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Have you ever wondered what another person was really thinking when you shook hands over a business deal or a new purchase? The more we learn about a how things work the more everyone benefits from an informed, fair deal. We are less likely to be surprised through a misunderstanding, overcharged, perhaps cheated, or worse, blindly accept advice from people who know little more than we do.

        I have often said that the internet -- world wide web is a wonderful environment for people to share knowledge learned from their lives and careers. Putting keystrokes where my mouth is, this site in my humble contribution. Most of this space concerns home improvement in subject areas I once dealt with on the job in a decorating center. I sold paint, hard surface flooring, carpet and area rugs, wallpaper, window treatments, and associated materials and supplies. I used an insider's perspective to edit my articles and notes to make the pages on this site information dense. Taking advantage of the web environment, I include links to other useful sites in each subject. This way, your search for information can be more complete and with diverse sources of information. (Note: You will not have to accept cookies from these other sites to use them. Also, I make no warranties for these sites.)

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The information in this site is the same as if you were to talk to me in person. This format does allow me to include greater detail than time or memory would normally permit. In other words, I stand behind what I say. If data changes, or I simply misstep, I will correct the mistake as soon as possible.


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