissie A. Hutto, born 1840-41 Ga.



63.   Daniel Hutto4 , born ca 1805 SC


         f.     Reubin Hutto was born about 1841-3 in Ga. In 1880 he was living at Rogers, Crawford Co Ga. His wife was named Margaret ___ and she was then 25. There were three children in 1880.

                 1)    Ida Hutto, born 1872 Ga

                 2)    Ada Hutto, born 1874 Ga

                 3)    Thomas Hutto, born 1877 Ga

         g.     Frederick Hutto was born about 1843-5 in Ga; living 1860. He died 20 June 1864 (no place stated- IGI). very possibly killed in battle?

         h.     James [Howell?] Hutto, born about 1845-6 in Ga. age is 14 years old. His two wives were sisters. He is buried in Brooks County, Georgia. He was a Civil War Veteran for the Confederacy.

         i.      Green [N] Hutto, born ca 1846 Ga (per 1850, 1880 says more like 1851). In 1880 he was married to Martha ___ and living at Rogers, Crawford Co Ga. Three children then.

                 1)    Green Hutto, b 1871 Ga

                 2)    Emma Hutto, b 1874

                3)    Anna Hutto, b 1875 Ga


         j.      Nancy R. J. Hutto, born ca 1850 Ga

        k.    Debbie C Hutto, born ca 1853 in Ga

        l.     Elvin L Hutto was born 6 April 1856 Crawford Co Ga, died 29 May 1915. Marr Eliza ___ by 1880, no children shown then. He also lived at Rogers, Georgia.

        m.   James W. Hutto, born 1858, possibly married Martha Haskins.


64.   Peter Hutto4, b. ca 1802, living in Wilkinson Co Ga 1820, married Elizabeth “Betsey” Warren 1 Nov 1821 in Laurens Co. Ga. In Oct 1824 John Ussery sold Peter 152 ½ acres in Laurens Co. He moved to Baker Co Ga by 1830 (p 17 of census), also here in 1840. Five sons, four daughters in 1840. Peter died in 1845 and in Sept. the Baker Co. Court appointed a guardian for the three minor children. Martin Hutto administered the estate (80) In 1850 the widow Elizabeth Hutto [age 45, born in SC- household # 3-116] was living in Baker Co with children living with her and next door which match Peter’s household in 1840. Their children (counties of birth as given in 1850 census)

         a.     Ira Hutto, born c 1823 Wilkinson Co Ga, marr Rachel ___. She was b ca 1828 Wilkinson Co.

                 1)    Thomas Hutto, b 1848 Baker Co

                 2)    Mary E Hutto, b 1850 Baker Co

         b.     Appleton Hutto, b 1829 Wilkinson Co Ga

         c.     Henry Hutto, b 1831 Wilkinson Co

         d.     Mary Ann Hutto, b 1833 Baker

         e.     Robert Hutto, born 1836 Baker Co Ga

         f.     Peter Hutto, born 1838 Baker Co Ga

         g.     Frances Hutto, b 1840 Baker Co Ga









 65.   George Hutto4, b. 1787 SC, hypothetical son of [17] Henry Hutto, was living close to John Hutto (above) in the 1820 Laurens census, and is found in 1830 in Baker Co. with 3 sons. He was living in 1850 in Early Co. Ga., age 63, p332. His wife is shown as Frances (age 53, born in SC) and they were living with their son Peter, below. George is shown as a blacksmith. Next door was Moses Hutto, the other presumed son.

         a.     Peter Hutto5 was born in 1819-1820 in Ga, married Kesiah Cravey in Early Co Ga on 1 Sept. 1838; she died about 1848. He was living with children 1-4 in 1850. On 23 Jan 1851 he remarried to Martha Susan Middleton in Early Co., Ga. She was born about 1829. See 1880 Tyler Co Texas census ed 103, page 7. Peter died in Early Co. (79)

                 1)    Elizabeth Hutto, b 1840

                 2)    Eliza Ann Hutto, born 1842 Ga

                 3)    Mary Ann Hutto, born 1845 Ga, m. Martin Madison Rentz in Appling Co Ga in 1863 (79).

                 4)    John J Hutto, born 1847 Ga

                children by second wife

                 5)    James Allen Hutto6, born 25 Dec 1851 Ga, died 2 April 1937 Tyler Co Texas. He m. Sarah Alice Hooks (1861-1944) on 6 June 1878 in Woodville, Tyler Co., Tx. Ten children. (79)

                         a)     Roxie Delia Hutto7

                         b)    Henry Vennson Hutto7

                          c)    George Thomas Hutto7

                          d)   Emma Ellafair Hutto7

                          e)    Susie Nettie Hutto7

                          f)    James Allen Hutto7

                          g)   Martha Dora Hutto7

                          h)   Josie Hutto7

                          i)    Cassie May Hutto7

                          j)    Roy Robert Hutto7


                 6)    SarahAnn Hutto, b 1853 Ga

                 7)    Susan Hutto, b 1856 Ga

                 8)    Martha Hutto, b 1859 Tx, m James Hooks 31 Oct 1878.

                 9)    William M Hutto, b ca 1852 Texas, m Sarah M Nolan 3 Feb 1882 Tyler Co Texas


         b.     Moses Hutto5, born 1822 Ga, married Sarah Ann Justice on 28 March 1848 in Early Co. One child in 1850 (Early Co p 332). By 1860 they had moved to Tyler Co Texas (p 362B, dwell. 246)

                 1)    John Green Hutto6 was born on 13 Aug 1849 Ga, died 12 July 1939 (IGI). He is not found by this name in the 1880 census. A Green Hutto, age 29 (born Ga), is found in 1880 in Crawford Co Ga, page 692B. Further checking is needed to verify that this is the identical person.

                 2)    Alexander Hutto6, b 18 Nov 1850 Ga (79). He does not show up in the 1880 census.

                 3)    Jessie L Hutto, b 30 Sept 1854 Early Co Ga.


        c.     Martin Hutto5, born ca 1826 GA is a probable son- see 1850 census- he was living close to the above men, and his age fits well. This could be the Martin Hutto who administered the estate of (uncle) Peter Hutto in adjacent Baker Co Ga in Sept 1845. (80) He married Susan Pickering on 9 Sept 1849 in Early Co Ga. 1860 census?






Children of [19] William Hutto Sr, born ca 1762: [66-72]:


66.    William Hutto, born ca 1782 SC, was probably a son of [19] William Hutto. Edgar Hutto (2, p 16) prints four slightly different versions of his biography as recalled by descendants. Here is a summary. He married Amelia Murchey ca 1802. [The only Murchey family living in Orangeburg was the William Murchey family. He obtained land on Rocky Spring Branch of Four Holes in March 1793. This was adjacent to land taken out in 1798 by Charles Hutto, as seen on original plat maps. We presume that Amelia Murchey was a daughter of William.] William left Orangeburg, SC and settled in Scott Co, Indiana Territory in 1803. He built a water mill until a flood washed it out in 1811. They stayed at Fort Vincennes during the Indian uprising (1811). He served in the War of 1812 under Gen. William Henry Harrison. By 1820 they moved to Jackson Co Ind, where his census entry shows no fewer than seven younger males living with him, probably not all sons! Between 1820 and 1830 he and his son David returned to South Carolina to settle his father’s estate, as noted above. (2) By 1830 he was in Johnson Co Indiana. William may have died by 1840, not head of household in Ind.

One version says he had wealthy brothers named Daniel and David Hutto who were slave owners. David is said to have had three sons who were Methodist ministers. We know one David Hutto was in fact a wealthy slave owner, who lived at Providence, SC. He had one son who was a minister, two sons were Class Leaders. It is also known that the only Murchey family living in Orangeburg in this era was the William Murchey family, and they lived very near the Providence Huttos. It is here that we need to look for further clues. William Hutto may have been a son of [19] William Hutto, born ca 1762, hence a brother of David Hutto (1787-1841) as suggested above, and a nephew of Daniel Hutto (b 1767). .


 William’s known children include:

 a.     William Martin Hutto, born 15 August 1807 Indiana (maybe Scott Co.), married Ann May Legan (1811-1891) on 10 May 1832 in Johnson Co Ind. He was living in Johnson Co Ind in 1840, later went to Tipton Co. William died 15 Aug 1868 in Indiana.

         1)    Rebecca Hutto, born 1834 Ind

         2)    Mary Jane Hutto, b 1836 Ind

         3)    David F Hutto, born 1838 Johnson Co Ind, married Matilda Carpenter on 20 June 1861 in Tipton Co Ind. He died in 1871 in Curtisville, Ind. Three children

                 a)     Martha Hutto, b 1862 Ind

                 b)    William Hutto, b 1864 Tipton Co Ind

                 c)     Ida Hutto, b abt 1866

                 d)    Oscar Hutto, born 1870 Ind. He had a son Eugene Fisher (E F) Hutto, born 1904, who contributed information to Edgar Hutto in the 1940's for inclusion in his Hutto book..

         4)    Thomas Hutto, born 25 Dec 1839, died ____ A Thomas Hutto, age 40, was living in Howard Co. Ind (adjacent to Tipton Co.) in 1880, with wife Matilda A., age 37. There were no children living at home.

         5)    Lucinda Hutto, b 1842

         6)    Emily Anna Hutto, b 1843 Ind

         7)    Eliza Ann Hutto, b 2 July 1846, married B. F. Addison in Sharpsville, Tipton Co. Ind. on 22 Aug 1867.

         8)    Jackson W Hutto, b 1853 (Jasper? in some accounts) This man is not found on the 1880 census anywhere.









66.    William Hutto, born ca 1782 SC


 b.     David F. Hutto, born 5 April 1809 at Fort Vincennes in Knox Co IN, died 26 June 1892.(IGI) In 1880 he was a shoemaker, living with his son George W. at Prairie, Tipton Co Ind. David married Catherine M Hall (born 22 Aug 1814) in Johnson Co. Ind. on 29 Dec. 1831, by whom he had nine children.

         1)    David Hutto, b. 29 Dec 1832, no marriage found

         2)    John Wesley Hutto, b 1833, died 5 August 1864 (killed in Civil War), marr. Clarissa ___. There were at least three children. Clarissa subsequently remarried to Eli Dawson, and in 1880 some of her Hutto children were living with this couple.

                 a)     David I. Hutto, born 1854 Tipton Co. Ind In 1880 he was living with the Eli Dawson family.

                 b)    Mary E Hutto, b 24 June 1856 Tipton Co Ind

                 c)     Joseph Asbury Hutto, born 3 Jan 1860 Tipton Co, d. 14 Jan 1961. One dau.

                 d)    Eli W Hutto, born 1862 Ind, preseumed a son. Living 1880 as a stepson of Eli Dawson.

         3)    Isaac Newton Hutto, born ca 1835 Ind. Isaac married Mary Jane Miller b. May 7, 1839 in Fulton, Indiana. They were married 6 March 1855 in Fulton Co., Indiana. children:

                 a)     Sarah Alice Hutto b. 1857 in Tipton, Indiana

                 b)    Alpheus Zellotees Hutto b. June 5, 1858 Kokomo, Howard, Indiana d. March 23,1923

                 c)     Franklin Asberry Hutto b. May 1860 Liberty Twp, Tipton, Indiana

                 d)    George Newton Hutto b. March 28, 1869 Newton, Harvey, Kansas He married _________ on _________________George Newton Hutto had a son named George Emmerson Hutto.

                 e)     Bertha May Hutto b. July 14, 1874 Kokomo, Howard Co., Indiana (twin)

                 f)     Myrtle Fay Hutto b. July 14, 1874 Kokomo, Howard, Indiana (twin) d. June 24, 1897 Payne Co. Oklahoma; buried in the Fairlawn Cemetery. She married Franklin D. Northrup

         4)    Eli H Hutto, born 1837, died 14 Oct 1863 in New Orleans. He married Marcella McKay, who was born 12 Aug 1840 in Jefferson Co Ind. One son, Milton. [Is this = Miles, see 1880 census??]

         5)    Elizabeth M Hutto, born 10 Jan 1840, marr ___ Woolridge

         6)    George W Hutto, born 1846 Johnson Co Ind, married Elizabeth Pyke on 31 Dec 1868 in Tipton Co Ind. Farmer in Prairie, Tipton Co in 1880; four sons then living at home, also his aged father. His wife was named Elizabeth.

                 a)     William F Hutto, born 1870 Ind

                 b)    John W Hutto, b 1874 Ind

                 c)     Charles H Hutto, b 1876 Ind

                 d)    James E Hutto, b 1879 Ind.


         7)    James G. B. Hutto, born 1849 Johnson Co Ind; not found in 1880, maybe killed in Civil War?

         8)    Mary Ellen Hutto, born 1851 Ind

         9)    Sarah E Hutto, born 1854 Johnson Co Indiana











66.    William Hutto, born ca 1782 SC


 c.     Thomas [W] Hutto was born 7 Jan 1814 Johnson Co IN, died 29 June 1853, married Lucinda Stilwell on 6 Nov. 1837 in Johnson Co. Ind. Children (from census, rootsweb)

         1)    Thomas M Hutto, born 1836 Harrison, Howard Co Ind. A Thos Hutto, age 40, was the only male Hutto head of household in the 1880 Howard Co census. [no children] BUT see another Thomas b Dec 1839, above!

         2)    William J Hutto, b. 13 Feb 1838 Harrison, Howard Co Ind

         3)    Mary A Hutto, born 1839 Howard Co Ind.

         4)    George R Hutto, born 2 March 1842 Howard Co. Ind. He married Hannah E. ____ on ______ He was living in 1900 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Ind, and the census taker unusually gives exact birth dates for all family members. Hannah was born 9 Oct. 1852 in Ind.

                 a)     Leila Hutto, born 29 Nov. 1880 Ind.

                 b)    Earl Hutto, born 8 Sept. 1884.

                 c)     Verne Hutto, (son) born 18 Sept. 1886

                 d)    Manda Hutto, born 18 July 1884??


         5)    David R Hutto, born 1847 Harrison, Howard Co

         6)    John I Hutto, born 1849 Harrison, Howard Co Ind.

         7)    Sarah Kathryn Hutto, born 1852 Howard Co Ind.


 d.     Rebecca Hutto, b 18__, m ___ Prime


e.     John Prime Hutto, born 21 June 1824 in Tampico, Johnson Co Indiana. He died on 23rd Dec 1916 in Sharpsville, Tipton Co, Indiana. He married Melville Anne Morgan on 15 Aug 1844 in Johnson Co Ind. She was born on 28 Oct 1827 in Ky. Eight children; she died about 1863 and he married second Marcella McKay on 13 Jan 1864 in Sharpsville. There were nine children by this second union (!) Since all 17 children are posted, with dates, spouses and further descendants, on “rootsweb”, there is no great point in giving more than basic information on their lines. John is not found in the 1880 census although some grown children are found. Around 1880 John was moving back and forth between Howard and Tipton Co which may explain why he was missed in the census. In 1900 he and Marcella were living in Howard Co. Ind.

         1)    Marcia Hutto, born 15 Dec 1845 Johnson Co Ind.

         2)    Abner Hutto, born 30 March 1848, died 25 July 1850.

         3)    James W Hutto, born 6 Nov. 1850, d 29 March 1857

         4)    Missouri Hutto, b. 18 March 1852. Married?

         5)    Thomas M Hutto, born 21 June 1854, d 13 Jan 1937. He m. Ella Pyke 16 July 1874.

         6)    Miles M[organ] Hutto, born 8 Feb 1857, died 16 March 1931 Sharpsville IN. On 1880 census.

         7)    M Emma Hutto, b 30 Dec 1859

         8)    Charles E Hutto, born 15 March 1862

children by Marcella McKay:

         9)    Melville Mae Hutto, b 6 Aug 1867 Tipton Co.

        10)  Norvin Lindsey Hutto, b 20 June 1865 Howard Co. Ind.

        11)  Robert Linsen Hutto, b 12 July 1873 Tipton Co., died 17 Jan 1943, bur Kokomo. IN.

        12)  John Prime Hutto Jr., b. 5 May 1875 Tipton Co. Ind.

        13)  Dr Omer Davis Hutto, born 28 Oct 1879 Howard Co, died 26 Jan 1936, bur Kokomo Ind.

        14)  Arvilla Dyer Hutto, b 29 Nov. 1882 Tipton Co Ind., died . . . .

        15)  Milton Hutto, allegedly born 25 Dec 1860?? This is from Rootsweb, out of order. Verify! 


67.   David Hutto4, son of William Hutto3, was born in 1787, died on 4 April 1841 near Providence, Orangeburg Co., So Car. The 1820 census (p 202) shows David Hutto with a woman born prior to 1775, probably his recently-widowed mother, a boy under age ten, and seven other females under the age of sixteen. Although it is possible that David had a previous unknown marriage, it seems to this author more likely that he had married about 1818, perhaps had a child or so, and his numerous unmarried sisters moved in with him along with their mother. David married Polly (Mary) Shuler about 1820; the exact date is not stated in the old family Bible. She was born 29 August 1799, daughter of Lewis H. and Elizabeth Dantzler Shuler*, and she died 2 Sept 1875 in Orangeburg Co. Both are buried in a cemetery “near the old home site” . (2) Following his father’s death, David evidently sold his portion of inherited lands, and purchased a large homestead straddling Providence Swamp. It appears that his new wife wished to live close to her relations. The tracts David purchased were originally granted to __ Joyner and others, and were adjacent to a tract first owned by Polly Shuler’s maternal grandfather, Hans Jacob Dantzler, and inherited by Polly’s uncle Daniel Dantzler. The David Hutto place was located on highway 176 about two miles west of Wells Cross Roads. His home is a landmark on the 1820 Mills map. The old home was torn down in 1961 but descendants still live in this area. He was well off in 1820, having some 13 slaves. In the 1830 census, David is not found. In 1840 David was living almost next to his mother-in-law and had a large household, which we will enumerate here. He had 18 slaves in 1840 and died the next spring. His widow remained on the farm and is found here in 1850. Her son, Rev William Hutto, wrote of her “She was noted for industry and energy, and though left a widow with eight children at an early age, she managed to bring them all up without want...” (48) David left a will naming his wife and several of the later-born children. The original is lost but a copy exists. (57) A family Bible gives the following children and dates.(58)

         a.     Lewis Hutto5, named after his maternal grandfather, was born 3 Oct 1824, died 3 July 1872. He married about 1855 Caroline Ann Williams, who was born 14 April 1827, died 3 Oct 1899. (48) Both are buried in Spring Hills Methodist Church Cem, Richland Co SC. In 1880 she was a widow with children, living at Saint James Goose Creek in Charleston Co., South Carolina.

                 1)    Mary L.Hutto, born 22 March 1849, died 23 Dec. 1922. She md Young Shuler (2nd wf) (59)

                 2)    Julia Adelle Hutto, born 15 Aug 1852, died 1878.

                 3)    Daniel West O’Brien Hutto6, born May 1854. , married Mary E. Durr (59 p 14) about 1877. She was born in Oct 1858 and was mother of eight in 1900, George Twp, Dorchester Co.

                   4)    William Thomas Hutto, born 29 Feb 1856, married Carrie Connor. Living 1900 St James Goose Cross, Berkeley Co SC.

                 5)    David Samuel Hutto, born 15 July 1854, marr. Sophronia E Mims 27 Nov 1889. (48) In 1900 they were living at St James Goose Cross, Berkeley Co. [his birth given July 1861] 

                 6)    Emma Hutto, born 8 May 1857, marr Daniel Snell 24 Feb. 1876. (48)

                 7)    John Lewis Hutto, born 18 May 1864 SC. single in 1899.

                 8)    Charles [P] Hutto, born 22 June 1865 SC, a boarder in 1900 St Jas Goose Cross, single.

                 9)    Claude Carrellus Hutto, born on 22 June 1869, not found in 1900.

         b.     Barbara Elizabeth Hutto, born 8 June 1826, died on 15 April 1868 (58). She married James G. Murray, who was born 27 Feb. 1823, died 5 Nov. 1900, buried at Target Methodist Church Cem. Issue?





 * Lewis Shuler was born 24 March 1772, died in the late 1830's. He married Elizabeth Dantzler about 1800; she was born 14 Sept 1776, died 13 Oct 1841. Both these lines have been well documented. In 1850 Mary Hutto gives her age as 45 so the year given on her gravestone may be off by several years.

NOTE- the David Hutto family is treated in great detail down to the present day in a 513 page compilation containing many original documents and hundreds of photos. This work by Mary (Mrs Frank) Hutto of Charleston SC, is at present only on CD rom as she has no plans to make printed copies. Descendants in this line will find this of incalculable interest! Where there is a conflict between Mary’s work and mine I would trust her as she is much closer to the sources.


67. David Hutto4


         c.     Rev. William David Hutto5, born 24 Feb 1828, married his distant cousin Catharine Selina Bull about 1855. William was a minister in Pendleton, Anderson Co SC in 1880 and died on 19 Jan 1892, at his home in Williamson. (48) “Mrs. Catherine Hutto, widow of the Rev. William Hutto, was born in Orangeburg county ... Sept. 14, 1832, and passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J G Clinkscales, on Wofford College campus, April 12, 1904. She was the daughter of Mr and Mrs Daniel Bull*, one of the oldest and best families in Orangeburg county...” (So Chr. Advocate, 17 Nov 1904)

                 1)    Sallie Christiana Hutto, born 1857, married Dr. John George Clinkscales about 1877. He was born 28 May 1855 Abbeville SC, died 1 Jan 1942. (IGI) Five children.

                 2)    Dr William David Hutto was born Feb 1859, married Medora Jane Elizabeth Anderson and had a large family. In 1900 they were living in Anderson Co So Car.

                    * maybe a typo for David Bull (1803- 1883)

         d.     Cee Vee Celena Hutto, born 27 Oct 1829, died 27 Nov. 18__ (date cut off), probably died in infancy. (58)

         e.     Samuel Hutto5, born 8 June 1831, at home in 1850; married first Anna Evans in 1852; she died within about a year. He married second Frances Dantzler; she was born on 30 Oct 1831 and died 22 April 1875, daughter of Daniel Dantzler and Elizabeth Shuler. They were married 19th April AD 1855. She bore him eight children. He married last Laura Thurston. He and “Lora” were living near Providence in 1880. She was the mother of two children. He was superintendent of the Methodist Sunday School at Providence for over thirty years. Samuel died on 7 Jan 1907 of typhoid fever. (Obit, copy in files) Samuel and Frances are buried off Old State Road in Providence. Children (39):

                 1)    David Daniel Hutto, born 9 May 1856, died 13 July 1865.

                 2)    Thomas Lewis Hutto was born 30 November 1857, died 1 Sept 1930. “One of the most highly esteemed citizens of this community. ... served on the official board of his church for many years..” (48) He married Mary (Minnie E.) Shuler about 1885 and had issue. His wife died “at her home on Friday morning, Sept. 19 (1913) after a long illness ... laid to rest at Providence Church ... she leaves an aged mother, brother and four sisters; also husband and six children.” (Times & Dem.)

                         a)     Jessie Lockhart Hutto was born 23 June 1903, was a student nurse and unfortunately contracted tuberculosis. She died 14 Aug 1927. (48)

                         b)    Ollie Hutto, born ___, marr Tom Whetsell on 1 Nov. 1930.

                         c)     Sarah Hutto, born ___, living Greensboro 1930.

                 3)    Mary Margaret Hutto was born 18 Nov 1859, died 6 Aug 1928. She never married. (48)

                 4)    John Obryan Hutto, born 25th Nov. 1861, died 9 June 1944. He married Margaret Oliver Parler of Berkeley Co on 29th Oct. 1884. She was born 21 July 1861, a lifelong member of the Providence Methodist Church (48), died 27 Jan 1928. Their children, from John O. Hutto Bible (39):

                         a)     Mary Irene (called Marene), born September 8, 1885; died Nov 15, 1960

                         b)    Samuel Parler Hutto; born Dec. 10, 1887; died Dec 18, 1936

                         c)     Daniel Darlen Hutto, born Dec 22, 1889 died June 3, 1955. Living Columbia SC 1928. He married Frances Amelia Moorer.

                         d)    Fred Owen Hutto, born Jan 1, 1894; died May 5, 1953, living Creston SC 1928.

                         e)     Julius John Hutto B March 5, 1896- Nov 3, 1965

                         f)     Leroy Mann Hutto; B Oct 24, 1898 D Jan 10, 1980

                         g)    Odean Wilkes Hutto, born Jan 29, 1901 D Sept 24, 1969

                         h)    Frances Maggie Mae Hutto, born April 29, 1903

                 5)    Eliza Barbara Hutto, born 21st Feb. 1864. She married Darlen Shuler, no children.

                 6)    Ida May Hutto, born 15 April 1868. Single in 1899.

                 7)    William Samuel Hutto, born 26 Nov 1870 [Mary has more info] This is apparently the Wm S living in Bamberg Co in 1900 with wife Julia. He married Lula Dantzler per Rev DDDantzler.

                 8)    M. Frederick Wilks Hutto, born Oct 1873? Not found in 1900. He married Carrie Bull, see her 1929 obit. (48) He was living in Ruskin, Fla in 1930. (48)

                 9)    Florence Estell Hutto, born 9th July 1877, daughter by Laura. She was single in 1930.

                10)  Wade Thurston Hutto was born 4 Sept 1881, living in 1930.

67. David Hutto4


         f.     [Cap’t.] John Weaver Hutto was born 10 June 1833. He lived below Holly Hill SC, “... a successful planter, staunch Democrat and a Christian gentleman.” “He lived to be useful as a Steward, Sunday School Superintendent, and Class Leader at Spring Hill Church, where his body now rests.” He died 3 April 1887. (48) Not found 1860-1880 censuses. He was married, but no issue survived (48).

         g.     Magdalene Sophia Hutto, b.16 June 1835 SC, died April ____

         h.     Mary Ann Julia Hutto, born 17 Dec1837 Orangeburgh. (58) She died 16th Dec. 1917 in Orangeburg Co. She married Lt John Griffith Evans, son of Richard Evans and Mildred Griffith. He was born 15 July 1826, killed in action 21 Aug 1864 in the Battle of Petersburg, Va. They were buried in Jerusalem Methodist Church Cemetery in Elloree, SC. Two children.

                 1)    Mary Meldred Evans, b 25 Feb 1856 Parler SC, d. 27 Aug 1952. She married Eugene Moore Parler on 24 Dec 1874; he was born 22 Nov 1849, d 14 Sept 1920.

                 2)    Anne Elizabeth Evans, b 16 July 1857, d 39 May 1930, bur Jerusalem Cem. She married James Edward Corley. He was born 20 Sept 1863, d 9 July 1908, bur Jerusalem Cem.

         i.      Laura Catharine Hutto, born on 26 Dec.1839 Orangeburgh, married Preston P Shuler about 1861. (48) Six ch by 1880. She died on 17 Aug 19__ (58)


68    Jacob Hutto was born about 1789, very likely a son of William although there is no proof yet. He married about 1809 and appears on the 1810 census of Orangeburg adjacent the Hill families, but there were no children yet. In 1820 his entry reads 200010- 20100, 2 slaves. so he was a slaveowner at a young age. Your author submits that he inherited these slaves after his father William died, about 1818. Of course all original records have been destroyed. Jacob was living near William’s widow Ann in 1820. He died after 1830. We know little about this particular man or his family.

         a.     son, b 1810-19

         b.     son, b 1810-19

         c.     daughter, b 1810-19

         d.     daughter, b 1810's, married first ___ Easterling, married second Benjamin Crook in Feb 1858. As noted below in section 69 Benjamin was an elderly widower of some 75 summers when he married his first wife’s much younger niece. This turned out to be a fatal mistake, as he expired just two weeks following the matrimonials!


69    Rebecca Hutto, born in or around 1792, married Benjamin Crooks. Benjamin was born about 1784 and in 1808 took out land on the Orangeburg road next to Henry Judy. In 1850 he was living very close to the elderly widow Ann Hutto (mother of Rebecca). Rebecca died in the next few years, probably about 1857 and in Feb 1858 he married his wife’s niece, see under [68] above.


70- 71      daughters. Names unknown













Children of [20] Daniel Hutto3 (born 1767)


 72.   Jacob Hutto4 was born about 1794, a possible first son of [20] Daniel Hutto, but see his entry. Jacob seemingly married Martha ____ about the year 1817, as he is known from the 1840 census records to have had two children born shortly prior to 1820. He does not appear as a head of household in 1820, but we do note that Daniel Hutto (the only Hutto living in Colleton County then) did have younger persons living at home whose ages match those of Jacob, wife and several small children. Daniel’s wife was born in 1777 and was past childbearing age in 1820. It therefore seems a reasonable conclusion that Jacob was a son of Daniel and Mary Hutto. In 1830 the census entries are far from clear. We do find a Jacob Hutto living in Orangeburg Co, born in the 1780's, with a younger wife, two daughters under ten but no sons- this does not match the 1840 census well. It is found that Daniel Hutto in Colleton still has a number of younger children at home which could not be his. Perhaps he was taking care of the children while Jacob was a farm laborer living on someone else’s farm? This arrangement is seen commonly in later census schedules. Jacob appears for the first time as a head of household in 1840, living near Daniel Hutto; his entry reads as follows: 0010.101- 0000.101. Jacob evidently never owned land, and he and his wife are not found in later records (known to DVA). We know that Jacob had several children, and family members name the one son as Benjamin. Further research needed!

         a.     Benjamin B. Hutto was born on 10 March 1820 at Reevesville, Dorchester Co (then Colleton) and married Selena (Salina) Connor about 1846. She was a daughter of David Connor and Elizabeth Myers; she was born 1 July 1819 and died 10 March 1883. They are found in 1850 near Four Hole Swamp in Orangeburg. [He was living not far from Ann Hutto, age 80, widow of ______ (born abt 1770). Was she the widow of William Hutto?? ] Benjamin died in Reevesville on 1 Feb 1884, buried in the old Methodist Meeting House Cem on the old stagecoach road from Orangeburg to Augusta. The dates for all children from IGI.

                 1)    Elizabeth J Hutto, born 1847, at home 1850.

                 2)    David J. H. Hutto, born 21 March 1849, died 20 Aug 1921, buried St George SC. On 1900 Dorchester census, no wife living.

                 3)    Lewis B Hutto, born 5 Sept. 1851, died 12 Oct. 1916. 1900 Dorchester census has Lewis B.

                 4)    John W Hutto, born 17 March 1854, died 22 May 1919. He married Carrie A. ___, see 1900 Dorchester Co census. He lived next to his brother David J.

                 5)    Frances Ann Hutto, born 14 Oct 1855, died 12 Dec 1911.

                 6)    Dora Hutto, born ca 1857 (could not find 1860 census).

                 7)    Jacob Hutto, b 1859, died in infancy.

         b.     daughter, born about 1819

         c.     son, born 1825-1830. This would seem to be Jacob Hutto, laborer, born in 1825, who was living in 1850 with Mary Hutto (grandmother) in St Georges parish, Colleton Co SC. This man does not show up on the 1880 census and probably died. He was prime age to serve in the War Between the States, perhaps a casualty?



 73. Two daughters born ca 1803 (prior to 1804 per 1820 census)

 74.   Mary Hutto, born 1805 Colleton Co So Car, died there 28 March 1862. She married Reuben Knight. (Genf. post #665) They had 4 children by 1830 (census)

 75.   Hannah Hutto, born about 1809, living with her mother [or mother-in-law] in 1850 [Since there is a 10 year old girl here also, one wonders if this was Hannah’s daughter, and Hannah was a widow also??]







76.   Daniel [W]right Hutto4, son of Daniel, was born b. May 28, 1815, in the Duncan Hill section of Bowman, South Carolina; died January 14, 1890. He married Susannah Elizabeth Wimberly, daughter of Abraham Wimberly and Jane Russell, about 1844. In 1850 he was a farmer living in St Georges Parish, Colleton Co SC very near to his widowed mother Mary. His tombstone inscription reads "Capt. D. R. Hutto." His middle name was often spelled "Right" instead of "Wright". They are both buried in Indian Fields Methodist Church Cem. See genforum post # 665. Large family.

         a.     Isaac John Hutto5 was born in May 1846 near Bowman. He served in the military on 29 Mar 1863 in Charleston, SC. He died after 1900. Isaac John Hutto and Susan Virginia Howell were married in or around 1866, as they had been married 34 years in 1900. They were living then in St Georges Twp, Dorchester Co SC. Susan Virginia was born in April 1848; she died after 1900. They had the following children: (She had six children, five living in 1900)

                 1)    John Ellison Hutto6 was born in Feb 1867 in SC. He died after 1900. John Ellison Hutto and Harriette Bruner were married ca 1888; see 1900 census under Ellison J Hutto- they were living in Palmetto Twp, Orangeburg Co SC. He was a lumber inspector . Harriette Bruner was born in Oct 1870. She died after 1900.

                         a)     Bartow Hutto7 was born in Jan 1889 (his name is spelled Barton in 1900), married Marian Alma Dehay in July 1908. She was born on 7 March 1890, died 17 Nov. 1935. (Three Hundred Years of the De Hay family in SC 1670-1970. Submitted by Estella de Hay, Moncks Corner, SC-2 Folders in SC Hist. Soc.).

                          b)   Jane Hutto was born in Oct 1890 in SC, at home 1900 

                          c)    Elmore7 Hutto was born in August 1893 in SC

                         d)    Isaac Hutto7 was born in May 1895

                         e)     George Hutto7 was born in July 1897

                         f.)    James Hutto7 was born in April 1899

                         g)    Julia Hutto was born after 1900

                 2)    Virginia Hutto6 was born around 1871; she married Richard Minus and had the following children: Richard Ellison, Ashby Clement, Catherine Virginia, Vernon, and Susan L Minus.

                 3)    India Miriam Hutto6 (per family), probably = Minnie, born May 1872, on 1900 census, single. India M married Edward Barnabas Williams and had children: India Miriam, Jane Elefare (sic), Susie Averleigh, and Edward B Williams Jr.


                 4)    Sallie Howell Hutto6 was born April 1874, single in 1900. She died unmarried.

                 5)    William Bertie Hutto6 [twin] was born (1874?). He died at age 13.

                 6)    Isaac Sheppard Hutto6 was born on 28 Sep 1878. He died on 1 May 1952 in Dorchester Co., SC. He was buried in May 1952 in Dorchester Cemetery, Dorchester Co., SC. Isaac Sheppard Hutto and Leila Shelton Rhame were married 2 Dec 1908 [IGI]. Leila Shelton Rhame was born about 1883. They were both living in 1930 in Dorchester Co (census). They had two daughters, Harriette Leila and Helen Susan Hutto.


         b.     Daniel Wesley M. Hutto5, born 13 Aug 1847 SC, married first Louise E Whetsell, who was born 14 March 1852, died 18 Aug 1885. He died 28 Dec 1915 and is buried in the Harleyville Cemetery, Dorchester Co SC. In 1900 he was living with second wife Elizabeth; they had been married 14 years. She was born 27 Feb 1867, died 15 Sept 1921. (49)

                 1)    William W Hutto, born 27 July 1871, died 19 Aug 1873. (IGI)

                 2)    Julius O. Hutto, b Dec 1876

                 3)    Curtis Wesley Hutto, born 11 Nov. 1880, d 27 Dec. 1958, m Lillie Mims, Mabel Utsey. (49)

                 4)    Joseph M Hutto, b Oct 1882 (census) vs 23 March 1883 (49), died 11 Feb 1906. (49)





76.   Daniel [W]right Hutto4


         c.     David L. Hutto, b. 3 October, 1843, Bowman, Orangeburg Co., SC; d. 2 August 1850, Bowman, Orangeburg Co., SC. Burial: Indian Field Methodist Church Cemetery

          d.    William O. Hutto, b. 11 October 1849; d.6 March 1922, Bowman, Orangeburg Co., SC. He married first ____ in 1881, second Augusta ___ in 1897. Six children at home in 1900, when he was living in Carn Twp, Dorchester Co SC. Augusta was born in May 1875.

                 1)    Pansy L Hutto, b Nov 1882

                 2)    Martha Sue Hutto, b Dec 1885

                 3)    Mamie Hutto, b July 1887

                 4)    James D Hutto, b Nov 1893

                 5)    William Hutto, b Aug 1895

                 6)    Eveline Hutto, b Nov 1899

         e.     Anna J. Hutto, b. on 7 January1851, Bowman, Orangeburg Co., SC; d. 8 April 1923, Branchville, Orangeburg Co., SC. Burial: McAlhany Cemetery, Branchville, SC

          f.    Laura Hutto, b. 14 April 1856, Bowman, Orangeburg Co., SC; d. 5 January 1858, Bowman, Orangeburg Co., SC. Burial: Indian Field Methodist Church Cemetery

          g.    Mary Elizabeth Hutto, b. 2 November 1858, Bowman, Orangeburg Co., SC; d. 26 April 1912, Branchville, Orangeburg Co., SC. She married John Wesley T. McAlhany and had issue.

          h.    Jacob Jehu Hutto, b. 11 October 1864, Duncan Hill Section, Bowman, South Carolina; died.on 2 April 1918, Bowman, Orangeburg Co., South Carolina. He married Ada J. King about 1891and had a small family (three daughters by 1900). She was born Sept 1870; living 1900 Dorchester Co SC

          i.     Ella Virginia Hutto, b. 5 October 1866, Duncan Hill Section, Bowman, SC; d.29 January 1948, Orangeburg, Orangeburg Co., SC.


         77.   dau, b 1815-20

         78.   son, born 1810-20, living in 1830

         79.   Jacob Hutto, born 1825, presumed a son, living with Mary Hutto (age 80) in 1850.


















children of [21] Jacob Hutto Jr ca 1772-<1840 MS


 80.   Mary Ann Hutto, b. 1805 SC, m John A Lewis


81.   Lewis Hutto4, born 1806 in Orangeburg Co., SC, and died prior to 1880 in Wayne Co., MS. He married Frances Strickland in 1835 in MS. She was born 1815 in Wayne Co., MS. (36)

        a.     Jacob Hutto5, b. 1834 Miss; d. 1862, CSA.

        b.     Darlie Ann Hutto5, b. 1835.

        c.     Jason Hutto5, b. 1836; d. c 1864, CSA.

        d.     Solomon Lawson Hutto5, b. 1838, Perry Co., MS; d. 1862, while on leave from CSA. He was a pvt. in Co. ‘A’, 46th Miss Infantry.

        e.     Mary Elizabeth Hutto5, b. 1839; md. John Holliman; b. 1842, Perry Co., MS.

        f.     Lewis Hutto Jr5, b. 1841; m. Harriett Margaret Syfrett; b. ca 1843. He served as a pvt in Co ‘E’, 7th Miss Inf and later as a 2nd Lieutenant.

        g.     Lydia Frances Hutto, b. 7 Apr 1844.

        h.     Harriett Ellender (Eleanor) Hutto, b. 1848.

        i.      John M. Hutto5, b. 1850.

        j.      Prudia Jane Hutto, b. 15 Dec 1851.

        k.     Simeon Hutto5, b. 11 Jan 1854 Wayne Co., died 22 May 1922 (IGI).

        l.      William James "Bud" Hutto5, b. 31 Jan 1857; d. 23 Jul 1922, MS.

        m.    David Ambrose Hutto5, b. 16 Dec 1860; d. 26 Jan 1915, Wayne Co., MS.


82.   Henry Hutto4 was born 1811 in Orangeburg Co., SC. He married Miranda ___________. She was born circa 1830 in MS. Children shown on the 1860 Clark Co Miss census (fam 910):

        i.      S.P. Hutto5, a boy, b. 1844, MS.

        ii.     Edney Hutto5, b. 1847.

        iii.   M.A. Hutto5, female, b. 1849, MS.

        iv.    L.A. Hutto, female, b. 1851, MS.

        v.     W.F. Hutto5, male- b. 1858, MS.


83.   Jason Hutto4, born ca 1819,married Susan Laws Sheely. He died in service of CSA in 1863.

        a.     Andrew Jason Hutto, b. 1860, Jasper Co., MS; d. 1929, MS; married Mary Julia Ferrell, who was b. 23 Apr 1871, Jasper Co., MS; d. 1948, AL.


84.   daughter, b 1810's, died by 1830


85.   William David Hutto, born 1820 Wayne Co Miss, m Savina ____


86.   Simeon T?. Hutto4 (Jacob3) was born in Miss in 1826. He married Ann Emeline Smith (no children) then in 1856 married Evaline ___, mother of the children shown below. He was a Cpl. in Lt Andrew Moody’s “Moody True Blues” company of Clark Co Miss [8th Miss Infantry] during the War. 1860 Jasper Co.

         a.     Mary W. Hutto, b. 1859, AL; d. 1922; m. Edward C. Tisdale; b. c 1857.

         b.     Malissa L. Hutto, b. 1867, MS.

         c.     Lucy F. Hutto, b. 1868, MS. She md. John H. Melton.

         d.     Caroline Hutto, b. 1872, MS.

         e.     Harriet Hutto, b. 1874, MS.

         f.     Matilda Hutto, b. 1880, MS.

87.   Lydia Frances Hutto, b 1827, marr Simeon Lewis

87a. Louisa Hutto, born 1830, marr Malcolm McNeil.


children of [22] Gideon Hutto (88-97)


88.    Cornelius Hutto4, possible son of Gideon3, was born about 1792. One consideration in deciding his parentage is that in 1840, the first census after Gideon Hutto died, we find Cornelius with three slaves. Generally the Huttos were not prosperous enough to be slave-owners, but Gideon owned six in 1830. Did Cornelius inherit them? In 1810 Gideon Hutto and Henry Young were neighbors (census). About 1812 Cornelius married Martha, widow of Henry Young. She brought three young children with her to the marriage, and he and Martha had three children. He served in the War of 1812 in Juhan’s militia. (73) By the time of the 1820 census, where his name appears as “Neeley” a total of two boys and three girls were living with him. At some time prior to the fourth Monday of Jan. 1824 she died. In Jan 1824 legal representatives of the Young heirs and the Hutto heirs petitioned the Court of Equity to fairly divide the estate of Henry Young. Young left four tracts of land, at least two being on Bull Branch very near to the joint land of Gideon and Isaac Hutto (above.) “...[Henry Young’s] widow the said Martha intermarried with Cornelius Hutto & departed this life intestate leaving her husband the said Cornelius Hutto & children Philip Hutto, Isabel Hutto & William Hutto the issue.” (44, p 15) Not long after this Cornelius remarried to Mary _____ and by the time of the 1830 census there were three additional children. He is in the 1840 census living near Jacob Hutto. Cornelius was prosperous and owned slaves. He was living at age 60 in 1850 (O’bg census p 360)

          a.   Philip S. Hutto5 was born on 12 June 1818, married Elizabeth Ann Sellars about 1843. In both 1850 and 1860 Jane Sellars was living with them in Orangeburg Dist., her mother. Mrs. Anna E Hutto, wife of Philip Hutto, died 27th March 1882. (48) He remarried, and died 10 Oct 1899 (59, p 13) His second wife must have been Margaret ___, b. May 1843; she was living with Govan A Hutto in 1900.

                 1)    William C Hutto6 was born about 1844. He was married “On the 10th of March 1870, at the residence of the bride’s father.. to Miss R? H Pearson.” (48) William died about 1876 and in 1880 Eugenia Hutto (28), a widow, was living back at home with her small children.

                         a)      Dosia Hutto, b 1872

                         b)      Willie Hutto, b 1873

                         c)      Georgia Hutto, b 1875

                 2)    Lucius B Hutto6, born 1845. He married Sarah Pearson on 6th Feb 1873 at her father’s residence. (48) They were living in Willow Twp. in1880 with children:.

                         a)      Lucia Hutto, b late 1873. “Married, Miss Lucia Hutto, On December the 20th, 1894, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lucius B. Hutto, formerly of Orangeburg County, to Mr. Wllile Lee Radford of Avondale, Ga., at the residence of the bride’s parents.” (T & D, 9 Jan 1895.)

                         b)      Philip Hutto, b 1875

                         c)      Pierce Hutto, b 1878

                 3)    John P Hutto, born Jan. 1847 Orangeburg Co, married Cora ___ about 1889? (1900 census says he was married 28 years, and his wife was 28 years old??). She was born in Ga. in about 1872. Two children:

                         a)      Russell Hutto, born ___ 1890

                         b)      Franklin Hutto, b. May 1899 SC

                 4)    Martha A Hutto, born abt 1848

                 5)    Oliver [P] Hutto, born 11th Jan. 1852, married his cousin Julia A. Hutto about 1875. Living 1880 Willow Swamp, also in 1900. Oliver died 22 Dec. 1922. Julia was born 12 April 1858, died 7 Feb. 1946.

                         a)      Rachael L. Hutto, born Feb. 1877 SC (at home in 1900)

                         b)      Mary Hutto, b. Oct. 1878 SC, single in 1900

                         c)      Lawrence Hutto, born Feb. 1881 SC

                         d)      Julia A. Hutto, b. July 1883 SC

                         e)      Dora W. Hutto, b. Sept 1885 SC

                          f)      Oliver Hutto, b. July 1888 SC

                         g)      P S Hutto (dau), b Dec? 1890 SC [census stained]

                         h)      Clyde Hutto, b Aug 1894, died after a long illness ca 14 Nov. 1903. (48)

                 6)    Govan A. Hutto, born Sept. 1855, still living at home in 1880 and 1900, unmarried, no occupation shown.

          b.   Isabel Hutto was born prior to 1824, probably about 1818. She married Mr Fogle and moved to Texas. (59, p 13)

          c.   William Hutto, born prior to 1824, probably around 1820. He was apparently still at home in 1840, age 15-20, but I cannot locate him in 1850. There is some indication that this family moved to Mississippi where a daughter was born in 1820. It is said that William died in 1875 in (Faulkner Co) Arkansas. 45

88.    Cornelius Hutto4


children by second wife Mary____:


          d.   son, born by 1830, very likely Thomas S. Hutto5*, born about 1825. (The 1860 census shows him as age 35.) In about 1846 Thomas married Julia Ann Carson, who was born in 1827, died 12 May 1897. (74, obit) In 1849 members of Orangeburg militia Companies 2 and 4 petitioned for creation of a new militia beat; Thomas S and C[ornelius] Hutto signed. (1849 petitions, item 13). Thomas does not appear in the 1850 census. In 1860 he and Julia were listed (p. 134) along with their family. A Jacob Hutto, age 25, was living with them. [Who is he?] In 1880 the family was reduced in size but was still in the same area (Willow Swamp). Thomas died on 27 Oct 1885. His gravestone indicates that he was 62, but earlier census records show he was more likely aged about 60. He and Julia plus many kin are buried in the Twomile Baptist Church cemetery north of Cope, SC. (74) This church is still active, and was a daughter congregation of the Willow Swamp Baptist Church, about 3 miles west of Twomile. One suspects that Thomas always lived on the same farm, and the new congregation was formed for the convenience of the members of the older church. Twelve children survived their parents.

                 1)    John Hutto6, born 1846, died ____, married ____. He married first (unknown), not found in 1870. In 1880 he married second Anna ____, born ca 1862. They were living in 1880 in Willow Swamp Twp with children by a prior marriage. In 1900 they are still in Willow Twp. with 7 children.

                         a)      Mary Hutto, born ca 1862 SC

                         b)      Benson P. Hutto, born Oct 1871 SC, single and living close to father in 1900.

                         c)      Lewellen Hutto, born ca 1874, a daughter

                         d)      John Hutto, born in May 1876 SC, married ca 1896 Mame ___ Two ch. by 1900.

                        children by Anna:

                         e)      Eva Hutto, b 1886 SC

                         f)       ___ Hutto (s0n), b 1887 SC

                         g)      Bennie Hutto, b 1891 SC

                         h)      Sissie Hutto, b 1889 SC

                         i)       Freddie Hutto, b 1896 SC

                         j)       Rhoda Hutto, b Feb 1897 SC

                         k)      Harry Hutto, b 1899 SC

                 2)    Warren Hutto, born 1848, at home in 1860, no later record.

                 3)    Elizabeth Hutto, born 1850 SC

                 4)    Rebecca Hutto, born 1852 SC

                 5)    Lawrence Hutto, known as “Bost”, born 1854 (1900 census gives 1848, wrong). He married Marguerite Carson and had several children by her. (Genforum Hutto msg 513) She died and he married Harriet ___ prior to 1900; they were living in Willow Swamp in 1900. She was born Nov. 1865

                         a)      Theodosia Hutto

                         b)      John Barzeale Hutto

                        by Hattie:

                         c)      Pearl Hutto, born .1896, married .....

                 6)    Walter H Hutto, born 15 Nov. 1856, died...... He farmed in Willow Twp, Orangeburg Co. He married first Ann Dilitha ___, who was born 20 Sept 1857, died 19 Jan 1895. He married second Janette “Nettie” ___ in 1897 according to the 1900 census. The census seems to show that she was only 25 but the mother of 7 living children, which seems unlikely! Both Walter and both wives are buried in Twomile Swamp Bapt Ch Cem. Nettie died 18 July 1904. (74)

                         a)      Thomas, b 1878 SC

                         b)      child, b 1880

                         c)      Paul Hutto, b. __ 1886

                         d)      Lucia Hutto, b. June? 1889

                         e)      Lindwood Hutto, b. 1891 Oburg Co

                         f)       Grayton Hutto, b. 1893 Orangeburg

                         g)      Chelley Hutto (son), b May 1894 SC.



                 7)    Cornelius Hutto6, born 1858, living at home in 1880. This appears to be D. G. Hutto, born 1860, who appears on the 1900 census of Willow Twp. # 252. The entry is very dark but shows Ann Hutto, his mother living with the family. The IGI says this is Daniel G Hutto, who died 22 Aug 1931 ; death record has Daniel R Hutto. He married Henrietta Hair, who was born 18__, died 19 Dec. 1950.

                 8)    Martha Hutto, born 1859

                 9)    Mary Hutto, born 1862

                10)  Thomas Hutto, born 1868 (per 1880 census), probably the same as T D Hutto, born Nov. 1866, marr Pollie ____, see 1900 census, O’bg # 256. . They were living in Willow Twp near many Hutto relatives. She was born March 1867 and they had been married 14 years. In March 1900 Thomas D Hutto transferred a tract of 50 acres of land in Willow Twp. to Cornelius N Hutto, being the same tract conveyed by Cornelius to Thomas in Nov. 1897 (Deed book 38: 435).

                         a)      Collis Hutto, son, b Oct 1887.

                         b)      Lizzie P. Hutto, b. May 1889 SC

                         c)      Eleth? Hutto, daughter, b. 1891

                         d)      Ethel Hutto, b. 1894

                         e)      Ada Hutto, b. April 1895

                         f)       Mina Hutto, b. 1897

                         g)      Thomas Hutto, b. Jan. 1899



* Thomas had a son named Cornelius, possibly in honor of his father. In 1840 Cornelius did not have a son aged 15 living at home but it is very possible that Thomas S was then a farm hand working nearby.






88.    Cornelius Hutto4 (Gideon, Isaac, Isaac)


          e.   son, born 1825-1830, not found in 1840

          f.    daughter, born 1825-1830

          g.   Diana Hutto, born 1832, at home 1850

          h.   Charles Hutto, b 1838, at home 1850, not found later.

          i.    Elizabeth Hutto, b 1840.

          j.    Henry Hutto, b 1842 SC.


89, 90.     (daughters, names unknown, most died young)



91.    Phillip Hutto4 was born about the year 1802. There is good circumstantial evidence that he was a son of Gideon, because the oldest son of Gideon had a son named Philip, and this is a rare name in the Hutto family generally. Phillip was not a head of household in 1820, at age 18 he was probably working on another farm. His name appears on the 1830 Orangeburg census and it seems he had recently married to a woman a bit older (she was 30 to 40 then) and they had just started a family, as there was one son aged under 5 living with them. He may have married a young widow, as did his brother Cornelius. As a guess, let us assume that Phillip was born about 1801 and his wife was born about 1799; usually at a first marriage men do not marry women considerably older than themselves. No land records or other records found by your author appear to name this Phillip Hutto. He does not appear in the 1840 or later census records. It seems that his first wife died and he remarried about 1832 to a slightly younger woman.

Jane [Hutto] was born on 16 Nov. 1804 and died 24 July 1878. She is buried in Two Mile Swamp Baptist Church cemetery. There is no entry for this lady or family in the 1850 Orangeburg (or surrounding counties) census. In 1860 she is head of household living near Blackville PO. age 55, illiterate, with two apparent sons at home. Almost next door we find Philip (b 1819) and [Elizabeth] Ann [Sellers/Spires] Hutto with large family, suggesting a family tie. We know for certain that this younger Philip was a son of Cornelius Hutto, from a land partition court record. The next closest Huttos are two boys (Morgan and Henry) living with the John Bates family. A descendant in this line says they were sons of Jane; others are not sure. It looks as if Jane was widowed around 1848 as her youngest implied son was born then. The obvious next step is to find her family in 1840. Unfortunately about half of the Huttos were missed in the 1840 Orangeburg census and we find no suitable match for this family. Moving back to 1830, the only Hutto family groups not already identified, are two. One is Levi Hutto, discussed elsewhere. The other contender for husband to Jane Hutto is Philip Hutto who as noted above was on the 1830 census. He was missed in the 1840 census and he evidently died about 1849. Jane Hutto remained in the same place. She and at least three of her children were members of the Willow Swamp Baptist Church. (86) The following appear to be children of Jane Hutto (1804- 1878) by an unproved husband, possibly Phillip Hutto:

         a.   Melosa [Melissa?] Hutto, b 1831, m 1847 John Jacob Garrick Jr. She was a member of Willow Swamp Bapt. Ch (86) She died in childbirth in 1851. He was b 20 Nov 1825, died 2 July 1885 (IGI) He remarried and moved to Mississippi.

         b.   Cynthia Hutto, born c 1833- 1835 (age 25 in 1860), md Vincent Bates about 1853. They were living near Blackville in 1860. In 1880 this couple was living in Caw Caw Swamp, Orangeburg Co, with a large family. His age was 49, hers 47.

         c.   Darius Hutto, born 11 Sept 1842??; the 1860 census suggests 1838. He married Harriett Williams on 25 Dec. 1866 (IGI). He is not found in 1870- a member of Willow Swamp Bapt Ch, he was discharged. (86) By 1880 they had moved to Texas and are found on the Grimes TX schedule. His age was 45, giving birth year of about 1835. He died on 29 November 1909 in Williamson Co Texas.

                 1)    Lou Ellen Hutto, born 1869 SC.

                 2)    Melissa Hutto, born 1871 SC

                 3)    Paul Monroe Hutto, born 5 Feb. 1872 Roans Prairie, Grimes Co Texas. He married Nancy Elizabeth Weaver on 24 Feb. 1901 in Hamilton, Tx. There was issue.

                 4)    Mattie (Hattie?) Hutto, b. 1875 Grimes Co TX.

                 5)    Vashti Hutto, a daughter, born 1877 Grimes Co.

                 6)    Anna Lee Hutto, born 4 Nov. 1879 Grimes Co.

                 7)    Cornelius Hutto, born 6 April 1883, died 1892.



         d.   Emily Hutto, born ca 1838, married Morgan Luther the age of only about 13? in 1851. He was born 1831, son of John J Garrick Sr, and died 15 Jan 1863 (IGI). He was probably killed in action? Oldest implied child was Cincinnata (sic), a son, age 8 in 1860.

         e.   Matilda Hutto, born 20 May 1842, m William Varner about 1859. (Varnes in 1860 census). The Willow Swamp Church minutes show she died in 1868. (86)

         f.    Henry Hutto, born ca 1845, living in 1860 with John Bates, a neighbor. I do not find him in 1880. He may have perished in the Civil War.

         g.   Morgan Hutto, born 22 April 1846 (74) (his reported age was only 10 in 1860 census); m Julia Riddlehoover about 1869, on 1880 and 1900 census, died 1906. Both are buried with many kin in the Twomile Baptist Church Cemetery, near Cope, SC. Julia was born _____ , died (74)

                 1)    Edgar Hutto, born 1870

                 2)   Emma Hutto, born 1874

                 3)   Minnie Hutto, born 1876

                 4)    William Hutto, b 1878

                5)    dau, born 1880

          h.   Andrew Hutto, born about 1848, in 1860 (age 12) with Jane Hutto (above)..


92.    Gideon Hutto Jr.4 , born about 1808, married Zilpha ____ about 1828/1833? She was born about 1814. There is no separate Gideon Hutto Jr household in the 1830 census and he seems to still be living with his parents. They were living in 1850 in Orangeburg County, as well as in 1860, in the Bull Creek area on the Lexington Co line.. Zilpha died by 1870 and he by 1880. Gideon, probably in contemplatio mori,gave his son John 150 acres of land in 1876. There were gifts to other children. He would have died about 1878-79. a.Mary Hutto, born 1828? (living with this family in1850 census)- she might be Gideon’s much younger sister!

          b.   Joseph Hutto, born 1834, married Celia Davis about 1870. On 1880 Willow Twp census- this shows that Celia had been previously married, as Conner Nevis, age 18, stepson to Joseph, was also living with them. Only one child by 1880: Joseph not found in 1900.         [Pam Johnson line]

                 1)    Susan Hutto, b 1871

          c.   Martha A. Hutto, born 1838; at home 1860, 1870, possibly never married.

           d.  Rebecca Hutto, born 1840


          e.   John [Banion] Hutto5 was born on 24 Aug 1837 [according to his gravestone, but more likely about 1841]. On the 1850 census he was at home, age 8. [Orangeburg p 328, Rocky Swamp area] In 1860 he was still living at home, now age 19. Several families later we find Julia Smithart and her two daughters. The older was Emeline, age 12, almost surely his future wife. John probably served in the Civil War. About 1865 he married Thursann [Emeline] Smithhardt, daughter of Daniel and Julia Smithhardt; Daniel had died prior to about 1858. I cannot locate John and family in 1870. In 1880 they were living in Hopewell Twp, Aiken Co SC (her name spelled Girziann here, his age given as 32). Her mother was living with them. In 1881 John purchased a 100 acre tract of land on Cany Branch, Cedar Creek which was part of the estate of John Harth in 1845-46. As we noted above, John also inherited a 150 acre tract from his father in 1876. John paid taxes on and farmed this tract until at least 1892. John died on 24 April 1898 and is buried in Mt Hermon Baptist Church Cemetery in Pelion next to his wife. Thursann was born 2 April 1838, died on 8 Aug 1918. She was head of household on 1900 census in Hopewell Twp (shown as Tirza Ann, reported birth was July 1842 here.) Following John’s decease, each of the sons inherited 21 acres of the tract John had inherited from his father, except the oldest got a double share. Then in 1906 Lucius D Hutto bought and combined all the 21- acre shares into one parcel. L. D. then turned around and sold 108 acres in 1910/1911 and the land conveyance refers specifically to that parcel as being land from the inheritance of John Hutto combined with land from Giddie Hutto (who is John's younger brother who also got some land from Gideon in 1876). Thanks to Brent Hutto for getting this straight!




92. Gideon Hutto Jr.

  e. John Banion Hutto, ca 1841- 1898

          1).  James Furman Hutto was born in April1866 in SC. He married Joanne McClain in 1891; she was born Dec 1874. In 1900 they were living next door to his mother in Aiken Co. with three children:

                 a)     Carrie Hutto, born March 1892, died 1939. She married Hilton Tindal (1889-1967). Issue.

                 b)    Davinson Hutto (Davidson?), born Jan 1894.

                 c)     Lillie Hutto, born March 1898.

          2)   William Elkins Hutto, born June 1865 SC; living at home 1900,d 1911 probably never married.

          3)   Lucius David S. Hutto was born 24 Sept 1872 Aiken Co, died 6 Dec 1944, marr Arrie Elia Pou about 1894. In 1900 they had started a family and were living in Aiken Co. near his mother and other Hutto kin. Children born before 1900 were Daniel (Oct 1895) and Hanna (July 1898) Obituary for their daughter, Mrs. Lureen H. Spires, The State, 4 May 1976 Mrs. Lureen Hutto Spires, 72, of Swansea, died Monday in Rikard Nursing Home after a long illness. She was born in Lexington County, a daughter of the late Lucius D. and Arrie Pough Hutto. She was a member of Swansea Baptist Church. Surviving are two sons, Clinton V. Spires or Columbia and Harvey W. Spires Jr. of Greenville; two daughters, Mrs. S. Joe (louise) Sloan and Mrs. Frank (Gwendolyn) Holliday of Huntsville, Ala.; two sisters, Mrs. R. R. Jeffcoat and Mrs. Jack E. Taylor of Columbia; four brothers, Alexander E. and Lincoln A. Hutto of St. Matthews, W. Robert Hutto of Pensacola, Fla., and Lucius Hutto of Columbia, nine grandchildren and six great-greatchildren.

          4)   Aldritch Haskell Hutto was born in 1875. He died in 1940 (IGI).

          5)   L Ransom Hutto, born Sept 1877 SC, still single in 1900; maybe married Ella Mae Flake about 1905. Their children per genforum msg 892: John Hembrick Hutto, Nessie, Clearence, Raymond, Mitsen, Pauline, Mammy, Quiency, and Mitchell.

          6)   Corah Hutto, age 9 months in 1880. The census says her relationship to John was “other”, not daughter. However, this must be the same as the infant buried near them whose stone reads “ In memory of Carrie R., Daughter of J & T Hutto. BORN Aug. 26, 1879, DIED Aug. 13, 1881.”

          7)   Henry Wise Plum Hutto, born 28 Oct 1883 at Pelion SC, died Nov 1968 (date not on stone); married first Mary Holsomback, second Cynthia Lucas. “He lived in Pelion, SC. He and his family were active in the day to day life of early Pelion. He operated the gist mill located at the end of Fort's pond. He also fired the boiler and ran the pump which filled the large wooden water tank located near the railroad depot. Supervising the swimming hole near the pump was another of Mr. Hutto's duties. He was active in the religious life of the community. He later served as night watchman at the cannery and helped his children pack and label cans of tomatoes. He served as deacon, assistant pastor and janitor at Mt. Herman Bapt. church about 6 miles below Pelion towards Wagener. He and his family usually walked from Pelion to church each week unless friends carried them. After the church burned, he worked to rebuild it. ON Sunday nights he also very often visited a Black church, located near the Pelion cemetery, where he taught the children that all races and colors were God's children (very refreshing for red neck area of SC)” (Note by Peggy Hatfield, genforum post # 1312, Aug 2004.)

          8)   Bernard B.Hutto, born June 1887 (according to 1900 census). Family records show he was born 22 January 1886 in Aiken Co, died 28 Dec 1960. (IGI) He married Jamie ____ in 1907.

          9)   Miranda A Hutto, born 1843. She may have married Wm Patrick Garvin. Bur Bethcar Cem

         10) Gideon S. Hutto, born 1845 vs May 1847 (per 1900 census). He married Angeline S. Davis on 2 Nov. 1871. See 1900 census, living Middle Twp, Orangeburg Co. .

         11) Rufus Hutto, born 1847. Not found in 1880/1900, probably died, perhaps moved away?

         12) Peter Hutto was born in around 1856, nine years after Rufus. In 1856 Zilpha was about 42, so still of child-bearing age. Peter was living in their household so may have been a very late son, no proof. I do not find him living in 1880 (census).


 93.    daughter Hutto

 94.    son born 1810-1815, at home 1830

 95.    son born 1815-1819, at home 1830

 96.    dau born 1810's, gone by 1830

 97.    dau. born 1810's, gone by 1830



Children of [23] Isaac Hutto (Isaac, Isaac)


98.    daughter, born ca 1799


99.    daughter, born about 1800-05

























100.  James Hutto4 was born in 1803, possible son of [24] James Hutto3. He is not found in 1830 or 1840. In 1850 he was living in Orangeburgh District (family # 106). He married Nancy [Fort?] about 1830 and had a number of children. Both were illiterate. In the 1850 census of Orangeburg his race is given as mulatto; his wife and children are all shown as white. They were living very near the Joseph Chavers family in 1850. Lazarus Chavis, ancestor of most of the Chavis families in this area was reportedly the chief of a local native American Indian tribe (the Pee Dee), and in some records members of his family are shown in error as mulatto1 . It is suggested by your author that James may have been the son of a male Hutto by a Chavis woman of Indian ancestry; we are not aware of another family living in the area which would provide a logical mother for James.2 James died 19th April 1852 and was buried in the cemetery at Rocky Swamp Methodist Church. His stone says he was 52. (2) Nancy Hutto, wife of James Hutto, died Oct. 9, 1863, age 63. (dates from Stacie Cobb)

          a.   Sarah A E Hutto, born 1831 SC

          b.   Daniel Hutto, born 1834 SC

          c.   James Edward Hutto5, born on 27 Aug 1838 SC (2, p 32), married Mahalia Bell Chavis about 1855. She was a year older than James, on 1860 census fam # 950. She was a daughter of Patrick Chavis* and has been called member of the Pee Dee Indian tribe. Living next to them in 1860 was Nancy Chavis, age 80, a daughter of Lazarus Chavis. I cannot locate this family in 1870 or 1880. Found in 1900. Mahalia died 11 Jan 1908 at the age of 82 and is buried beside her husband in the Hutto Cemetery four miles west of Neeces. James died 16 May 1907. (2, 48) Six children survived in 1907. (48) Many of their descendants are interred in the cemetery, behind the Mt Beulah Pentecostal Holiness Church

                 1)    Morgan Franklin “Sonny” Hutto6 was born on 11 May 1854. He married Mary Ella Bailey about 1878, one daughter in 1880. He was living in Hebron Tp 1900 as a widower- his wife had recently died. He married second Marthenia Chavis, who is buried beside him in the Hutto Cem. He died 11 Nov. 1928.

                         a)      Mamie Hutto, born 1879 SC

                         b)      Daisy Hutto, born Dec 1882 SC

                         c)      James Hutto was born Jan 1890 SC

                         d)      Minnie Hutto (1891-1970), married ___ Chavis [1900 census says she was b Jan 1893]

                         e)      Jessie Hutto, a son, (1893-1974) vs born Feb 1894 (1900 census)

                         f)       Cora Hutto (May 1895-1977)

                         g)      Idora Hutto, born June 1897 SC

                 2)    Pat Hutto, born June 1860.

                 3)    George Washington Hutto, born July 1864 SC (1900 census), married Mary F. Williams in around 1885. In 1900 they were living in Hebron Twp, Orangeburg. He died 24 Dec 1935; his wife was born 1866, died 29 Sept 1934. (2) [1900 census says she was b. Aug 1869]

                         a)      Banner Hutto (daughter), born Aug 1885.

                          b)     Viola Hutto, born 6 Jan 1887, died Jan 1974, marr A Lee Hallman. 

                         c)      Leola Hutto, born Dec 1892 Orangeburg

                         d)      Lovey Hutto, born Jan 1895 “

                         e)      Edgar Hutto, born Nov.1896 on the 96 road, about 20 miles west of Orangeburg, author of reference (2). He evidently married Elizabeth Rebecca Inabnit (1897-1919).

                         f)       Mary Hutto, born Dec 1898.

                         g)      George W Hutto Jr, 1903-1956, m Laura Williamson

                 4)    dau, marr Joseph Miller (48)




          d.   Jacob Hutto5, born 12 Oct1839 [IGI] SC, living in Goodland Twp in 1880, marr Ann _____ about 1872. 1)Hattie Hutto, b 1873 Ga (sic)




          e.   Lemuel J Hutto5, born 1840 SC; he is noted on the 1880 census as “Elemuel” Hutto, farmer and lawyer, with wife Georgina and one daughter. Elemuel Hutto was born Apr, 28, 1841-Aug. 12, 1906 (per Stacie Cobb) He married first Georgiana ____, who was born in Barnwell County, Aug. 10, 1842, died in Orangeburg County, Dec. 18, 1882. He married second Christina ____ and they are found in 1900 in Goodland Swamp Twp, Orangeburg Co SC p 212 a (NEED entry!) He was “a gallant soldier of the ‘Lost Cause’”. (Obit, 27 Sept 1906)

                 1)    Nancy Hutto6 was born in 1870, had two daughters by unknown father. They took the name Hutto. Nancy lived in Langley SC after about 1905 and died there in May 1931. She is buried in the Langley cemetery.

                         a)      Olive “Ollie” A. Hutto (dau) was born on 8 April 1896 and married John H Mays Jr. He was born abt 1891, died in 1955. They had issue. (per Stacie Cobb)

                         b)      Georgianna Hutto, born 4 Sept 1892, never married.

                 2)    Elvin Hutto, son by Christina.

          f.    William Hutto5, born 1842 SC

          g.   Dicy Elizabeth Hutto, born 23 Nov 1846 Orangeburg Co, died 28 July 1906 at Augusta, Ga.

     1 Your author has prepared a short paper on the relationships between the Hutto and Chavis families, which were numerous. After the hated “Relocation Act”, people of Indian descent could be legally transported to reservations to the West, and many died en route. Rather than face this, some people decided to lay low, let themselves be counted as mulatto, and maintain their traditional homes and ways of life. They are now members of what have been called the “lost tribes” of South Carolina.


101- 107 unknown












Children of [29] Benjamin Hutto (b ca 1789) and Ellender .....__(108-121)_


108.  Daughter, born about 1814. At home 1820.

109.  Isaac Hutto4, son of [29]Benjamin3, was born about 1815, probably in South Carolina; he moved with his parents to Telfair County, Georgia by 1820, and on May 1, 1840 in nearby Tattnall County he married Katherine "Katie" Underwood Dunwoody (c1820-1911), apparently recently widowed from her first marriage to Thomas W. Dunwoody in the same county on March 14, 1839. Katherine was the daughter of James Underwood of Tattnall County and his first wife. Isaac and Katie lived in Tattnall County through 1847, probably on the land of Katie's brother Thomas Underwood (since Isaac owned no land during this period. By 1848, Isaac and Katie had moved to Pulaski County near Isaac's father Benjamin, subsequently moving south to Coffee County by 1860, where they ultimately remained for the rest of their lives, raising seven children. Isaac died in 1889 in Coffee County, while Katherine lived until December 4, 1911. She is buried in the Cato Cemetery in Coffee County.

         Children of Isaac Hutto and Katie Underwood

          a.   Mary Ann Hutto, born c1837 (?); married Jack Adams

           b.  James Hutto, born c1841; married Nancy Stone

           c.  Ellender Hutto, born c1843; married William R. "Coursey" Cato c1857 in Coffee Co.; died c1880 in Coffee Co.

           d.  Anna Jane Hutto, born c1846; married Henry Cato c 1856 in Coffee Co.; died c1910 in Coffee Co.

           e.  Zelphia Hutto, born April 1847; married Harmon Winn c1866 in Coffee Co.; died after 1900

           f.   William Hutto, born c1851; married Jincey Wooten c1871 in Coffee Co.

           g.  Sarah Ann Hutto, born c1856; married Henry Solomon on May 31, 1871 in Coffee Co.

110-114   daughters

115.  Henry Hutto was born ca. 1825 in Ga, married Mary Nipper on 24 Dec 1848 in Pulaski Co Ga. Not on 1850 census, no further record so far. see 1860 Coffee Co?


117.  William Henry Hutto4 was born about 1827 in Georgia, one of the many children of Benjamin and Ellender Hutto. He married Mary Dunn in Pulaski Co. Georgia on 24 June, 1847. She was born about 1822 in NC so was older than her husband. They are found on the 1850 Pulaski census, 1860 and 1870 Coffee Co Ga census, and 1880 in Appling Co Ga. Their progeny: (possibly others)

          a.   Sophia Hutto, b about 1849 GA

          b.   John Hutto, born 1851 Ga, not found in 1880.

          c.   Mary A Hutto, born about 1853

          d.   Levi Daniel Hutto5, born April 1858 Ga, married Rebecca Varnedore in Appling Co Ga on 2 June 1881. He died 8 July 1923 in Jeff Davis Co. They had seven children:

                 1)    Mary Elizabeth Hutto, b 19 June 1883, d 10 Jan 1976, m Lewis Middleton Spell (b 2 May 1868, d 21 July 1947) on 15 Aug 1897.

                 2)    Rena Hutto, b July 1884. No further information.

                 3)    Minnie Hutto, b Aug 1887.

                 4)    Rebecca Hutto, b April 1890, died 1912/13 in Jeff Davis Co. Ga., married John Hamilton Quinn. He was born in Appling Co. on 4 May 1879, died 23 Sept. 1935, buried at Satilla Freewill Baptist Church.

                 5)    Levi Hutto, b 29 Nov 1892/3 at Baxley, Appling Co Ga, died 8 Dec 1941 at Hazlehurst, Jeff Davis Co., marr 14 Oct 1911 Mary Strickland. (IGI)

                 6)   Ida Belle Hutto, b Aug 1895

                 7)    Margaret “Maggie” Hutto, b May 1898.

                 e.     Benjamin Hutto, born 1859 Ga, single in 1880

          f.    Alice Hutto, b 1861 Ga

          g.   Ellen (Ellender) Hutto, born about 1866 Ga.

118.  Daughter, born c 1830

119.  Ann Hutto, born c 1831, married Joseph Buchanan in Montgomery Co Ga on 14 Dec 1860.

120.  Alice Hutto, born c 1833, still living at home in 1850


Children of [33] John Hutto3,(Benjamin) born ca 1767 (not yet proven)


121.  Isaac Hutto4, born ca 1785 in Orangeburg, married a woman slightly younger than himself about the year 1820. He first appears as a head of household in 1830 in Orangeburg with three implied children, plus there are two “extra” females living with him. He is enumerated in 1840 in Lexington Co. SC very close to Benjamin and William, probably his brothers. The 1830 and 1840 census are not exactly consistent on his age. He is not found in 1850 or later. With four implied sons, we should be able to learn more about this line.

          a.   son born 1820-25

          b    son b 1825-30

          c    son b 1830-35

          d    son b 1835-39 Possibly John Banion Hutto, 1838-1898? SEE appendix

          e    dau

          f     dau



122.  Benjamin Hutto ”Jr”4 was born in1789, in Lexington Co (per the 1860 census), son of an unknown Hutto couple. As discussed above he might have been a son of [33] John Hutto, about whom very little can be learned for certain.* Benjamin married (Barbara ____) about 1805. In the 1810 Federal census of Orangeburg we find Benjamin on p. 127 living near Samuel, Daniel and Benjamin Hutto Sr., in the Giddy Swamp area. His entry reads 20100- 00100, implying marriage around 1805. His wife in 1850 was Barbara, born 1789. Capt. John Quattlebaum raised a militia company during the War of 1812 and two of the privates were Benjamin and George Hutto (45). This company was composed largely of Lexington Co men although Benjamin may have been living just over the border on the Orangeburg side. Benjamin and George Hutto do not appear in the 1820 census; Benjamin is found on the 1830 census in the Bull Swamp area of northern Orangeburg County; and after this he is enumerated in Lexington County. In 1840 he is enumerated on the same page as four presumed sons. He must have lived very near to the county line between Orangeburg and Lexington Counties. Bull Swamp drains south from Lexington into Orangeburg. The Lexington Co plat book shows that in 1854 John Hopkins? got land adjacent to Benjamin Hutto, near Cedar Branch. (Plat book 1 p 127). Also in 1853 a tract was laid out for Walter Poole situated “in Orangeburgh and Lexington Districts on Holmes Camp Branch, waters of Dean Swamp...” (plats, p 122). Adjacent land belonged to Rivers Gunter and Benjamin Hutto, so he did live (at least then) right on the county line. Benjamin and Barbara were still alive in 1850 (both age 61) but she died within the next decade and he last appears at age 81 in the 1870 census. Following I shall list the children of Benjamin Hutto based on known fact and to a certain extent, deduction, as explained in more detail below. Please note that Barbara was born in 1789 so would have stopped having children by about 1839 age the age of 50. In various census records additional Huttos who were born after this date lived with old Benjamin. One guesses that they could be orphaned children, perhaps illegitimate children of his daughters. This is provably true in at least one instance.

           a.  Nicholas Hutto, born about 1805

          b.   son, born about 1808, probably Harmon, see below

          c.   Martin V Hutto, 1812- 1890

          d.   Lydia M Hutto, born 1816

          e.   daughter, b 1810-19, not identified

          f.    son born 1820-25, not yet identified. Living 1840.

           g.  son born 1820-25, probably J B Hutto, born 1824 Lexington Co- see 1860 census- living near Bull Swamp.

           h.  Charles Hutto, born 1828, at home in 1850 and 1860. A teacher, married late

           i.   Benjamin Hutto, b 1829, at home 1850


* Benjamin would have been about 11 years old in 1800; hence he might have been a son of either Isaac, John, Gideon or maybe Charles Hutto since these men all had sons age 10-16 in this census. We note that in 1840 Benjamin (b c 1789) is listed as living almost next to Isaac Hutto (b 1780's) and William Hutto (b late 1790's) I propose that these three might be brothers. Lexington land records may help confirm or deny this hypothesis.



122.  Benjamin Hutto ”Jr”4 (1789- c 1873 )


          a.   Nicholas Hutto5, born about 1805 SC, was a possible son of Benjamin, above. He married Susanna Grubbs* about 1824. His is the only Hutto household in the 1830 Lexington Co. census. In 1840 Nicholas is enumerated in Lexington Co 1120.01- 2220.01.[no slaves] He then died a few months before the 1850 census was taken and his recent widow is found with a large brood, living at household 1081; Benjamin Hutto was nearby at household 1105. Land records may help us place him with more conviction. Susanna was born in 1805, living in 1870. Here follow his known and presumed children.

                 1)    Henry V[asti] Hutto6, born 1825 or so in SC, m. Jane Sarah (Ann Sightler Poole??). Henry and Jane had the following children a through j below. (33): She died and he remarried about 1872 to Elizabeth Rucker Furtick, a widow, and they had three additional children, found in the 1880 census, Sandy Run, Lexington Co. Confusingly her name appears in the 1900 census as Rachael Hutto, born Feb 1844.

                          a)     Sarah Ann Hutto, b. 1850, m. William D. Monts about 1875- in 1880 living at Forks, Lexington Co. SC.

                          b)     Catherine Hutto, b. 1854, m. Harmon Sightler [not located in 1880 census]

                          c)     Mary M., b. 1855, m.______ Davis

                          d)     Emily A. Hutto, b. 1857, m. Postel Harsey about 1879. In 1880 four of her siblings were living with them at Platt Springs, Lexington Co (p 475c)

                          e)     Minerva J. Hutto, b. 1858, m. _______Clipard. Not found in 1880.

                         f)       Henry V. Hutto Jr.7, b. 16 May1860, d. 30 Oct. 1924, buried at First Baptist of Gaston, SC. He was married twice - Elizabeth Sturkie (two children) and Susan Price. Susan is also buried at First Baptist of Gaston, b. 30 March 1870, d. 25 Feb. 1912. He was a brick mason in 1900 in Congaree Twp, Lexington Co SC. Children by two wives:

                                   1]     Willie (daughter!?) Hutto, b April 1882

                                   2]     Loyal Clifton Hutto, born 13 July 1884 (draft card), died 19 Dec. 1941 Lexington Co.

                                   3]     Birdelle Hutto son, b June 1889. ?= Birdy L Hutto, 1890- 1939 (d records)

                                   4]     Odus [Otis??], son, b Aug 1891

                                   5]     Beulah Hutto, b Nov 1893


                         g)      James H Hutto7 was born Feb 1861, m. Martha Alice _____ (1867-1940) about 1886. They were living at Platt Springs Twp. Lexington Co SC in 1900. He farmed.

                                   1]     Rosa M Hutto, b Nov 1887

                                   2]     Minnie G Hutto, b Nov 1890

                                   3]     Cressen A Hutto8, b Jan 1892

                                   4]     Credell Hutto, born Jan 1894 (son)

                                   5]     Alza E Hutto, b April 1897

                                   6]     Lowell L Hutto, b Feb 1899

                          h)     George L. (twin) b. 1864, living 1880. Not seen on 1900 SC census.

                          i)      Joseph L. (twin) b. 1864, not at home in 1880, probably died- note a later son Joseph.

                         j)       Jane D Hutto, born 1865, living 1880.

                         k)      Joseph Hutto, b 1875 SC. This appears to be Joseph D Hutto, born March 1874 SC, married Annie L. ____ 1895 (she was b Sept 1877). This couple was living in Black Creek Twp Lexington Co (ED 29) in 1900. Two children then- Berly D (son,b 1896, d 1937 Richland Co SC) and Ethel (1899).

                         l)       Ulysses S. Hutto, b 1877 SC (1880 census) a brick mason. Died 1918 (death record)

                         m)     Willie Hutto, b late 1879 SC (1880 census) vs Aug 1878 in 1900 census.


*Henry Grubbs has been suggested as her father; he, however had no daughters at home in 1820. Philip and Thomas Grubbs both had daughters her age.



122.  Benjamin Hutto ”Jr”4 (1789- c 1873 )

   a. Nicholas Hutto5, born about 1805


                 2)    Daniel Ansel [or Alious?] Hutto6, born 14 Oct. 1827, died 14 Oct?? 1905. (33) He is buried at New Hope Baptist in Pelion, SC and was one of 5 brothers. “It is said he died in the State Hospital, he tried to kill his wife, he had hardening of the arteries and was found in the mill pond.” His spouse was Ann Carolina Williams, b. 12 May 1828, d. 2 Feb 1909, buried at New Hope Baptist in Pelion, SC. They were living (apparently peacefully) in Bull Swamp in 1900, married 55 years. Daniel and Ann had the following children:

                        a)      Martha Ann Hutto, b. 1856, m. Alfred Lucas

                        b)      Elmore C. Hutto, b. 1850, married Florence Wright 3 Feb 1874. They had a son Albert in 1880. A second son, Clarence was born 10 Feb 1883 in Sturgeon Bay Wisc. He had issue.

                        c)      Josephine Caroline Hutto, b.26 April 1845, d. 23 June 1930, married in 1861 to Calvin Richard Sturkie, b. 4/2/1837, d. 2/3/1914. Calvin was the son of Richard Benjamin Sturkie, b. 1/4/1809, d. 1/18/1882 and Jerusha Jeffcoat. Calvin and Josephine were living in 1880 at Bull Swamp, Lexington Co. SC (census, page 352).

                        d)      Missouri Ann Hutto, b. 5th June1847 (approx.), d. 21 April1912, buried at New Hope Baptist in Pelion, m. David E. Lucas, b. 26 June 1841, d. 23 Aug.1910, buried at New Hope Baptist in Pelion, SC.

                        e)      Infant boy, b. 1849 (approx.)

                       f)       Juria H. Minerva Hutto, b. 3 Aug 1852, d. 2 Nov. 1934, m. William Addison Goodwin, who was b. 26 26 June 1851, d. 26 Jan 1914

                        g)      Magdelen Hutto, m. twice - Talmadge B. O'Brien and Ben Sharpe

                        h)      Idona Hutto, b. 1850 [no later record]

                        i)       Stanmore D. Hutto, b. 10 Feb. 1860, died 5 Oct. 1930, buried at New Hope Baptist Church, Pelion, SC, m. 1885 Ellen Matilda McNeil (Lumberton, NC), b. 4 July 1870, d. 31 Oct.1941. (33) Her death record shows she was born 1860, the 1900 census says 1865. No children.

                        j)       Stansel S. Hutto- b. 17 Nov.1867, d. 26 Sept 1893, buried at New Hope Baptist Church, Pelion, m. Sheldona D. Jeffcoat (appears he may have also been married to Katherine Lanier Hutto) (33)

                        k).     Jerome Ancil Hutto, b. March 1865, m. in 1888 Mary Sharp, b. Dec. 1866. They had no children in 1900, living Bull Swamp Pct, Lexington Co SC. He may have married twice.

                        l)       Darling Washington Hutto7, b. 2 Nov.1870, d. 7 Nov.1943, m. Janie Lawton (Lauder), b. 1870. Darling owned a mill and when he moved to Augusta, GA (after 1900) Hubert and Florence Hoover took over the mill in 1935.

                                   1]     Annie M Hutto, born April 1891 Lexington Co SC

                                   2]     Stancel Hutto (son), b March 1894.

                3)    dau b 1825-30

                4)    Emaline Hutto6, born 1829 SC, married Martin Beard. She died Oct 1900 in Franklin Co Al. (Genforum)

                5)    Mary Ann Hutto, b. 9 June1831, d. 17 April1862, buried at Florence Baptist Church, Pelion, SC, m. Macon H. Lucas, b. 7/28/1830, d. 9/20/1918, buried at Florence Baptist Church, Pelion, SC, s/o William, Sr. and Elizabeth Dunbar Lucas. “Mary Ann and Macon had one child that I know of: James Alfred Lucas, who married Martha A. Hutto.” (33)

                6)    Martha Ann Hutto, b. 1833 (approx.), m. Amos Banks Gunter, b. 1827, s/o Banks & Nancy Tillman Gunter

                7)    William Hutto, b. 1834 (approx.), moved to Alabama

                8)    Katherine Deborah Hutto, b. April1833, d. 21 Dec.1883, buried at First Baptist of Gaston, m. Zedekiah Andrew Washington Sturkie, buried at First Baptist Church of Gaston, SC, b. 11 Oct.1841, d. 19 Dec. 1923, s/o Richard Benjamin and Jerusha Jeffcoat Sturkie




122.  Benjamin Hutto ”Jr”4 (1789- c 1873 )

   a. Nicholas Hutto5, born about 1805


         9)   John Hutto6 was born about 1838 (age 12 in 1850) in Lexington County. John married Lydia Harmon in 1859; in 1860 they were living as newlyweds in the vicinity of Clark’s Mill, Lexington Co. John served in Company K, 13th SC Infantry during the Civil War along beside his brother James V. Hutto. (43) They had a small family in 1870. Then in 1880 Lydia is shown as head of household with the children, some born after 1870. Her marital status is shown as “widowed”. She was living right next to Elmore Hutto (son of Daniel A., above) so there can be little doubt that her late husband John was in fact a son of Nicholas and a younger brother to Daniel. Children of John and Lydia Harmon Hutto:

                 a)     Martha Hutto, born 1861 SC

                 b)    James Zebulon Hutto, born Nov. 1863, married Mary Rebecca Harsey. They were living in 1900 at Boiling Springs, Lexington Co., S. C. Later in life he went to Santa Rosa Fla.

                 c)     John V[astine?] Hutto, born Sept 1865, married first Annie Louise Neece about 1890. She was born on 30 Sept. 1870 and died in childbirth on 22 June 1896. She was buried along with the child [which died] in the Melrose Cemetery at Swansea, along with John V and his second family. John married second in 1897 Mary M. ____, both living 1900 Platt Springs, Lexington Co, SC. She was younger, born July 1881. John died in Lexington Co. on 5 July 1925 (d rec). Children [born by 1900] by both marriages:

                         1]      Bertha Hutto, born Feb. 1891 SC

                         2]      Maude L. Hutto, born June 1892 SC

                         3]      John H Hutto, son by Mary, born Feb 1900 SC

                 d)    infant born May 1869

                 e)     Cordelia Hutto, born 1871, marr J S Martin

                 f)     Lizzy Hutto, born about 1874

                 g)    Lee Hutto, born 1879, son of Lydia per 1880 census. He went to Fla. and the family lost touch.

         10) Jane Hutto, b. July1840, d. 10 May1912, buried at Florence Baptist Church, Pelion, SC, m. Macon H. Lucas, b. 28 July1830, died 20 Sept.1918, buried at Florence Baptist Church, Pelion, SC, s/o William, Sr. and Elizabeth Dunbar Lucas (Macon married one sister--Mary Ann--who died and then he married this lady).

         11) James V. Hutto, b. 31 July 1848, d. 9 Oct. 1861, died in Columbia, SC hospital/CSA soldier

         12) Lucy Anne Emaline, b. 13 July 1849, d. 25 Feb.1923, buried at Florence Baptist Church, Pelion, SC, m. ? Berry.


 b.      Harmon Hutto5, born 1810 SC, married Candis _____ about 1839. He is a head of household in Lexington Co SC in 1850, living next door to his father. Harmon lived on Cedar Creek, as shown by an 1853 plat for Levi King, also a neighbor. By 1860 Harmon was deceased and the widow was living with five children, next to Benjamin Hutto, her father-in-law. She was still living next to Benjamin in 1870. She was living with son Columbus in 1880.

          1)   Alonzo Burton Hutto, born ca. 1840-1843 SC. He served in company K, 13th SC Infantry from Lexington Co along with various Hutto kin. He married Lydia ___ in about 1870 and they were living together in 1880 in Black Creek Twp, Lexington Co SC where he farmed. She was born about 1852. a)Sheldona Hutto (dau), born 1871 SC.

                 b)    Nova A. Hutto, b. 1873 SC; known only from 1880 census.

                 c)     Lucy M Hutto, born 1875 SC

                 d)    Oswald W Hutto, born 1879 SC, no later record, probably died young.






122.  Benjamin Hutto ”Jr”4 (1789- c 1873 )

     b.  Harmon Hutto5

          2)   Murphy Hutto, born about Nov1841-44 (records vary, as usual) SC. He married L ..... about 1873 and they were living in Black Creek Twp in 1880. In 1900 he was widowed, age 55, living Black Cr.

                 a)     Anna Hutto, born 1874 SC (1880 census). Puzzlingly in 1900 the oldest child is shown as “Bucher B. Hutto”, born Sept 1874, a son. It appears there was an error in the census??

                 b)    Rosa Ellaphore? (dau) Hutto, born Feb 1877/79 SC; at home 1900.

                 c)     Archie M. Hutto, born July 1883 SC.

          3)   Orra (Aria) Hutto, born 1845 SC

          4)   John Hutto, born 1850

          5)   Columbus Hutto, born 1854 SC., unmarried in 1880.


   c.     Martin V. Hutto5 was born 6 Aug 1812, died 23 Jan 1890. This man married Elvira Gunter (21 Jan 1817-1905) just prior to 1840, and had quite a large family. He is thought to be buried in an unmarked grave in Bethcar Baptist Church Cemetery near Wagener SC. Martin was living next door to Benjamin Hutto (b 1789) in 1840; land records might prove his relationship. In 1860 he was living in the vicinity of Gunter’s Store; this census says he and his wife were both born in Lexington County. Children all born in Lexington Co. He and Elvira were living in 1870 (p 388).

          1)   Malvina (Mulvinia) Hutto, born on 25 Sept 1839, died 9 May 1913, buried at Bethcar Baptist Church. She married 1st Henry Arthur Rawls, by whom she had three children. She married 2nd William Courtney (born 15 Jan 1819), and by him had six children. See “Gencircles” for details.

          2)   Henrietta Hutto was born 1 Jan 1841 and married Vineyard Gunter (b. 23 Feb 1821) rather late in life. She had a daughter Jane born on 31 May 1866 who took the name Cooper, no other issue. She was a widow in 1900 and her aged mother lived with her (Aiken Co, Hopewell Twp).

          3)   Georgianna Hutto, born 12 Dec 1841, died 1 Jan 1928, married Malachi Madison Rawls, b 7 April 1841.

          4)   Elizabeth Hutto, born 1845, died about 1905, married ___ Smith, bur Bethcar Church Cemetery.

          5)   Barbara Ann Hutto, b 1847 SC (per 1860 census). One source has her birth date as 30 March 1844, death date as 17 Oct 1930, burial Bethcar Cem. These dates are probably from a gravestone. She married Calhoun Calvin Huckabee (b 25 March 1848) and had six children. Names and dates are available on the Gencircles website.

           6)  Burdett A. Hutto6 was born in 1848, per the 1860 census. One source has his birth as 29 April 1844 but has his sister Barbara being born a month earlier, which is impossible, so these dates are doubtful! The 1900 Aiken Co. census has him born in April 1845. He married Mary (Polly) Courtney about 1866. She was born 8 May 1844, died 8 May 1918? He died on _____ Eight children, most buried in Hutto Cem, Berlin Baptist Church.

                a.     Donnie Alice Hutto b. 25 Aug 1867, d 9 Nov 1897, bur Hutto cem., marr Geo L Thorn (75)

                b      Maloney Seymore Hutto b. 8 Aug 1869 , d 13 Sept 1914, m Sallie Whipple Seibels. Six children, q. v. (75)

                c      Missouri Ann Victoria "Pinkie" Hutto b. 2 Oct 1872 , died 25 Feb 1909. She m Davis Malachi Brown, who was born 13 July 1861. Eight children, q.v. (75)

                d      Curtis S. Hutto b. 24 Jul 1875 , d 20 March 1920, marr Carrie B Laird. Two children.

                e      Benjamin Lloyd Hutto b. 9 Jun 1878 , d 16 Feb 1889 (sic!!), marr Ada Ward, who was born 16 Oct 1876, eleven children born between 1897 and 1917 . (75)

                f      John Claude Hutto b. 16 Oct 1880 died 20 Sept 1920, married Mae Eddie Bodie. Nine children, given with dates in (75)

                g      Willie Martin Hutto, b. 19 Nov 1883, died 12 April 1968. He never married. (75)

                h      Infant Hutto

          7)   Caroline Hutto was born on 30 Sept 1847, died 6 Nov 1927, buried at Pyron Chapel Congreg. Christian Ch Cem in Baker, Fla. She marr Lawson Walker, who was born 16 April 1848, died 17 May 1929. Two children. (75)






122.  Benjamin Hutto ”Jr”4 (1789- c 1873 )

     c.   Martin V Hutto5 , b 1812


          8)   Vesta Hutto, born 1852 according to the 1860 federal census. One source (75) has her name as Vashti V. , born 30 June 1848, died 17 Nov 1917, buried Graceland Cem, Greenville, SC. We note that many of the birth dates given in (75) are different from the census dates; they are surely from the gravestones, which may be in error for the year but correct for the actual day of birth. She married a James Hutto, who was “probably buried in New Hope Church cemetery in an unmarked grave, Aet. 32" (75)

          9)   Lavina (Louvenia) Hutto was born on 8th Feb. 1850 and died on 22 July 1922. She married first S Poole, secondly Abel Sylvanus Gunter. (75)

         10) Vivanna Hutto, born 1856. She did not marry.

         11) Stanmore Hutto, born 1857 (per 1860 census), married Elizabeth “Sissy” Poole, no further information given (75). See his cousin of the same name also!

         12) Benjamin Hutto, born 1859. He was not in the 1900 SC census.

   d.    Lydia M. Hutto was born in 1816. In 1850 she was living in the home of her parents at the age of 34; there are no young children present. However, we know that she had (at least) a son by William Bryant in 1839, who was evidently living elsewhere then.

          1)   Britten Elzie Hutto was born on 21 Oct. 1839 (son of W Bryant), died 22 Oct 1916 Lexington Co. (death record). He married Elizabeth ___ in 1859; they were living with his grandfather Benjamin (b 1789) in 1860. She evidently died soon thereafter and he married secondly Vista V. ____ about 1865 and they resided in Lexington Co in 1870. In other records her name appears as Vartie or Vasti. In 1880 they were living in Platt Springs Twp. She was born in June 1848, in 1900 married [but her husband was not living at home] in Chinquapin Twp, Lex. Co. [fam # 378]

                 a)     Olen M. Hutto, born 1867 Lex. Co SC, at home in 1880.

                 b)    Sophronia Hutto, b. 1869 Lex Co., died by 1880.

                 c)     Elvira Hutto, born Feb1871 SC, at home in 1900

                 d)    Benjamin Hutto, b 1874, named after his ggf.

                 e)     Schuyler G. Hutto, born 1876 SC

                 f)     Lydia M Hutto, b 1878, named after grandmother.

                 g)    Florence Hutto, b Sept 1880, at home in 1900.

                 h)    Minnie Hutto, b August 1883 SC

          2)   Mulvina Hutto was born in 1840, a POSSIBLE daughter. In 1870 she was living next to Henrietta (below); she was not literate. Two illegit ch, conceived when the Civil War was raging:

                 a)     Alice Hutto, b 1862

                 b)    William Hutto, b 1864 SC

          3)   Henrietta Hutto, POSSIBLE daughter, b ca 1841, living with Benjamin Hutto (b 1789) in 1860. Since we know Britten [above] was Benj’s grandson it follows that she could also be a grandchild born out of wedlock.

          4)   Hiram Hutto, born about 1846, another POSSIBLE child. He was a third unexplained possible grandchild living with Benjamin Hutto (b 1789) in 1860. His death record IS available.

   e.     daughter- Matilda?











   f.     James Ervin Hutto5 was born about 1824? in SC. Some say his father was Benjamin Hutto, b ca 1789. The only census record I have found showing his name, the 1850 Lexington Co census (hh 1224) shows he was 21 (hence born about 1829) and had recently married Rebecca (Coleman) Kneece, age 20. He should logically be in the 1860 census but I have not found him. He enlisted as a private in company K, 13th SC Infantry Regt, on 6 Aug 1863. The following children are given on “Gencircles” by Steven D Hutto in his large file “Huttos of South Carolina”- a well detailed report. James is not found in 1880 census.

          1)   Naomi Hutto, b 1849 SC, living at home 1850.

          2)   Milledge Hutto, born ca 1854 in SC, married Arra ___ about 1878. They were living in Giddy Swamp Twp (Aiken Co SC) in 1880. 1900 Platt Springs (Lex Co) census. He is said to have died at Pelion, SC. Arra was born in Oct 1856, and was the mother of seven (5 living) in 1900.

                 a)     Minnie Hutto, b 1883

                 b)    Marion Hutto (son) b 1885

                 c)     Talmadge Hutto, b 1889

                 d)    Sissie Hutto, b 1891                     



          3)   Leroy Hutto, born 1850 SC (1880 census) vs Dec 1851 (1900 census), married Sarah Ann Taylor about 1879. [Her name has been given as Adrien and A. Elizabeth also, at times.] Living in 1880 and 1900 in Bull Swamp Twp., Lexington Co SC Five children, born after 1880.

                 a)     James Luther Hutto, born Feb 1883, died single in 1962.

                 b)    May Hutto, born ____, marr Allan Williamson (no detail

                 c)     Pinky Hutto, born ______

                 d)    Baisy Hutto, born _____ (dau), died single

                 e)     Peter Roy Hutto, born 17 September1894 in Lexington Co. SC, married Martha Hutto, also born 1892. Three children. Leroy died 14 June 1961.


          4)   Aldridge Hutto6, born 1855 SC, marr Idora Wise. He died 16 June 1931. Idora was born about 1858, died 14 May 1936. Twelve children, two were twins who died in infancy. (See Gencircles- not at LDS)

                 a)     Eldridge Hutto, born Oct 1874 (Aiken Co SC), died 1948, buried at Laird Cemetery on Poole’s Mill Road. He married Mary A E Laird, who was born 2 Sept 1872. They had a large family, twelve children.

                 b)    Claudius Hutto, born 18 March 1882. He married Florence Williamson about 1902- they had nine children named on gencircles.

                 c)     Wise S Hutto, born 1 Nov 1890 Aiken Co. SC, died 7 Feb 1981; married Sunie Mae Shrape. Five children.

                 d)    Martha Hutto, born Dec 1892 Aiken Co, died 1947, married Peter Leroy.

                 e)     Mary Hutto (twin), also b Dec 1892, died about 1931 near Gaston, SC, md Jim Sharpe.

                 f)     Edgar Hutto, born about 1894, died about 1941 in Columbia, SC, married Emma Rushtin.

                 g)    Dolia Hutto, born ____

                 h)    Evileen Hutto, born ___

                 i)     Ida Hutto, born ____

                 j)     Blanco Hutto, born ____




          5)   Alfred Hutto, born in about 1855 in SC, marr Ella _____ about 1878. They were in Platt Springs Twp in 1880 with a baby daughter. 1900?

                 a)     Mary S Hutto, born 1879 Lexington Co. SC





 122 f.      James Ervin Hutto5

          6)   Jerome Hutto6, born ____ 1870, married Lanora “Nolie” Sharp in or around 1886. Gerome (sic) Hutto, born 1870, on the 1900 Lex census at Platt Springs. Stephen D Hutto lists eleven children on gencircles, about half were born after 1900.

                 a)     Garfield Hutto, b 1888, died ca 1908

                 b)    Govan Hutto, b 21 April 1892 (but 1900 census says 1890), died 4 Jan 1949

                 c)     Lee Hutto, born 1892, died May 1958 Kershaw SC

                 d)    Ella Hutto, born 1894

                 e)     Irvin Hutto, born 1896, died ca 1928

                 f)     Lonnie Hutto, b ___, died 1955, married _____

                 g)    Alfred Hutto, born ____

                 h)    Sadie Hutto, b ___

                 i)     Josephine Hutto

                 j)     Ellestine Hutto

                 k)    Jena Hutto


 e        son born 1820-25, possibly J B Hutto, born 1824 Lexington Co- see 1860 census- living near Bull Swamp.


 g.      Charles Hutto, born 1828 in SC, at home in 1850 and 1860. He was a teacher. He married the much younger Mary ____ in 1876; in 1880 we find him at age 54 with Mary Hutto, age 28; they were living in Bull Swamp Twp in 1900. She was born in May 1860, mother of two living children in 1900.

          1)   Caldwell Hutto, born Feb 1877, at home in 1900.

          2)   Scott Hutto, born June 1880,(per 1900, age 2 in 1880 census) was living immediately next to Charles in 1900. He married Mary ___ [b Oct 1880] in 1897, no children in 1900.

 h.      Benjamin Hutto, b 1829, at home 1850

 i.       several other daughters


123.  William Hutto was born in the late 1790's, based on the early census records. He married about 1825 to a woman a bit older than himself. They were enumerated in the 1830 census in Orangeburg Co and in 1840 in Lexington Co SC. There are records of only two daughters and this family group seems to disappear. Or does it? There is a William H. D. Hutto [born about 1808] who appears in the 1850 and 1860 Lexington census records who does NOT seem to be in the earlier censuses. If we are willing to grant that this man is the SAME as the earlier William we have solved two problems. SEE appendix!

          a.   daughter, born about 1826

          b.   daughter, born about 1828


124.  daughter

125.  daughter










children of [35] Daniel Hutto Sr3. , b 1776, d <1842 Henry Co Ala


 133.  Son, born Orangeburgh prior to 1810, on 1820 census, died in a hunting accident before 1830  

 134.  Phalbia Hutto born 1810 SC, married William Leroy Fleming about 1832 in Ala. He was born on 24 Dec 1811 in Ga, died 16 Oct. 1866 in Ala. Four children. Prior to 1850 William left Phalbia and went to Coffee Co where he remarried. (38)

          1)   William Yancey Fleming, b 22 May 1833 Henry Co Ala, died 28 April 1911 Henry Co, marr. Charity Starling (1833-1875) on 3 Apr 1854. He m. (2) Mary C Fortson 18 Jan 1876.

           2)   Susan Melissa Fleming, b ca 1836 Al, m. John Chambers Strickland (1836- ) on 8 June 1855.

           3)   Martha Fleming, b about 1838 Ala.

           4)   George Lee Fleming, b. 15 Dec 1839 Henry Co, died 6 Sept 1927, marr Nancy O Atkinson (b Aug 1841) on 10 Jan 1867 in Henry Co. Ala.

 135.  Michel (sic) Abigail Hutto born about 1812 SC, died prior to 1870, m. Littleberry "Berry" Fleming in 1833-34. He died prior to 2 July 1867 Monroe Co Ala. Twelve children. (38)

             1)    Azaline Fleming, b c 1834 Coffee Co Al, m. Joseph Humphrey ca 1847

             2)    William Leroy Fleming, ca 1836- May 1861, m Mary Ann Owen 7 Oct 1857.

             3)    David Daniel Fleming,b ca 1838, d ante 1900, m Sarah F Prince 11 Dec 1868 Monroe Co Al

             4)    Caroline Fleming, b 23 Oct 1839 Coffee Co, d 10 Jan 1923, m William Edgar Weekley 11 Jan 1862 Baldwin Co Al.

             5)    William J Fleming, b ca 1840, m Henrietta Jane Chamberlain 27 Aug 1863 Monroe Co Al.

             6)    Mary Fleming, b ca 1843, d 1880, marr Benjamin F Johnson 27 Aug 1863 Monroeville, Ala.

             7)    Thomas Jefferson Fleming, b. 9 Apr 1844, d 9 Oct 1917 Coffee Co., m Mary Jane Ward 21 Aug. 1873

             8)    Susan A Fleming, born ca. 1846

             9)    John Franklin Fleming, b 14 Feb. 1850 at Franklin, died 16 Oct 1916 in Dundee, Carter Co Ok, married Mary Elizabeth ry on 3 July 1867 in Monroe Co., Al. She was b. 9 Oct 1848, died 11 June 1932 at Bremond, Texas.

            10)  Martha Margaret Fleming, b. ca 1852 Al, marr. T C Floyd on 25 Oct 1877 Monroe Co. Ala.

            11)  Francis A. Fleming, b. May 1854 Al, m Nancy Ward 26 Oct 1876. She was born May 1857.

            12)  Littleberry Fleming was born about 1857. No later record.

 136.  Gatsy Hutto born abt 1815 (age 35 on 1850 census), married. Yancey "Young" Fleming about 1844 in Monroe Co Ala. She died prior to 1870.

             1)    John Fleming, b abt 1836, marr Elizabeth M Starling 16 Dec 1858 Henry Co Ala. One dau.

             2)    Robert Fleming, b 1838 Ala

             3)    Alexander Fleming, b 1840 Ala

             4)    Susan A Fleming, b 1842 Ala

             5)    Sarah A Fleming, b 20 Oct 1845 Ala, d 17 Apr 1895 Ala, m John Pinkerton Johnson 26 Oct 1865.


 137.  Daniel J. Hutto4 born 27 Oct 1817 Orangeburgh SC; he married first Winifred Palmer, who died in childbirth in 1845; one daughter named Winifred. Daniel married second Alsey Money 1 June 1848 in Henry CO, AL. She was born 1825 NC, died 1 March 1908. In 1880 he and “Ailcy” were living at Shorterville, Henry Co Ala. He died 1906,and is buried Ebenezer Cem, Henry Co., Ala. (38)

          a.   Winifred Hutto, born 1845 (by first wife)

          b.   John Zachary Taylor Hutto5, born 26 Oct 1849, died 4 March 1924. He married Elmira L. Gamble in Henry Co. AL on 25 Feb. 1874. She was born Jan 1848, died in July 1929. Both are buried in Old ion Baptist Cemetery, Henry Co. There were seven children, buried in Old Zion Cem.

                 1)    Frances “Fannie” Hutto6 b: 26 Jan 1876? (age 6 in 1880 census) in Henry, AL died of epilepsy 23 May 1914 , buried in Old Zion Cem. She never married.

                 2)    Wyatt Oates Hutto b: May 1874? in Henry Co. He is shown as “Dan”, age 3 in 1880. He died in the 1960's, but never married

                 3)    Anna Lee Mamie Hutto born March 1880 in Henry Co Ala, died single in 1971 Dadeville, Ala.

                 4)    Lee Stokes Hutto, born ______, died as a teenager (prior to 1900) when a tree fell on him. 

                 5)    Elizabeth Adney “Lizzie” Hutto b: Oct 1886 in Henry, AL , died single early 1960's Dadeville.

.                6)   Charles Jefferson Hutto b: Sept 1890 in Henry, AL and died 12March 1966 from a stroke. He married Ada Lee Whatley on 13 November 1921 in Ft Gaines, Clay Co Ga. Five children.

                 7)    Hassie Mae Hutto b: May 1893 in Henry, AL She married Wren Hancock and had three children. She died before 1920.


 137.  Daniel J. Hutto4


          c.   Cornelius Avery “Neal” Hutto5, born Sept. 1852 in Henry Co Ala. He married Nancy Jane Gamble about 1872. She was born March 1849, died before 1910 in Henry Co. In 1880 they were living at Shorterville PO. Eight children. (38)

                 1)    George W. Hutto b: 1873 in Henry, AL

                 2)    Thomas Abron Hutto6 b: 6 Sep 1877 in Henry Co., AL and died 1 Jun 1937 in Henry Co., AL. He married Annie Lee Whatley [b: May 1881 in AL] about 1899 in Henry, AL

                 3)    Pet Hutto b: Feb 1879 in Henry Co., AL

                 4)    Mattie Anna Mae Hutto was born 4 July 1885 and left this life 14th July 1940. She married ______ and had issue.

                 5)    Jennie Hutto b: Feb 1883 in Henry Co, AL

                 6)    Willie Hutto b: Sep 1888 in Henry Co., AL

                 7)    Barney Hutto b: Aug 1893 in Henry, AL

                 8)    Patrick Hutto was born ___, shot and killed in an unfortunate accident by his brother Barney.


          d.   Mary E Hutto5, born 1855

          e)   William Houston Hutto5, born 18 July 1858 Henry Co Ala, died 21 June 1937, buried Shorterville Cem. He married Ola W. Terry on 5 Dec 1886 in Henry Co. She was born 15 Dec 1865 Ala, died 9 Nov 1921, also buried Shorterville cemetery. (38)

                 1)    Willie T. Hutto6 b: Feb 1888 in Henry, AL, married Sallie__________ [born ca 1886 in AL] m: about 1909 in Henry Co., AL

                 2)    Joseph T. Hutto b: Dec 1892 in Henry, AL

                 3)    Pauline Hutto b: Jan 1899 in Henry, AL, married John E. Fleming b: 28 Jan 1893 in Henry, AL m: about 1914 in Henry Co,, AL

                 4)    Carl Hutto b: about 1906 in Henry Co., AL

                 5)    Earl Hutto, born ca 1908 in Henry, AL

                 6)    Reba Hutto, born about 1912 in Henry, AL







Following are shown those lineages which present so few clues as to where they should fit in that your compiler, never shy at guessing, is unwilling to assign them. Perhaps with others looking at these lines other clues may accumulate and enable us to properly place them. I shall present these mystery lines in approximate chronological order, based on birth of the first male Hutto identified.


200.   JOHN HUTTO appears in land grants as early as 1761 for land in the Four Holes area east of Orangeburg, close to Henry Judy. In order to qualify for land he had to be at least 21 and was thus born by 1740. This man was born at least six years prior to the earliest known child of [3] Charles Hutto, eldest son of [1] Isaac Hutto Sr. He could just barely be a son of Charles (born est. 1724), or he could represent the only Hutto not lineally descended from Isaac Sr. There are no revolutionary war records for John, and he does not appear on the 1779 juror list.


201.  John Hutto was born (est.) 1763. “Johannes Huttow” signed the 1788 church Union petition as member of Queen Charlotte’s German Protestant Church on Sleepy Creek in 96 District. This is quite far west of where all other Huttos were living at the time. His co-signers, all with distinctive German names, are all found in the same place in the 1790 Federal census of Edgefield Co SC (96 Dist), but there is no John Hutto on the census. There is a John HETER living here however, who seems to appear in 1800 as John HUTO (Edgefield page 163). His entry reads 20010 - 20100, so this clearly refers to a man born between 1755-74, who had married a younger woman about 6-8 years previously, let us say 1783. I will guess his birth year as around 1763. Of some significance, this mystery man had two sons in 1800.

          a.   son, born 1790-1799, possibly Charles Hutto, see [203] below

          b.   son, b 1790-1799

          c.   daughters (2), b 1790-99


a very early GEORGIA line


202.   ______________ Hutto, born by 1760. This unidentified male Hutto married Catherine ____ by about 1780 or so and seemingly moved across the border from South Carolina to Georgia prior to about 1785. By 1787 his widow was in Burke Co Ga, right on the SC border, across from present Barnwell and part of Aiken Co, then all Orangeburg. She received a grant from Hon. George Mathews, Governor, to Catherine Hutto "in trust for the heirs of her late husband ... 200 acres in Burke County ... bounded NW by Jacob Whitehead's land, SW by vacant land and on all other sides by William Lewis, Senior's land." Dated Sept. 20, 1787, Registered Sept. 28, 1787. [Ga Grants Book OOO, p. 390] She had 2 draws (both of them blank) in the 1805 land lottery in Burke Co. This was no doubt as a widow with legitimate child or children. We have not been able to determine the names of any such children as of yet. One was very likely named John Hutto. The 1798 tax list for Burke Co has been preserved and on it we find John Huttoe. Later tax lists are spotty and no other Huttos are found in any county prior to the first surviving federal census of 1820. Possible son:

          a.   John Hutto, presumably born prior to 1777 in order to be of legal age in 1798.





203.  CHARLES HUTTO was born, presumably in Orangeburg Co, SC about 1792. He might be the man of this name and age found in the 1820 census (Orangeburg p 218) living near Dean Swamp. A whole enclave was living with him, two grown males and four females, ages 16 to 26- these might all be siblings. The closest Hutto was Daniel Hutto, who moved to Alabama in 1822. Charles would have married about 1822-24 since he had children born beginning about 1825. He married Sarah Riley, a daughter of Jeremiah Riley and Jane Gibson. Jeremiah was born about 1771, presumably in Edgefield Co SC (50 miles west of Orangeburg), where he was on the 1810 and 1820 censuses. NOTE that [201] John Hutto was in Edgefield in 1800. Jeremiah moved to Ala. and died on 18th June 1832 in Monroe Co Ala. It may have been in Ala. where Charles met his bride. He was living in 1830 in Wilcox Co Ala, and they had three small children then. By 1840 they moved to Monroe Co. Ala. Not found in 1850, they are there in 1860 (Burnt Corn Twp.) He is not a head of household in 1870. In 1880 his 80 year old widow is living with her son Charles. Here is a partial list of children:

          a.   son, b 1825-29- may have died young?

          b.   dau, reportedly Ellaphare (Alifair?) Hutto, b ca 1825,allegedly married 2 Jan 1836??? John Fore in Monroe Co. The dates do not work, obviously.!!

          c.   dau born 1825-29

          d.   Jane B Hutto, b ca 1833, married ___ Worthcut, appar widow in 1880

          e.   Charles Luther Hutto, born 5 July 1838 AL, married Ida Mae Riley about 1870; they were living in Bell’s Landing, Monroe Co. Ala. in 1880. He fought with the Monroe Guards (CSA). He died on 17 Jan 1894 and is buried in Bells Landing Cemetery. She was head of household with six children living at home then. Ida was born in March 1858. A webpage with family pictures is found at

         Their children, all born at Bells Landing, c/o Jan Allison Gedcom:

                 1)    Robert Lee Hutto, b ca 1871 Bells Landing, married Florence Ophelia Rachel

                 2)    Sallie H Hutto, born about 1879

                 3)    Riley C Hutto, born about 1881

                 4)    Thomas Hutto, b about 1883

                 5)    A P Hutto, b ca 1885

                 6)    Nina H Hutto, b ca 1887

                 7)    Lillian A Hutto, b ca 1890

                 8)    Bessie Grace Hutto, b about 1883

          f.    Allison P Hutto, b ca 1843 Ala

          g.   Leonora Victoria Hutto, born 26 Jan 1845 Ala, died7 Dec 1924 Bells Landing, married John Leonard Chunn, who was born on 13 April 1845 in Bells Landing. They had issue, see Jan Allison.


Jan Allison (Rootsweb post) suggests that Charles (b c 1792), Jacob (b ca 1795) and Geo Solomon Hutto (1797)are sons of Charles Hutto Jr, b 1755. This bears thinking about. I have Geo. S tentatively as son to Charles, b 1776 (see [52] but no proof.






204.  _________ Hutto, born ca 1795? presumably in South Carolina. Some allege his name was John, a few think maybe Isaac. This mystery man is said to have married MARTHA EARNEST about 1818 possibly in NE Georgia. It appears the family was living in SC during the period 1826-1830 based on where the sons said they were born. The first real solid evidence we have is the 1840 census of Walker Co. Ala. and it presents some problems. According to the family, the family moved from SC to Oakman, Walker Co about 1832. Ergo, we should look for this family in SC in 1830. [not found] Some say Martha Earnest was born ca 1808 [Warren Co?] GA, alleged dau of William Earnest and Elizabeth Beasley, and died 9 Aug 1893 Walker Co Ala, married _____ Hutto ca 1825 in SC? Wm Earnest was born ca 1750 Hanover Co Va, Rev War soldier, married ca 1797, died after 1810 maybe Warren Co. Ga, maybe in Ala?? The early Ga tax digests do show a Wm Earnest- in 1801 in Warren Co, in 1806 in Columbia Co and 1809 in Clarke Co. All these are in NE Ga. Elizabeth Beasley was born 1760s in NC per one source. After 1840 Martha Hutto remarried to Washington S Smallwood; 1850?? see 1860 Walker Co census p 791.

   a.     James Turner Hutto was born 22 Oct 1826 (date on gravestone) allegedly in Abbeville SC, at least all records show him as born in SC so far. He is said to have married Louvisa Jane Humphries in Abbeville SC on 2 Sept. 1845; she was born there 15 June 1825, a daughter of John Humphries. They started a family in Walker Co. Ala and then moved to Tuscaloosa Co. He got land in Tuscaloosa Co Ala in 1850, 1858 and 1860. In 1860 they are in the Tuscaloosa census; he was a blacksmith, age 33, born SC. 1870- not indexed in Ala. 1880 not found. He died 14 March 1905 in Bertram, Burnet Co, Texas. [Burnet Co Cem records, LDS] His wife died on 30 Sept. 1913 at Marble Falls, Burnet Co. Tx. James was buried in Bear Creek cemetery. Their ch:

         1)   John Terrell Hutto, b 25 Sep 1847 Walker Co. Ala. This is John T Hutto, age 30, b Ala, living in Williamson Co Texas in 1880 with wife Fannie. He died 3 May 1941 at Bertram, Texas. He md. Frances Missouri Springer. Three daughters in 1880, maybe a son?

         2)   Louvisa Matilda Frances Hutto, b Walker Co. Ala. 6 Oct 1851, marr. William Jackson Nanney. She died 30th July 1925 in Burnet Co. Texas.

         3)   Martha Jane Hutto, b 9 Aug 1854 Tuscaloosa Co Ala.

         4)   M. H. Hutto, b 3 Sept 1855 Al

         5)   James Allison Hutto, b 3 Feb 1857 Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. He married Isabel Smart in Williamson Co Texas on 4 Sept. 1879, on 1880 census there. (His par b. SC, AL)

         6)   Benjamin Franklin Hutto, b 18 July 1860 Tuscaloosa. Co. Ala, died 1 May 1942 at Sinton, San Patricio Co TX (IGI), marr Nancy T Sanford in Bertram TX on 20 Aug 1884. I cannot find him in the 1880 census. Nancy was born in July 1862. See 1900 Lampasas Co Texas census ED 105, p 13B. [his par b SC, SC] They were in San Patricio Co Tx in 1930, his par shown as b. in SC, AL)

                 a)      Effie Hutto, b Aug 1885 TX

                  b)   James T Hutto, b Mar 1887 TX

                  c)    Louvicy J “         Feb 1890 TX

                 d)    Mattie B “  Mar 1892 TX

                 e)     Lora F “      May 1894 TX

                 f)     Henry H. Hutto, born Oct 1896 TX

                  g)   Bessie M “ dau   Dec 1899 TX

         7)   Mary Elizabeth Hutto, born 17 June 1862 Tusc. Co

         8)   Sarah Rosalee Hutto, b 3 Nov. 1865 Tuscaloosa Co.




204. ________ and Martha Earnest Hutto


  b.     Mary Elizabeth Hutto, b 1828, died 1904.

  c.      [Maj.] John Chappell Hutto “was born in the Abbeville District, South Carolina on August 25, 1830, and came to Walker County with his parents while still a young man. Reared on the farm, he followed that profession until the outbreak of the Civil War, when he recruited a company of volunteers for service with the Confederate Army and was elected captain of Company K, Fiftieth Alabama Infantry. He was later promoted to the rank of major in the Thirtieth Alabama Infantry. At the conclusion of the war Major Hutto returned to his farm in Walker County and later entered the mercantile business at Marietta. In 1878 he was elected a Representative in the Legislature and served for one term, during the sessions of 1878-1879. He was a Mason and a member of the Primitive Baptist Church. He died on May 15, 1887, and is buried at Liberty Hill. His wife, Elizabeth Hutto, born September 21, 1837, died February 10, 1903, and is also buried at Liberty Hill. She was a daughter of Tinson and Minerva (Raburn) Shepherd. (99)

          1)   William Tinson Hutto, b 1854 Walker Co., Ala, died 1916, m. Mildred Blanton. (99)

          2)   Wiley Wilson Hutto, b. 25 Dec 1857 Walker Co. Ala., died 22 Dec 1931, marr Mildred Day

          3)   M. Adeline Hutto, b. 1860 Ala (age 3 months on 13 June 1860), d 1940, m William T Savage.

          4)   John Chappell Hutto Jr, born 29 March 1862 Walker Co Ala., died 9 May 1959 Oakman, Ala.

          5)   Marion Turner Hutto, b 4 Sept 1870 Walker Co Ala, died 14th May 1962 Donna, Texas. He married Annie H Whitson who was b 1 March 1874 Tuscaloosa Co., d 15 Sep 1953 Tx. (99)

          6)   Berry H Hutto, b 4 Aug 1874 Walker Co., died 26 April 1948, m Victoria Leonard. (99)





206   William “Hardy” Hutto was born 16 Jan 1796 in SC, married Isabell Jane Smith about 1816 in SC. She was born on 18 Sept 1799 in Belfast, Ireland. (91) Based on where the children were born William left SC about 1818-1819 and was in Alabama by 1821. We do not find William in the 1820 census. In the 1830 census the only Wm Hutto head of household in Ala was in Lowndes Co- his entry does not agree with the known family structure of W H Hutto. 1840? William H was living in 1850 in Neshoba Co Miss. Also with the family was Martin Hutto, aged 65, [b ca 1785] born in SC. This man was surely a close relation. In 1860 we find William H Hutto living in Scott Co Mississippi, now a well-to-do farmer and doctor. He had remarried to a younger woman named Frances Carraway on 27 March 1854 (age 52, born NC). The youngest son and his daughter Susan were also living with them. William died 31 March 1892 in Van Buren Co Ark. (91)

The following children except the oldest son were born in ALABAMA per the 1850 Miss. census.


1.     William Alexander Hutto was born 13 Oct 1817 in South Carolina, marr Rosannah Spires 3 Sep 1844. They were living in 1850 in Scott Co Miss; he was a blacksmith. In 1860 he describes his occupation as farmer and mechanic. She was born 15 Feb 1825 in SC, died _____. William died on 31 March 1892 in Van Buren Co Ark, buried Bee Branch Cem there. They had nine children, all b Neshoba Co: (91)

         a.       William Hardy Hutto, b 17 July 1845 Al, died 16 Oct 1912 at Damascus, Ark. He married Sarah Indiana Spivey on 4 Feb 1869 and had a dozen children, all named with dates etc in (91).

         b.      Henry Pinckney Hutto, b 19 June 1847, died 12 Aug 1918 Ark, marr Ellen Jane Rector 1873 in Ark. They had four children, given in (91).

         c.       Elizabeth Jane Hutto, b 15 April 1850, d 22 June 1902 Ark, marr William A Brown. Eight children are given in (91).

         d.      Emma Barfield Hutto was born 13 Oct 1852, died 1928, m Alfred A Brown. One daughter. (91)

         e.       Rosannah Caroline Hutto was born 17 Aug 1855, died 4 Oct 1904, marr James T Richardson.

         f.       Martha Alive Hutto was b 14 Aug 1858 AL, died 1939, m Granville S Rector. Seven ch. (91)

         g.      Ola Georgia Hutto, b 8 April 1861, d Jan 1862 vs 1863. (91)

         h.      Mary Ludora Hutto, b 28 April 1863, d 30 Oct 1947 MS, m F M Patterson 1880.

         i.       Ida Augusta Hutto, b 24 Sept 1870, died ___, m Mancil Lynn. Two children. (91)


2.     Charles Leroy Hutto b: 27 Oct 1821 in Ala, living 1850 (no other info)

3      Jane “Jincy” Ann Elizabeth Hutto b: 12 Nov 1825 Ala.

4      Anderson Ervin Hutto b: 13 April 1827 Ala; married Lydia Pogue ca 1857. He served in Co. C, 3rd Mississippi Infantry Reg’t. during the Civil War. He was living in 1880 at Davis, Van Buren Co Ark with two children still at home. He got 163 acres of land there in 1898. There were probably more children than these. See genf. msg 1150

         a.       Helen Hutto, b 1860 Miss

         b.      Ervin Hutto, b 1864 Miss

5      Elizabeth Caroline Hutto b: 15 Dec 1829 in Ala.

6      Martin Van Buren Hutto b: 29 Jan 1833 Ala, living in 1880 in Bradley, Van Buren Co Ala. He married Mary F ___ about 1865.

         a.       Frances Hutto, b 1868 Miss

         b.      Florence Hutto, b 1870 Miss

         c.       Alexander Hutto, b 1872 Ark

         d.      William Hutto, b 1875 Ark

         e.       Anderson Hutto, b 1877 Ark

         f.       Mary Hutto, b 1880 Ark.

7      Mary Ann Hutto b: 12 Oct 1836

8      Susan Anna Hutto b: 16 Jan 1840

9      John Thomas Hutto b: 25 March 1844; no more info


NOTE- we have to figure out Wm H Hutto’s parents. William may have been a younger brother of Martin Hutto, b 1785 SC. There is a tie to Joseph D Hutto, b 1802 SC also, see 1860 Choctaw Co MS census. Joseph D was surely from the Giddy Swamp bunch of Huttos. Wm H was living in SC in 1817 and Ala by 1821 so might be either place in 1820. I do not readily find him in either place in census records.


NOTE- [7] Isaac Hutto Jr and wife Anna had a son born in this time frame. Wm H had three daughters who had “Ann” or “Anna” in their name. Is this a coincidence??

206. Levi Hutto was born in the approximate span 1801-1804. Unfortunately there is only a single record known (to your author) naming this man. He is found on the 1830 census of Orangeburg, which was alphabetized so we have no clue as to where he was living then. His entry reads as follows: 1100.1- 1000.1, showing that he had married a woman about the same age and had three small children, the oldest age 5-10 placing the marriage date about 1822-23. In 1840 most Huttos were missed by the census taker, including this family. In 1850 we find a Mary Hutto, obviously widowed, with a number of children living at household #299. Quite fortunately this woman’s family Bible has survived as well as that of her son Vastine, so we can be quite sure about who was living in 1830. Comparing her children’s births, and the ages of both parents against the entries in the 1830 census, we find that there is a perfect match with the Levi Hutto family. Mary L. (maiden name unknown) was born on 31 Jan 1802 (47), died after 1850.

  a.    Hilliard Hutto, born 6 Feb 1823, died 15 Feb 1832 (46) versus Hilliard Cornelius Hutto, born 20 Jan 1820, no death date shown (47) Was he a twin, who actually died before 1830? Maybe 16 Feb 1823?

  b.    Andrew Thomas Hutto, born 6 Feb 1823, married Almeda Lott on 17 April 1851. (47) They were living near Williston, Barnwell Co in 1860, Rocky Grove (Orangeburg Co) in 1870 and 1880. He died on 5 Oct 1889. (50) They had a large family.

         1)    Plumb W[ardlaw]. Hutto was born about 1853. He was on the 1880 census in Willow Twp(age 26) with wife Mary (21) and an infant son. Twenty years later we are amazed to learn “At Norway last Friday night Worth Hutto was killed by his brother, Mr. P. W. Hutto. ... It is said that P W Hutto acted in self-defense, as the deceased had shot him, and was making an effort to shoot him again when he was killed.” (48) P W and his only son were charged with murder and the case went to trial in fall 1902. In a much watched trial he was convicted of manslaughter but released on $1000 bond.

                     a.  Stonewall Jackson Hutto, b 1880. “Norway, Feb. 11 [1920]. Died Sunday. Feb, 8…at the Baptist hospital..Mr. Hutto was in the 40th year of his age. He had not been well since he had the flu in the fall of 1918…laid to rest in the Willow Swamp cemetery by the side of his wife, who preceded him..only about one year and three months…Mr. Hutto leaves..only one sister and his father”

        2)    Mary Hutto, born 1854.

        3)    Almeda Hutto, born 1856.

        4)    Althea/ Aletha Hutto, born 1859.

        5)    A. Lawton Hutto, born 13 Feb 1862 at Salley, Aiken Co SC, died 1 Jan 1903. He married Anna Brodie ca. 1887.

        6)    [Elonza] Worth Hutto, born 15 Aug 1864; died 21 Dec 1901(see comment above under his brother Plumb!). He married Adriana (Addie Ann)___ in 1890; she was born Sept 1873. EW sold his 150 acre farm which he had inherited from his father to his wife Addie. (Obg deeds 30:26). He is buried at Willow Swamp Baptist Church Cemetery, Norway, South Carolina

                 a.       Clifton Alonzo Hutto, b Sept 1891, died 16 May 1970. He married Charlotte Rahn on 15 July 1915 at Stilwell, Effingham Co, Ga.

                 b. Catherine S Hutto, b Jan 1897.

        7)    Wise Posey Hutto, born Sept.1866. He married Mary Jane ___, who died at the age of 38 on 16 Oct. 1897 in Orangeburg Co. A “well -to-do farmer of the Willow section”, he married second “the charming daughter of J Howell Gleaton in the town of Norway... the occasion of much jubilation and the [town] turned out en masse...” in March 1898. He owned a “magnificent farm of several hundred acres” and was for many years a trusted director of the Bank of Springfield. He died on 25 Jan 1928. “He held membership in the old Tabernacle Baptist Church and was buried by the side of his wife, who died many years ago.” He was survived by a daughter, a brother P. W. of Norway, and sister Mrs. W M Gunter of Savannah Ga. (48)

                 a. ___, marr Mr Lewis Wilson, living 1928 in Buffalo, NY.

        8)    Doll Hutto, born abt. 1868. This daughter not found on the 1880 census, maybe deceased.






   c.   Martha Marsilla Hutto, born 20 Jan 1825 (46) and died 17 Sept. 1901. She is buried at Hopewell Southern Methodist Church Cem at Neeses, SC. Several children were born apparently out of wedlock. No husband appears with her on the 1850 census of Orangeburg, fam # 300. Ref. (50) says she md ? Hutto.

         1)    Emma (Emily) S., born 18 May 1845.

         2)    Arissa Hutto, b c 1847

         3)    James A. Hutto, born June 1849 SC., married Georgianna U. ____ in 1872?. In 1900 they were in Hebron Twp., and he was a merchant. She was born in April 1852 and was the mother of ten, eight of whom were alive in 1900, just five still at home.

                    a)   Minnie Hutto, b ca 1875 (age 7 in 1880?)

                    b)   James A. Hutto, Jr, born March 1877, depot agent in 1900. He married Minnie Cooper shortly prior to 1 Jan. 1909. He was “a prominent business man and cotton buyer of Livingston.” (48)

                    c)   William Hutto, b ca 1877

                    d)   Priscilla Hutto, b ca 1879 SC

                    e)   John D Hutto, b. March 1881 SC

                     f)  Capers B Hutto, b March 1884 SC, at home 1900.

                    g)   Meredith Hutto, son, b April 1886

                    h)   Bessie R Hutto, b Nov 1889


  d.    Isaac Samuel B. Hutto, born 24 Aug 1827, died 7 Feb 1861, marr Rachel Laird 9 April 1856. (46)

  e.    Elizabeth Ann Catharine Hutto, born 14 May 1829 (46) vs 13 May 1829, married John Stricklin on 4 Nov. 1856 (47)


  f.    Vastine Stanmore Hutto, born 24 Aug 1832 (46, 47), died 24 April 1886. He married Rachel Land on 9 April 1856. (47) She died and he married second Catherine Selina “Kitty” Brown on 1 Sept 1864 (46). She was 30 in 1880, hence born ca 1850. They lived at Willow Swamp. “Mrs. C S Hutto, widow of the late V. Hutto, died at her residence , two miles west of here [Norway] last Thursday... was laid to rest in Willow Swamp Church Yard. She leaves four daughters, two sons and a host of friends.” (T & D, 27 June 1907.)

          1)   Mary Caroline Hutto, b 12 June 1865 (46), maybe died young.

         2)    Dibbie C. Hutto, b 1867, married James C Smith at her father’s home on 26 Dec 1883. (48)

         3)    Vastine Hutto Jr, born 28 March 1869, married Bertha T. Garrick 8 Nov. 1893 in Orangeburg. He died 15 Sept 1942. She was born Aug 1871?, died _____ Three daughters in 1900.

                 a)      Lessie Hutto, b Jan 1896

                 b)      Pearl Hutto, b Nov 1898

                 c)      dau, b Feb 1900, maybe Maud who md 1915 Marion Smith (48)

         4)    Ada Hutto, b 1872

         5)    Fletcher Hutto, b 1870-74 (see also another Fletcher, b 1874!)

         6)    Maggie Hutto, b 1876

         7)    Kitty Hutto, b 1879, married Tillman Smith on 24th Dec 1895. (48)

  f.    Isabelle Ann C. Hutto, born 2 June 1833, married Washington Walker on 10 Dec 1857. (46, 47))

  g.    Caroline Hutto, born 27 May 1835 (46). Not in (47), probably died young?

  h.    [Dr.] John FletcherHutto5 was born on 13 Sept. 1837. In the 1860 Orangeburg census, under family # 1361 (Rufus Sally) we find a “Flecher Hutto”, age 21 and a farm laborer. John Fletcher married after 1880 Mary LeCroy; born 7 Sep 1862; died 27 Dec 1930. She was the daughter of Rev Hiram Lecroy, a noted preacher for fifty years. He himself died 14 Dec 1904. Both are buried in Dean Swamp Baptist Church, two miles west of Springfield, SC. His obituary has been preserved and states that they had no issue. Her obit says she adopted two girls, Mrs Tracy Poole of Wagener, and Miss Olive Hutto.

 i.      Dr. Capers Burdett Hutto, born 27 May 1839 (47). Capers Burdett Hutto, D.D.S. was a single man living in Archer Co Texas in 1880; no record of issue has been found. Dubious dates are given in another source: born 27 May 1833; died 12 Jan 1871. (50)





NOTE- the unusual names Cornelius, Vastine, Stanmore and Burdett also appear in the family of Benjamin Hutto, b 1789 Lexington Co. Look for links


Levi’s family was living in 1850 in the Rocky Swamp area of Orangeburg, adjacent to Gideon Hutto (b 1808). This certainly suggests Levi was a slightly older brother of Gideon. A third man, Gideon Hutto Sr was born in the 1800-09 interval, so we have three possible contenders for sons of Gideon Sr who were born in this time frame. The only problem here is that census records only show TWO sons born this decade!












207. Martin Hutto was born about 1801 in Orangeburg Co. South Carolina. He is first found as a head of household in 1830 in Baker County, Georgia, with a wife and two young children. so he was surely married about 1827, presumably in Baker County. He was living near three other Huttos- Peter (probable brother), Henry (born 1752, Rev War soldier and pensioner), and George, age 40-50.

Martin was also head of household here in 1840 and 1850, and by 1860 had moved to Calhoun Co Ga. Here his wife is shown as Elizabeth. She was born about 1806 in Washington Co Ga (per 1850 census) She is buried in the Daniel- Colley cemetery near Leary, Calhoun Co Ga and her stone shows that she was born 5 April 1807 (in Georgia, from census records) and died on 23 Dec 1887. Some have guessed that she might have been a Colley prior to her marriage.

         a.     John Hutto, born 1830 Baker Co Ga, married Jane ____ about 1854. They are on the 1860 Calhoun Co census, family # 207

                John M.          5          GA

                William H       3          GA

                Henry             1          GA

         b.     Martha Hutto, born 1837 Baker Co

         c.     Ivy Hutto, born 1842 Baker Co.

         d.     William Hutto, b 1844 Baker Co

         e.     son, b 1828 Baker Co. =Archy Hutto, age 11 in 1860, born GA












208  John [Castleberry]* Hutto was born about 1801 in South Carolina. He should appear on the 1810 census, probably in a western area of O’bg- Aiken. As shown below by 1820 he had moved to Greenville Dist. SC. He married about 1824 to Nancy Holliday, of Greenville Co SC. She was a daughter of William Holliday and Nancy Cooley Reese.

William Holliday was born in Columbia Co. Ga on 7 Feb 1764. He served in the Revolution under Capt Walker in a company from Wilkes Co Ga. He married Nancy Cooley Reese (widow of David Reese) about 1798. By 1800 he was in Greenville Dist SC (census). Jan 1820 James Reese estate. Nancy Holliday was pd. 6.00 & she bought at estate sale. Other buyers (included) Elizabeth Reese, Jacob Reese & Jacob Cooley and John Hutto (Apt. 6 #392) (89) Much detailed information on Wm Holliday at (89).


In 1830 we find the John Hutto family in adjacent Pickens Co SC, which was set up only five years before. The entry reads 0100.1 2100.1; his is the only John Hutto family in the state in 1830. More children were born until about 1838 when Nancy Holliday Hutto died. In the next year or so John moved to Madison Co. Ala., where he remarried. He married second Rebecca Baker in Madison Co. on 4th June 1840. She was born ____, died ____. John moved his large brood to Poinsett Co Arkansas where he is found for the last time as a head of household in 1850. He died prior to the next census. Children by first marr:

         a.     Sarah Hutto, b. 10 January, 1821, Greenville, South Carolina; m. John W. Reece on 5 December 1847, Madison County, Alabama; he was b. abt. 1820.

         b.     James Emery Hutto, b. 8 May 1824, Greenville, South Carolina; died 29 April 1914, Waco, Texas. He was the founder of Hutto, Texas, and a wealthy landowner. James married first Margaret Hughes on 6 Sept. 1849 in Travis County, Texas. She was born 19 June 1833 in Alabama, and died on 27 March 1881 in Hutto, Williamson County, Texas. Up on his arrival in Texas in 1847 he engaged in farming and stock raising in Travis county. About 1855 he moved to Williamson County, settling near were Hutto has since been built. This town having been named in honor of him. There, for 20 years, between 1855 and 1875, he was one of the wealthy cattlemen of this section of the country. J E served four enlistments in the Confederate army. He was appointed postmaster on 27 June 1877. Following the death of his wife, who died intestate, he was apparently forced by Texas laws to sell all his assets in order to disperse her estate held in joint tenancy with JE equably to the children. He married second Mrs Nancy Jones but had no children by her. In the 1890's he ran an agricultural implements business in Waco. He applied for a Confederate veteran’s pension but the application was denied as he was not felt to be impoverished. (89)

                 1)      John Riley Hutto, born 12 June 1850 Travis Co TX, died 18 Nov. 1924, married first Frances Boatright, who was born 15 Feb. 1870, died 27 Jan. 1905. He was a cotton ginner (89) 3 ch:

                           a)         Mary Hutto, born 8 June 1872 TX

                           b)         William Travis Hutto, born 29 April 1873 TX, married Daisy Ayres McCormick.

                           c)         Elizabeth M. “Maggie” Hutto was born in 1877. She married in 1896 Charles Lee Flinn (1866-1945). His biography and a photo are online. Maggie died in childbirth less than a year after her marriage.

                 2)      James Emery Hutto Jr., born 8 Jan. 1852, died 1940 at Erick, Oklahoma. He married Lenora B Bowers (ca 1860- 1947).

                 3)      William Travis Hutto was born 24 Sept. 1853, died 25 Sept. 1940. On 12 March 1878 he married Amanda N Berry, b about 1855, died 10 Nov. 1943. There were five children.

                 4)      Charles Wesley Hutto was born 20 May 1855 in Hutto, Texas, died 5 Feb 1919 at Kelso, Washington. He married Mary Jane Flinn on 21 Nov. 1877 in Williamson Co., Texas. She was born 14 May 1857 in Jackson Co TN, died 5 July 1933 at Kelso. Much biographical detail on this couple at (89). Here is a preliminary list of their issue.

                           a)         Hardie Homer Hutto, born 12 October 1879, died 1957 in Robstown, Texas. He married Edna Leah Waters. Issue?

                           b)         George Benjamin Hutto, twin, born 28 Jan 1888, went to Portland, Ore, died age 46.

                           c)         Howard Charles Hutto, born 28 Jan. 1888 at Hutto, Texas. He moved to Washington state and was deputy Sheriff in Clark Co. He married Ida Louella Alexander, and died in Hood River, Oregon at age 60.

                           d)         Minnie Sue Hutto, born abt 1889, married Jas Spooner.

                           e)         Eva May Hutto, born 13 June 1891 Williamson Co., died under one year of age.

                 5)      Robert Benjamin Hutto was born 13 Aug 1857 Williamson Co TX, died May 1944. He married Mary Alice Barker, who was born 13 March 1885, died 15 Feb. 1943. Six children:

                           a)         Willis Hutto, born 1885

                           b)         Jessie Lillian Hutto, born 20 May 1890, died 16 March 1976, married Henry M Kyle.

                           c)         Lillie Mae Hutto was born 1891, married Sidney T Miller of Hutto, TX

                           d)         Price Hutto, born 24 March 1894

                           e)         Lady Ethel Hutto, born 24 March 1894

                           f)          Bennie Hutto, born 20 Dec. 1897.

                 6)      Minetera [Nemettia?] Ellen Hutto, born 17 Oct 1859, died 23 July 1902, married J Sam Monday (ca 1858-19190) on 17 Oct 1878.


                  7)     Nettie Hutto, b. 27 May 1862, died 30 June 1945 Beaumont, TX, m John A Blanton on 4 May 1881. Living in Beaumont TX about 1944

                  8)     Henry Edward Hutto was born 3 Dec 1866, died 19 Jan. 1950.. “Living in Pflugerville in 1944". No record of issue.

                 9)      Mary Margaret Hutto was born 3 Oct 1869, died 22 Feb 1873 at age 3, burial Shiloh Cem.


         c.     Lucinda Hutto, b. 5 November 1826 at Greenville, South Carolina. She married Henry Thomas Vann in Madison Co Ala on 8 April 1847. She evidently died about 1853 as he remarried second Elizabeth Cooper on 5 Jan. 1854 in Madison Co. Ala. Lucinda seems to have had at least a son.

         d.     Jinetta Hutto, b. 2 October 1828 SC; single in 1850.

         e.     Mary Ann Hutto b. 27 January 1830 AL??; m. Moral Reed 5 November 1848, Madison County, Alabama. See 1850 Madison Co census # 117. Moral is found in 1860 in Dunklin Co Mo., with wife Adaline, age 24 (b ca 1836), apparently not Mary Ann Hutto- see below!)

           f.     Rachel A[deline?] Hutto, born 25 August 1835. It appears that her sister Mary Ann died and she became the second wife of Moral Reed, although this has not been proven!

         g.     Amanda S. Elizabeth Hutto was born 8 June 1837 in Alabama.

children by second wife, Rebecca Baker:


         h.     John [C.] Hutto jr., born 20 April 1841.

         i.      William Anderson Hutto, born 13 Dec. 1844. He was living with relatives in 1860, not found inlater census records. One suspects he was killed in the Civil War.

         j.      Artisia Hutto, born 9 July 1847 (twin)

         k.     Narcissa Hutto, born 9 July 1847 (twin)




* Original documents do not show a middle name. His son, John Junior, was known as John Castleberry Hutto, and family members may have just assumed the father also had the same middle name.


1There are many land grants to a William Holliday in Orangeburg prior to 1800. His name appears on an undated petition for Greenville Dist.




The parents of John (Castleberry) Hutto, 1801-1850s, are not known.

1810- age about 9. In 1820 he would have been 19 years old. He was then evidently in Greenville Co., miles to the NW of Orangeburg! Migration patterns might give a clue.


 More work needs to be done on Pickens Co records. A quick check of deeds there shows no early Hutto deeds. 209.Joseph D. Hutto was born about 1802 in South Carolina, and died after 1870 in Europa, Webster County, Mississippi. He lived in the Giddy Swamp area of what is now Aiken Co SC and was a possible very late son of Charles Hutto (1755-1800s). This is speculative at present. He married Elizabeth Garvin ca 1823 in South Carolina. Her father has been named as Jas Garvin but that is not a reasonable possibility as James was only 13 when she was born. A more likely candidate is Robert Garvin who lived right next to Charles Hutto and Joseph Hutto. She was born about 1804 in South Carolina, and died after 1870 in Europa, Webster County, Mississippi. Joseph D. Hutto was head of household in Orangeburg in 1830, and is found in 1840 in Lexington Co SC. He owned land in 1837 at Giddy Swamp (now Aiken Co) near Charles Hutto. [In 1801 John Garvin got 740 acres on Giddy Swamp; then in 1803 Charles Hutto got 230 acres near John Garvin and Benjamin Hutto.] In 1840 Joseph was living next to Robert Garvin (b c 1804), Burrell Altman, D Mixon. . Joseph left SC with his family and went to Mississippi between 1846 and 1850. We find this family in 1850 in Choctaw Co., family #296. In the1860 census- they are still in Choctaw Co. Living next to Joseph is Anderson Hutto, known to be a son of William “Hardy” Hutto (b 1796), so we can guess that Wm H was probably close kin to Joseph D.* [In 1850 everyone in the family was reportedly born in Miss; in 1860 all born SC. The 1860 version is correct]

               Reportedly their children, based on 1850-1860 census

         a.     dau, b ca 1824 (SC)

         b.     Lydia “Liddy” Hutto, b 1825 SC, single in 1850, not at home in 1860

         c.     Aaron Hutto, b 1829 SC, not located in 1860; probably the Aaron who was a private in Co. “D”. 15th Miss. Infantry. In 1874 Webster Co. was created out of Choctaw. The first county officials were appointed by Gov. Ames, and Aaron Hutto was the first County Treasurer. I do not find him in 1880.

         d.     Malsey Hutto, a daughter b 1832 SC, not at home in 1860

         e.     Martin Hutto, b 1834 SC, single in 1860.

         f.     Moses Hutto, b 1836 SC, single in 1860, Pvt., Co. K, 2nd Miss Cavalry. (2) He married Xantippe Wherry and had issue. See Lee Co Ark 1880 census


                 ..       Alice Hutto, born c 1874, m ___ Ussery. She died 1957 in Perryville, Ark. Her family states that she was a tiny thing, only 4' 11" tall. [See USSERY -Hutto connections in Laurens Co Ga]

          g.    Joseph Hutto, born 1841 SC

         h.     James Hutto, b 1844 SC

         i.      Ellender Hutto, born 7 Nov 1849 in South Carolina (per 1850 census); died 18 Oct 1934 in Webster County, Mississippi







Charles Hutto (b 1755) lived near Solomon Altman in 1810, in the Giddy Swamp area. He had four sons at home then- two born 1784-94, one 1794-1800, one born 1800-1810. In 1820 we find a Charles Hutto b 1775-94 in the same area, with two males born 1794-1804. This is a younger man. With a little overlap on ages, this could be the son of Charles (b 1755) and two brothers. Living next door to Charles is Robert Garvin, b before 1775. In 1825 the “Mills Map” shows “Hutto’s Tavern” on the road to Edgefield, and about a mile west of there is Garvin’s place.


In later Choctaw Co Ms records we find the name Mixon in association with Hutto (Edgar Cem) showing these families migrated together.







The following three may well be brothers, all listed together in the 1840 Dale Co Ala Census: possible sons of Jacob Hutto, b ca 1779, on 1830 Henry Co Ala census. OR sons of Henry Hutto b 1788 Barnwell Co SC?






























213.  James Ervin Hutto was born about 1824 in SC. Some say his father was Benjamin Hutto, b ca 1789. The only census record I have found showing his name, the 1850 Lexington Co census (hh 1224) shows he was 21 (hence born about 1829) and had recently married Rebecca (Coleman) Kneece, age 20. He should logically be in the 1860 census but I have not found him. He enlisted as a private in company K, 13th SC Infantry Regt, on 6 Aug 1863. The following children are given on “Gencircles” by Steven D Hutto in his large file “Huttos of South Carolina”- a well detailed report.

         a.     Naomi Hutto, b 1849 SC, living at home 1850.

         b.     Milledge Hutto, born ca 1854 in SC, married Arra ___ about 1878. They were living in Giddy Swamp Twp (Aiken Co SC) in 1880. 1900 Platt Springs (Lex Co) census. He is said to have died at Pelion, SC. Arra was born in Oct 1856, and was the mother of seven (5 living) in 1900.


         c.     Leroy Hutto, born 1850 SC (1880 census) vs Dec 1851 (1900 census), marr Sarah Ann Taylor about 1879. [Her name has been given as Adrien and A. Elizabeth also, at times.] Living in 1880 and 1900 in Bull Swamp Twp., Lexington Co SC Five children, born after 1880.

                 1)      James Luther Hutto, born Feb 1883, died single in 1962.

                 2)      May Hutto, born ____, marr Allan Williamson (no detail

                 3)      Pinky Hutto, born ______

                 4)      Baisy Hutto, born _____ (dau), died single

                 5)      Peter Roy Hutto, born 17 September1894 in Lexington Co. SC, married Martha Hutto, also born 1892. Three children. Leroy died 14 June 1961.


         d.     Aldridge Hutto, born 1855 SC, marr Idora Wise. He died 16 June 1931. Idora was born about 1858, died 14 May 1936. Twelve children, two were twins who died in infancy. (See Gencircles- not at LDS)

                 1)      Eldridge Hutto, born Oct 1874 (Aiken Co SC), died 1948, buried at Laird Cemetery on Poole’s Mill Road. He married Mary A E Laird, who was born 2 Sept 1872. They had a large family, twelve children.

                 2)      Claudius Hutto, born 18 March 1882. He married Florence Williamson about 1902- they had nine children named on gencircles.

                 3)      Wise S Hutto, born 1 Nov 1890 Aiken Co. SC, died 7 Feb 1981; married Sunie Mae Shrape. Five children.

                 4)      Martha Hutto, born Dec 1892 Aiken Co, died 1947, married Peter Leroy.

                 5)      Mary Hutto (twin), also b Dec 1892, died about 1931 near Gaston, SC, md Jim Sharpe.

                 6)      Edgar Hutto, born about 1894, died about 1941 in Columbia, SC, married Emma Rushtin.

                 7)      Dolia Hutto, born ____

                 8)      Evileen Hutto, born ___

                 9)      Ida Hutto, born ____

                10)    Blanco Hutto, born ____

         e.     Jerome Hutto, born ____, marr Nolie Sharp. See gencircles There is a Gerome (sic) Hutto, born 1870, on the 1900 Lex census at Platt Springs.


         f.     Alfred Hutto, born in about 1855 in SC, marr Ella _____ about 1878. They were in Platt Springs Twp in 1880 with a baby daughter. eleven ch on gencircles

                 1)      Mary S Hutto, born 1879 Lexington Co. SC


         g.     Meldridge (female) Hutto, born____, m Jim Brown.









215.  Joseph B Hutto was born in South Carolina on 23 Dec 1823 (IGI). He married Sarah E ____ about 1855, very possibly in Florida. She was born about in Ala, both parents born in SC. They were living in Florida for two decades before they appear in the 1880 census of Panola Co Texas, p. 277, with a large family.


a. William N Hutto, born c 1855 Fla

b.    James W Hutto, born ca 1859 Fla

c.    John M Hutto, born ca 1862 Fla

d.    Martha J Hutto, born 1864 Fla (twin)

e.    Joseph K Hutto, born 1864 Fla (twin)

f.     Sarah E Hutto, b 1866 Fla

g.    Charles U Hutto, b 1870 Fla.







216  Willis Brooks Hutto was born in March 1829 in SC [1900 census], reportedly in Lexington Dist. He married Celia [Stone] about 1849 and they appear first in census records in Orangeburg in 1850 (p 324), not obviously close to other Huttos. Willis served in the 20th SC Infantry (CSA). In 1860and 1870 they are in Lexington Co. and in 1880 in Giddy Twp., Aiken Co. (Aiken was created in 1871). His closest older Hutto neighbor was Martin V Hutto (b 1814). Willis appears in the 1900 census as a widower, in Giddy Twp. In addition to a daughter a grandson named James A Hutto (age 18) was living with him- maybe a child of Aaron? Willis died in 1911 and is buried about 1/4 mile from Batesburg, in the area where Aiken, Lexington and Saluda intersect. One possibility for his father is [121] Isaac Hutto, who had a son born 1825-29 in the 1840 census; there are other possible fathers.

         a.     Marion Hutto was born in April 1853 (shown as Willis or William in 1860), married Louisa ____ in 1878. 1900 Aiken census, living McTier Twp. She was born April 1851, mother of seven in 1900, six then living.

                 1)      Elizabeth Hutto, b Feb 1879 [Lauriet? E in 1880 census]

                 2)      Leon Hutto, b Sept 1885 SC

                 3)      Carol Lou Hutto, b March 1888

                 4)      Odes (Otis?) Hutto, b Jan 1890

                 5)      Bristol?? Hutto (son) b Feb 1893

                 6)      Linnie? (dau) Hutto b Dec 1896


         b.     Aaron J. Hutto was also born in 1853, probable twin. He married Nancy ____ about 1879; she was a few years older. They had a baby daughter in 1880- Aiken census p 141. Not found in 1900.

                 1)      Talula Hutto, b late 1879.


          c.    John Hutto, born 1855 SC, is likely identical to John C Hutto, b. Jan 1857, who married Mary ____ I 1883 and they appear in 1900 in Rocky Springs Twp., Aiken Co. SC. with four children. He was literate.


         d.     Narcissa Hutto was born in probably late 1859. She MAY be the lady of this name who married James Chaney- see her cousin Narcissa also, under William H D Hutto!


         e.     Theophrastus C. “Frotice” Hutto, born about 1863, married Mr. Hiram Kirkland in 1888 (per 1900 census), living with her father in 1900. (Aiken census ED 24, # 253).



In the 1860 Lexington Co census Willis Hutto was living adjacent to a second Celia Hutto, this lady was age 41 (hence born about 1819); she had five implied children at home. Was she a widow? I do not find her in any other census records. Total mystery here.


Unless some other records show up we can only guess at Willis’ father’s name. [122] Isaac Hutto lived in Lexington Dist, next to Walter Pool. (1840 census p 120, also near Benjamin Hutto, b 1789). Pool lived immediately adjacent to Benjamin Hutto (plat, ref 41) and his son married Louvenia Hutto. The children of [122] Benjamin Hutto are by now pretty well known and Willis was not one. But Isaac, who did young and about whom we know little, did have a son the right age to be Willis.












217.  William H. D. Hutto* was born about 1808 in South Carolina, based on the 1850 and 1860 censuses which are consistent. He MIGHT possibly be the same as William Hutto [born ca 1799] found on the 1830-40 Lexington Co census, see discussion under section 123; his date of birth does not match well. [Based on other Hutto entries, it is not unusual for a birth year to move around a decade.] William H D. married Mary Cook She was born about 1825, so a good bit younger) about 1842 and had three children by her prior to 1850. This family group appears in the 1850 and 1860 Lexington census but apparently not before. In 1860 he is enumerated immediately after Daniel A. Hutto [122a] and very near Susan Hutto, widow of Nicholas [122a], suggesting a strong affinity.** Also, his neighbors in 1850 include John J Howell, who is known to have lived at Williamson’s Mill, on Cedar Creek just before it empties into the Edisto.

This places this area on the Aiken border and about four miles south of Pelion, SC. Comparing William’s neighbors in 1850 with where they were living in 1840 we find that in the earlier census they were all surrounding Nicholas Hutto. So we have a pretty good idea of Huttos William were living near, but no clear idea as to his exact parentage. In 1870 a Sarah Hutto, age 50, was living in his household and helping keep house. This could either be a spinster sister or a widowed sister- in-law. I find no such woman in the 1850 or 1860 census. William is thought to be buried in or near Pelion, and his wife in Cook’s Cemetery, Calk’s Ferry Rd., Pelion SC. (genforum 1481)

          a.   Paul P. Hutto, born on 26 March 1843 Lexington Co SC, died 28 Jan 1917, married Hulda Ann Clark in or around 1870. She was born on 9 Jan 1848 and died on 4 August 1931. (IGI). In 1900 they were residing in Chinquapin Twp, Lexington Co SC.

                 1)      Willie Hutto, b Nov 1875.

                 2)      Hampton Hutto, born Aug 1877 SC

                 3)      Mary Hutto, born May 1879 SC

                 4)      Mattie Hutto, b. Sept 1881 SC

                 5)      Pauline Hutto, b May 1885 SC

                 6)      Jones Hutto, born Feb 1888.


          b.   Francis Marion Hutto was born in Feb 1845 in Lexington Co SC. He served in Co. B, 2nd SC Infantry Regt. during the War between the States. He married Milly (Miley) Taylor about 1869 and they are listed in the 1880 census in Lexington Co in the Black Creek area close to A Burt Hutto, see section 122b. In 1900 he was living in Black Creek Twp. Milly was born May 1847, mother of 4 (3 living in 1900). They lived on Calks Ferry Road in Pelion and are buried in the Boiling Springs Methodist Church Cem. (genforum post 1481). He died _____

                 1)       A Madison Hutto (son), b ca 1870

                 2)      Mary A Hutto, born ca 1862

                 3)      Agnes M Hutto, b April 1872, single in 1900

                 4)      Mattie F Hutto, b Feb 1881 SC, single in 1900

          c.   Narcissa Hutto was born about 1847 in Lexington Co., appears in her parents’ household in 1850 and 1860 and married William Lawson about 1865. They appear on the 1870 Lexington census with two young children, and his [presumed] parents are living with them also. In 1880 we find this couple in Lexington Co. with several children. Narcissa was living in 1900, census shows her as mother of 9 children with 7 still living. She was a widow aged 63 in 1910, mother of ten, eight living.

Confusingly there seems to be a well-documented second Narcissa Hutto, born about 1852, who married James Chaney about 1865; they are both on the 1870 and 1880 Lexington census, and in 1880 her father, also named WILLIAM [= Willis] HUTTO, age 60, a cooper, was living with them. Strangely this second Narcissa and William do not appear in the 1850 or 1860 census and I do not find him in 1870 either. This younger Wm Hutto also had a daughter named Josephine who was born abt 1864 and was living with the Chaneys in 1880. Perhaps this younger William is identical to Willis Hutto, born 1820-29 (illiterate); one record in IGI says Willis had a dau named Narcissa born abt 1858 in Lex Co.

          d.   Aaron Hutto, born 1851 SC

          e.   Magdalen Hutto, born 1854 SC

          f.    Barbara Hutto, born 1858 SC

          g.   Buddy Hutto, born 1860 SC

          h.   Sigs? Hutto, dau, b 1865

          i.    Nathan Hutto, born 1869 SC, living with his brother Francis in 1880, not located in 1900.


* Some records show him a William H P Hutto in error.

** Nicholas and Daniel were sons of [122] Benjamin Hutto Sr. Was William a younger brother??



Other theories-


An unexplained GEORGE Hutto served in the War of 1812 with Benjamin Hutto Sr. He would have been born roughly in the period 1785-1795. This man is not found as head of household in any SC census records, so if he did live he probably headed south. See section 65.


Any Huttos who were living in Lexington Co in 1810 were missed by the census taker.









References cited




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